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    ms-granger posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 3 months ago

    Hello people of the SGE Council! I am a completely and entirely responsible member of the council who did not forget to post on Sunday but here goes.

    How was your week? As you can tell by my being here, I didn’t die in a car crash. I did however drive on a real highway and that totally wasn’t scary at all. Have any of you guys read The Crucible? If you haven’t… don’t. But if you have, what do you think of it? We’re reading it in English.

    Fun fact time, courtesy of Bailey! I’m sure that many of you already know this if you own the handbook, but on page 261 of the handbook at the roundtable, there is a spelling error. Hester is spelled as “Ester.” When the Handbook first came out, there were many posts made by eagle-eyed fans spotting this error. Soman and the team laughed about it and said that the team can’t catch *every* error and some will make it to print; especially with it being such a labour intensive job.
    If you have a later edition of the book you likely will not have this spelling error as they fixed it, but nonetheless, it’s rather interesting and just goes to show that authors make mistakes in their writing too!

    Question of the week: In the handbook it says: Gifts to teachers are prohibited (Dean Sophie does not count as a teacher).
    Why do you think this rule was put into place? Did the evers or the nevers cause it?
    A follow-up to the prior question. If you were allowed to give teachers gifts, what would you give them? Would your gift be to your favourite teacher or the one you despise?

    Happy birthday to @galvadon , @whillaphilby , and @princessofpifflepathills whose birthdays were last week.

    There are no ads this week.
    If you want to advertise anything, feel free to fill out this form!

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        princezzdot replied 3 months ago


        raynaevil809 replied 3 months ago

        Congrats on not being killed in a car crash!

        Also I’m going to the library to read the Crucibles first chance I get bc you told me not to

          ms-granger replied 3 months ago

          I mean. You can, but like— I hate all of the characters but you do you.

          If you like Salem witch trials books I recommend How to Hang a Witch and The Life and Death Parade. (The second really isn’t a Salem witch trials book but it’s similar and I liked it.) Also the Near Witch is practically a religious experience so I recommend that one too.

        doveys-apprentice replied 3 months ago

        Congrats on not dying! Merging and passing are some of my least favorite parts of driving, I actually go out of my way to avoid entering highways on certain entrance ramps because they are super short and don’t give much time for merging into traffic…
        My week was good, the Clair de Lune performance that I was talking about last week was this morning. It went well, although the piano I had to play on was an electric baby grand and the dampener pedal and sound sensitivity were rather odd so I ending up ditching the dampener pedal and trying not to be bothered by the irregular dynamics. I got to see one of my mentors who I hadn’t seen in over a year so I really enjoyed that, it was so wonderful to get to talk with her.
        I have a philosophy lecture that I need to finish writing and another long paper to write so not really looking forward to those…almost done with chemistry though, so very happy about that!
        I think that the nevers were the reason that the law was made, I’m sure they could come up with all sorts of harmful presents.
        I would give Dovey a hug, because I really want to hug someone and she deserves some love and appreciation.

          ms-granger replied 3 months ago

          I haven’t really had to merge yet, we got on at an intersection. Thank you for the ringing words of encouragement.

          The amount of technical terms in that paragraph made me realize how good you must be at the piano so I applaud that
          without ever hearing you play. Good job!!

          I have to say, I’m curious about this philosophy lecture. What’s it about?

          Dovey deserves many hugs. I agree with this.

          doveys-apprentice replied 3 months ago

          Hm interesting! I don’t believe that I’ve ever driven on a highway that could be entered by an intersection.
          Aww thank you!! I like to use fancy music language XD, can’t attest to whether I’m a good pianist though.
          The lecture is about Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche, I’m comparing their lives, philosophies, and beliefs (Kierkegaard is often called the father of religious existentialism and existentialism in general, while Nietzsche is sometimes called the father of atheistic existentialism and was also a nihilist).
          I’m so pleased that you agree!! : )

          ms-granger replied 3 months ago

          It’s kinda a smaller highway, two lanes, lots of lights.

          I’m sure your very good. Better than me at least.

          Okay I do actually follow that explanation but I have never heard of either of them. It does sound very interesting even though my philosophy background is approximately zero.

          doveys-apprentice replied 3 months ago

          I didn’t know that you play piano! Yay a fellow musician!! 😀
          What do you like to play?

          I hope its interesting, I have to memorize and present to my class on our last day of school as part of our assessment for the year…

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          I know how to play the piano and violin but I’m good at neither. I generally like to play pop covers cause they’re fairly simple but you can be a bit more expressive when you get good.
          That sounds like… so much fun! Absolutely! Memorization!

          doveys-apprentice replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          Cool! I played violin in a (very beginner) youth orchestra for two years, but decided to stop so that I could start learning to play lever harp.
          Pop covers are fun, I haven’t done many of them but I learned Never Enough on the piano and really enjoyed it.
          I’m sure you’re a great musician!! Violin is hard to play, the only song I could probably play now is Frère Jacques XD

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          Oh my gosh you play the harp? *Respect levels go off charts with a dramatic crash sound*

          doveys-apprentice replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          XD In a way, playing a harp is like playing a synthesis of a piano and a violin since you’re plucking strings but don’t usually have to control the pitch yourself or use a bow. You also tune your own harp, like the violin, while you don’t typically tune your own piano…

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          That makes sense

        bronwynofjauntjolie replied 3 months ago

        taggles!!!!! Also, what are ads for, and can I submit one for the book I’m currently writing? I’m trying to get supporters wherever I an, so seen its published, I have people interested in reading 🙂

          ms-granger replied 3 months ago

          Oh of course! If you’d like to tell us a little bit about your story and where people can read it, fill out the form and we’ll put it up so you can find some interested readers.

        jafaristhebest replied 3 months ago

        Ooh, may I be tagged?
        And I believe they put that rule in place so that students wouldn’t be able to bribe their favorite (or least favorite) teachers into giving them good scores or whatnot on tests and such.

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          You’re tagged!

          Oh I could see that. Especially since the Sge grading system is solely based on one person’s opinion of you, bribes probably go a long way.

        book-lover77 replied 3 months ago

        Taggles!!!! I think the rules there (petitioned for by the Evers maybe) who dislike bribing and think it’s dishonest. I also feel like Dovey would not want students giving gifts on a regular basis to everyone, but that’s a hard question. For the latter, I personally would give my least favorite teacher a candy cane from hansels haven to spite them (I’m an Ever). XD

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          You have also been tagged.

          Remind me— you’re not allowed to eat the candy from Hansel’s haven correct? Then the teacher couldn’t eat it I got it. Very clever.

        uraza169 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        My week’s been pretty tiring, but spring break starts after tomorrow so I’m definitely looking forward to that. I’ve been pretty tired lately, but I thankfully don’t have much homework today so I can rest.
        The rule was probably established to prohibit bribing, especially in extremely important events like the Snow Ball or Trial by Tale. I’m going to assume that the Nevers caused this one, since they have a habit of rulebreaking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some stuck-up Ever thought they could buy their way to the top of the leaderboard somehow.
        If we could give gifts, though, I feel like I’d like Sader a lot. Probably. Actually, not so sure because he’s kind of a vague person. But he seems like a good teacher who’s friendly. I’m not a very good gift-giver, especially for teachers, but I used to do this thing when I was little where I’d spell out letters in gingerbread cutouts, string them together into my teachers’ names, and give the strings to them the next day for Christmas. So maybe I’d do something like that.

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          Oh you’re spring break is early! I have a whole ‘nother week. But I agree, school is getting tiring.
          Sader does seem like a teacher that would appreciate a gift without thinking you’re trying to get a better grade or something. I think I like him.

        spiritdream1112 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

        *kicks door down* Guess who hasn’t been getting notifications?
        They went full out magical girl with Sabera’s transformation I both love and hate it.
        This week has been awful, but we’re not going to get into that
        I am thrilled to have finally gotten Akechi on my team, the only problem is that now I don’t have any healers on my team (I will admit, I’ve been switching Haru out with Makoto in mini boss fights) I’m very confused I unlocked a new area in Mementos (the areas unlock at certain points of progression) and all of the shadows are level 30, which is way too underleveled (I’m level 54) Yeah, sure, I went and did Sae’s palace before Mementos, but I was already nearing level 50 when I started it and the Mementos area and Sae’s palace aren’t unlocked particularly far from each other.
        Me: Hello there
        Coworker: sup Mae
        Me: ‘^’ so uncivilized
        Happy Saint Patrick’s day.
        LvP’s Satoru “arc” (read, two episodes) was also great because of Noël showing off his skills and backstory, the reveal that Gangler disguises are the skin of the people that Ice Jerk abducted, and Keiichiro, of course. I love that he got more and more awkward and caring as the show progressed
        Aight I finished LvP, as you know, I love the Patoranger’s (big change from being team Lupin when it was announced) so, of course, the complete abandonment of them as the show progressed bugged me a whole lot (on the bright side, Kairi becoming more and more pessimistic forced Keiichiro to be more open, they kind of had a switch towards the end of the series haha) don’t act like I didn’t notice they stopped getting upgrades after episode 10
        Keiichiro is willing to quit being an officer, the thing he wanted to be since he was a child, for Kairi I-
        And then there’s Ice Jerk, who was also underutilized, why is he abducting humans? Why does he sell skin? What is his reasoning?
        I love how little they used the final mech form
        I was quite surprised by the ending, Lupinranger’s were trapped in the safe, the Patoranger’s fought and with internal help from the Lupins via transferring the collection pieces in the safe they were able to weaken him enough to trap him inside his own chains until they could find a way to return the lupins/just couldn’t come to kill the lupins
        Which brings me to the next thing, while I feel Noël could’ve just searched for Jackpot Striker himself I do like the idea of making the lupins loved ones thieves so they could save them
        So Zenkaiger! Zenkaiger is wack! I’m loving it! These toku leads dreams are getting crazier by the year! Zyuran is very “How do you do fellow kids” I was expecting Gaon to be like Leo but he’s a Tsukasa I love him. They kiss while forming the mech oh my God Haha Haha. I wonder if their sixth ranger will be human or robot, I hope their theme is Maskman.
        I love how crazy anniversary seasons are and then there’s Zyuohger, chilling in a corner, drinking tea. Yamato is still the best anniversary red, and still one of the best reds in general, I think Zyuran might be the second best anniversary red
        Apparently wack is thieves can’t for a share of stolen goods, I learn so much from Persona 5.
        We’re nearly at episode 30 in Saber Kento is back (unsurprisingly) Legiel’s story has come to an end (I dunno if it’s for good or not I decided not to snoop around for farewell photos) the Primitive Dragon arc is complete,I really liked the Primitive Dragon fight style, nice change.
        Will Desast ever return? Will they actually go through with Ren’s potential they’ve been going on about? Will I ever see happy Rintaro again?

        I’d kill Beatrix.
        I’ve never read/seen anything quite like SGE
        …Do schools normally accept gifts??

          spiritdream1112 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          Sorry! Tags are always a little wonky. You are on this list, correct?

          Well, you can have an air hug anyway.

          I’m going to pretend I understood all those references. Some of the names sound familiar from things you’ve mentioned before but that’s it.

          Hm. I don’t think I have anything against Beatrix, but at least you’re willing to spare Nicola, unlike almost everyone else. *glares around*

          …yeah. People give their teachers gifts all the time where I live. Sometimes the whole class will pitch in to buy something, at least in elementary school.

        princezzdot replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago


        I just had to get not one, but THREE shots in my arm. It hurt like hell and now my arms are all sore and stiff :/ </i!

          ms-granger replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago


        uraza169 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Update: it’s now March 27! Which means that it’s been a year since the final episode of Steven Universe aired. And my heart is still broken. I feel like I should do something special to commemorate the occasion but the only thing I can come up with is binging Season 1B tonight, which I’ll probably do.

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