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    Hi guys! This is Chapter Two of a fanfiction I’m writing! If you’d like to read Chapter 1 (if you haven’t, please, please do!) it should be somewhere in my activity (like, very far down…) or you can ask me to repost chapter one and tag you. I’m sorry there was like, a month between Chapter 1 and 2 but I just got so busy…sorry! This is much shorter than the first chapter, but I hope you guys like it! I’m deciding what to call this fanfiction, I’ll decide by the next chapter.
    Chapter 02
    Angel’s POV

    I watched my mother leave, tears streaming down my face. I kicked myself. What did you do that for? I asked myself. Now she’ll suspect something’s up. Of course she will. I don’t cry. Not anymore.
    But that didn’t stop the tears rolling down my cheeks.
    I wondered what would happen if I hadn’t chosen the path that I did. What if, that day that I wasn’t motionless in bed, I hadn’t gotten up? What if I had just stayed there?
    Or what if that hadn’t happened at all?
    I closed my eyes and dived down into my memories. I could remember it. I could remember everything. How I was stuck. Like in a daze. When you could move, but you don’t. Almost like a dream. But when you’re awake.
    I slid off the banister onto the floor of the balcony, sitting on the cold, hard floor. I tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear. In front of me was a single rose petal. It must have come off Mom’s dress. I reached out to grab it. I don’t know why, but it seemed so important. I closed my eyes again, making a second wish.
    But there’s no such thing as two-times lucky.
    Instead, the petal disintegrated in my hand, crumbling to the blackest of ash. I let my hand fall to the floor, and a breeze washed over me, sending the bits of ash soaring away. I curled up into a ball, right on the floor, hoping, wishing, that it wasn’t too late.
    Because as far as she could tell, the path to turn back was long gone.

    Tedros’s POV
    The guards hailed me as I was going back to my private rooms. Said that Angel was “in a right state” on the second floor, in the extra bedroom that Sophie usually stayed in. They also said that they couldn’t find Agatha.
    So instead I was heading in the opposite direction, to calm down someone who I’d been secretly avoiding for about six months.
    I thought she would be in one of her rages, when the guards said, “in a right state”. Apparently, I was wrong.
    She was instead lying down on the floor of the balcony, muttering things under her breath, eyes closed, hands over her ears. She had no idea I was there. I couldn’t help myself. I tiptoed closer, trying to make out what she was saying.
    “But if it’s true … but it’s not … noo … it can’t be … Then they’re in danger … I need to help … but I can’t … she hates me … help … no … I can’t … no … Help!”
    The last part she yelled, but she didn’t open her eyes, or unplug her ears. I started. What was she talking about? Is she okay? Should I run and get someone?
    But Angel was still talking, louder now. I don’t know if she realized it. “No – this is all wrong … but otherwise they’ll kill them – help! Help! Wait … what’s that? It looks like … no. No! Help me! Please help me!”
    Angel’s eyes flew open, and her hands reached out for the sky. “No! You can’t! You can’t make me!” She made snatching motions at the air, like she was trying to catch something.
    Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. I ran over to Angel and knelt. “Angel? Angel! Are you okay?” That was a stupid question. She obviously wasn’t.
    Her eyes stared blankly at me, but I had a horrifying suspicion that she couldn’t see me. She was looking at something else … at someone else … and whatever was happening, she needed help.
    I shook her. Her voice raised. “But if I don’t! I must! I need to! Help! Help! Please! Anyone!” Tears cascaded across her cheeks. She moved in an odd manner, like there were ropes tightly bound around her and she couldn’t get out.
    “Angel! Angel!”
    Silence. She had stopped talking.
    Angel blinked and lowered her arms. It seemed to be a second before she realized I was there. “Oh, no,” she whimpered. “I didn’t – I didn’t mean to-”
    Are you okay? Angel. What happened!” I reached out for her, but she sat up and slipped away, shaking her head.
    “I-no. I’m sorry! I-I can’t!”
    “You can’t what? Angel, talk to me!” I … was kind of freaking out. I should go get help – but what if it started again?
    She shook her head and moved farther away. “I can’t. I – please get back. Please!”
    “What happened? Are you okay? Oh, Angel,” I reached out for her, but she wriggled even farther away.
    “Go. I can’t … I shouldn’t … go back!”
    “Angel, I can help if you just tell me-”
    She shook her head. “It … doesn’t matter. Don’t tell Mom.” she added.
    “Of course, it matters! I should take you to the infirmary … get up, I could carry you …”
    “No … I’m fine … you go. I’m fine. Really, Dad. I am. You can go.”
    I shook my head, this time. “You aren’t okay, Angel. A doctor should see you.”
    She just moved back farther, crouching now. She didn’t respond.
    I sighed and stepped closer. She moved away, but I was faster. I grabbed her arm. She shrieked, like it was causing her pain. I released her, startled. The motion was too much for her, and she lost her balance, lunging out for the hem of my robes, as to not fall. She screamed again and released her grip. Angel sat down on the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest and burying her face in her hands. She started shaking.
    I moved back a couple steps, and my wits came about me. I really should go get help. I turned and, moving faster, I ran from the balcony, fully intending to find a guard somewhere to help.
    It didn’t take long. The new guard, Frederick, has come running at the sound of screaming. He met me in the hall. “What’s happening?” He sounded extremely out of breath.
    “It’s Angel!” I explained a hasty account of what had happened. “I think she needs help, but she won’t let me.”
    Oddly, Frederick didn’t seem surprised. “Lead the way.”
    I walked back to the door with the guard. “She’s on the balcony.”
    Frederick nodded. “I figured she was outside. I was on break a floor above when I heard. I had a window open, so I thought maybe that’s where she was.”
    We rushed over to the door leading toward the balcony. It was closed. I frowned. I thought I had left it open. I cautiously pushed open the door and peered out.
    No one was there.
    I stepped out and looked around. There was a piece of paper on the ground, held down by a rock. I stooped down and picked it up. This is what it said:

    Don’t worry, I’m fine. I went to Smudge’s house. Be back soon.

    I shook my head. How did she manage to get past all the guards? She’s not allowed in the village, after the incident last Thursday. And Smudge Saywell lives on the outskirts of it. I glanced at the guard. I felt stupid, now. Would he think I was lying about it all?
    Of course, he won’t, I thought. I’m the king, after all.
    I lifted my chin up and turned to the guard. “It appears that she has left for the Saywells’. There’s no need to look for her. She’ll come home when she’s ready.”
    The guard looked uncertain. “Are you sure, Your Highness? From what you said … She seems to be unwell. Maybe if I send a doctor over there-”
    “No.” I cut in. “No doctor. I should know what’s best for my daughter, Sir Frederick. Now leave me.”
    Frederick bowed and left. I felt bad, as I always did when ordering the guards and servants around. They did work for me … But it still didn’t feel right, telling them what to do. I couldn’t explain it. I never thought about it as a child, but now…
    Instead of leading my mind into an argument with myself about whether I should feel guilty about things like that, I stared out at the view. It really was gorgeous. The hillsides, with all those trees, and a rushing river, with the bluest sky you could ever imagine. Birds sang lovely tunes, flying through the air, and the air smelled fresh and clean. It felt like paradise, or close to it. In the middle of the sky, there was a small figure. It was most likely just another bird, but I was curious. They didn’t usually fly so far up, or from that direction. Squinting closer, I saw it was a pigeon, with a tightly bound scroll bound around its leg. It appeared to be flying straight for the castle.
    Closer and closer it got, until it finally arrived and plopped down on the railing. “Coo! Coo!” It held out it’s leg, so I could carefully untie the scroll. I stared at it. It was sealed with the School for Good and Evil crest. I sniffed it. Lavender. I was quite sure who it was from, but just to make sure …
    I carefully split open the seal and unfurled the scroll. Dearest Teddy, it read. Yep, Sophie. I scanned through the letter.

    Dearest Teddy,
    I’m writing on behalf of you lovely daughter, Angel, who you have refused to visit me for what – ten years? Eleven? I’ve lost count … that’s how long it’s been. I was hoping we could arrange a meeting between me and her before the term starts in a couple months, because after that if she’s not in Evil I won’t see much of her. Not saying she will or won’t be in Evil. I didn’t say anything.
    But darling, I can’t believe you ignored my letter about celebrating your thirteenth anniversary! I have so much planned! Just because you and Aggie don’t want anything special doesn’t mean it’s not special, you know. And if you aren’t planning out your special day, then someone should. (My fees are $69.95 per hour. We’ll talk about payment later.) Or I could come up to Camelot and meet Angel then! How about that, darling? Everything done in one sweep.
    On that note, nothing here at SGE is being done in one sweep – literally. I should’ve realized before how messy Hort’s room was when we were both students. The castle is in total disarray. If I can’t make matters worse, do you remember Hunter? That boy who got Nicola accepted to SGE in the first place? Well, guess who just accepted the Uglylification post! Honestly, I think he’s a total idiot, but Hort was all like: “He’s smart, and he’s a Reader! Relax, Sophie.” So unfortunately, he’s here to stay. Tell Angel for me that she’s not allowed to like the Uglylification teacher. Make up any reason.
    If you’re wondering why I’m writing you instead of Aggie, it’s because she always seems so busy nowadays…and her letters are so vague. Is she like that with you? Or is it just me? Maybe you should check on her, Teddy. I’m worried. Is something bothering her, do you think? She just seems off. And I don’t think it’s just because I told her that you should have an eleven-course meal with purple polka-dot plates and a ten-layer pink cake for dessert. I might be imagining it, but I don’t think I am. Is Angel driving you insane or something? Her letters are basically: “Yesterday I ate porridge. Angel’s fine. You’ll see her when she goes to school. Bye.” or “I’m fine. We’re not doing anything for our anniversary. See you.” or “You are so annoying! I’m fine. Goodbye.” It’s quite annoying, Teddy. I can’t talk to her like I used to. We should all meet in person. I can arrange a carriage to get me to Camelot by tomorrow. Send your answer back with my pigeon.
    Hopefully this gets to you before nightfall, because I have “instructions” from Hort to tell you to look at the full moon at 11:00 tonight. No, I don’t know why. I’m just passing along the message.
    Well, that’s all I have to say. Remember, anniversary plans, checking on Aggie, I’m visiting Camelot, look at the moon. That’s all, darling.
    I bit my lip. Sophie had pointed out exactly what I’d been suspecting. There was something bothering Agatha. It was just Angel, most likely, but still. It feels like my fault. Not that I’m making it easier, I thought uneasily. I should be helping her. Instead…
    …Instead I’m holding daily meetings with the leaders of all the kingdoms, telling me why I’m doing everything wrong as a king. When I’ve been doing things the same for as long as I’ve been king, and they haven’t had a problem with it up to the last six months. I really don’t understand what they even want. So, I’m stuck in meetings up to my chin. No time for Agatha, no time for Angel, no time for anything.
    Maybe our storybooks are closed, but Happily Ever After isn’t exactly what it’s cut out to be.

    Thank you for reading! Please comment if you want me to tag you (You wouldn’t be at all far behind as this is only the second chapter) or I can repost the first chapter and tag you for that! Constructive criticism is always appreciated, I’m always looking for ways to make my stories better. Thank you for reading! The next chapter should be out soon (I hope…)! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

        moviestarawesome445 replied 2 years ago

        Also! I have a horrible habit of switching between I and he/she when I’m writing. Like, I might be like: “I stared out into the darkness” but then I’m like: “she was deciding whether to go in”. Super sorry about that, it’s a bad habit.

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          Awesome fan fic! Would you mind tagging me ?

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        I’m just confirming who I’m tagging:
        I can’t confirm when the next chapter will come out, but definitely less than the gap between chapters 1 and 2. It’ll probably come out in a week or two.
        Thank you for reading!

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        Guys, I’m so sorry. I haven’t been writing because I’ve been busy. I’m trying to aim for the first week of November to post the next chapter.

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