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    moviestarawesome445 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 1 month ago

    **Please Read The Whole Post**
    I don’t even know if anyone remembers that my fanfiction exists, because I haven’t updated it since, like, August, so I’m reposting the first two chapters of the fanfiction in hopes to bring in at least a few more readers before I post the next chapter (and so everyone on my tag list can reread the chapters…I expect that no one remembers anything about them XD). I promisepromisepromise that chapter 3 will be out soon, I’ll work really hard during Winter Break and I promise it’ll be ready by Christmas Eve.
    Here’s the link to the doc with the first two chapters:
    You do not need a Google Account to access the document, and the actual fanfiction is on the website…I just write it on Google Docs and copy and paste it here.
    I really am sorry that it isn’t finished, I have just got an overload of homework lately. Please say if you want to be tagged for the next chapter!
    (Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, but I figure that everyone has forgotten that my story exists so…)

        freddiemercury replied 1 year ago

        Your writing skills are 👌

          moviestarawesome445 replied 1 year ago

          tysm ♥

        sapphy replied 1 year ago


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