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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 5 months ago

    The Zodiac
    As always, sorry if I forgot to tag anyone. Please, enjoy!
    Polina sat on the edge of her bed in the hotel room, her phone in her hands. Her mom had been worrying about her, and Polina had quickly shared everything that had happened since they had landed in Leo. Well, almost everything. She hadn’t told about the whole Mission Impossible plan. That’s what Polina had taken to calling it, because it was going to be nearly impossible to find Rose. Especially because the Dance Competition was only a week and a half long, and shorter if the troupe decided to skip the televised event at the very end where special awards were announced for exemplary coaches or students. The only ways to stay for longer than two weeks was either to win the competition, which would be hard without Polina and Nastya’s participation, or to sneak away, stay in Leo, and sneak back to Capricorn on a flight. The latter was literally impossible without being noticed.
    How am I going to stay here for another week if our troupe doesn’t win? How is that even possible? What did I agree to? Polina thought. Just then, a loud knock interrupted her.
    “Polina, Natasha, rehearsal in fifteen minutes!” the impatient voice of their coach called. Polina sighed, already in her dancewear.
    I need to go to rehearsal soon; I’ll talk to you after. Goodbye. Love you! Polina texted her mother. Then she turned the device off and placed it in one of the bureau drawers.
    After emailing that random person a few days before, Polina and Natasha had decided to wait for a reply. So far, there hadn’t been anything, and while they both tried to remain positive, it seemed like Polina, for one, was losing patience.
    “Are you sure there’s nothing else we could do?” Polina had asked that morning during breakfast. “It would be better to finish our mission quickly.”
    “I don’t think there’s anything else we can do, apart from going out into the city to find her. That would be very dangerous, not to mention the coach would notice we’re gone after about ten minutes,” Natasha had reasoned. “No, I think it’s better if we just keep waiting. They’re bound to reply sometime, and we’ve got two weeks to find her.”
    “Sure,” Polina had said. Everything seemed a lot more impossible
    after deciding that your mission was to find a girl in a city inhabited by hundreds of people. “They’re bound to reply,” Polina had echoed.
    Now, Polina turned to Natasha. “How are we going to stop him?” Polina questioned.
    “Who?” Nastya asked.
    “Ophiuchus,” Polina said. “That’s what all our individual missions lead to, right? But how are we going to do it? I suppose we’ll have a lot more people on our side once we find Rose and the others, especially more Zodiac Reincarnates, but what’s the plan? Sometimes I wonder how everyone else’s mission is going. Maybe someone is almost finished with theirs,” Polina continued quickly, barely stopping between sentences.
    Natasha didn’t get a chance to reply. There was a sudden loud knock on the door, and they were once again reminded of rehearsals in five minutes.
    “We’d better go,” Nastya said.
    “Alright,” Polina said, grabbing her wallet too. When she saw Nastya’s confused expression, Polina explained, “I wanted to get a newspaper. It won’t hurt to catch up on current events. Especially because, with the other missions, you never know what could happen and appear in the paper.”
    Nastya nodded, and they left the room.
    A few minutes later, the pair hurried across the road towards the theater, Polina now clutching a paper. She scanned the pages hurriedly before sighing.
    “Any luck?” Natasha asked.
    “Nope. Nothing. If there was any news pertaining to any of the Zodiac Reincarnates, maybe some side-effect of someone’s mission, it would surely be on the first page,” Polina answered, stuffing the newspaper in a pocket of her dance bag. “Sometimes I worry about the others so much. What are they doing right at this moment, when we’re heading to practice for a competition we won’t even get to partake in? Who kno-“
    Natasha cut Polina off by bumping her with her shoulder. A girl in the troupe was heading towards them, and Polina recognized her as an older girl by the name of Krista.
    “Have you heard the news?” Krista asked.
    “W-what news?” Polina asked, baffled. Was there something she had missed in the newspaper?
    “We have a new instructor! Apparently, the old lady who ran rehearsals tripped and fell on the stairs leading to the theater. There’s a new lady- don’t know her name, though. I saw her earlier, and I can’t tell how old she is either. She looks so young!” Krista looked a bit sad, as if she had wanted to know all about the new teacher. “Well, I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. I just hope she’s friendly; that last instructor was even irritated if I didn’t raise my leg high enough in the arabesque position!”
    “Hm. Okay,” Polina said, trying to sound interested, but she couldn’t bring herself to gossip about the new teacher. Krista must have sensed this, because she moved off to tell a different girl.
    “I saw a lady earlier,” Natasha said in a whisper, still careful until Krista moved farther away. “I went outside to look at the hotel’s garden, and I only noticed her because of her amber hair. I thought she was Rose for a second, but I realized Rose’s hair was redder.” Polina looked at the theater, following Nastya’s gaze, as if Rose could be hiding somewhere among the many columns.
    “I didn’t see her much at the Academy,” Polina said. “I don’t think we were in that many of the same classes. But she’s in Leo, we know that much from the magazines. And if she’s an Idol, she would love to sing and dance. So maybe she did come to the theater! This is a well-known place, so Rose would know about it if she’s from here. She could have come here recently; maybe she’s been coming here for ages! Maybe it was her you saw, Nastya!” Polina exclaimed. She thought about it for a minute as they entered the theater and Polina caught sight of a yellowish-brown-haired young woman who looked young enough to be one of the older girls in the troupe. “Or maybe it’s just a random lady,” Polina sighed. “At least we were close for a second.”
    Polina followed Natasha to the locker room, where Polina pulled out her dance shoe bags and a water bottle and pushed her dance bag into a locker. After that, the two walked through a dark hallway and up some steps to the stage. In stage left, they donned their shoes and practically floated gracefully onstage.
    A few Barres had been set up for warm-ups and stretches, so Polina and Natasha hurried over to one and set their water bottles beneath it.
    “Look, there she is. You know, she does look a bit familiar. I just can’t place her,” Nastya said as the young woman entered the stage, dressed in a leotard decorated with suns around the neckline. She too walked gracefully across until she was in front of the group. Nastya, Polina, and the other girls immediately grew silent. This was a new teacher, and they did not know what she would tolerate or act like. The girl’s shocking golden eyes met Polina’s for a moment and then darted away. One look at Natasha proved that the teacher had made eye contact with Nastya as well.
    Offering no introduction, the young girl led them through warm up plies and leg stretches on the barre, smiling encouragingly. After warming up, the barres were dragged away and the group practiced a few moves before launching into their routines. After repeating the routines a few times, the lass looked perfectly comfortable doing the moves, as if she was used to their dances, not performing them for the first time. With a little practice, she easily made the switch from one routine to the next. In fact, it seemed like rehearsal was over too soon. It seemed like they had only just begun, and now they were gathering their water bottles and dance shoes, ready to head back to the hotel.
    As Natasha turned to leave, Polina gently grabbed her arm, turning towards the young teacher who was now watching them as if expecting something.
    “I’m going to ask her if she knows Rose,” Polina whispered. “It makes sense; one of the few things I know about Rose from the Academy is how much she loves singing and acting. This is a theater. Plus all the things we already discussed about Rose’s love for dancing, singing, and acting,” Polina emphasized.
    Natasha nodded. “Okay.”
    They walked towards the young girl. Polina, like Krista, couldn’t tell how old she was.
    “Do you know an Idol member by the name Rose Niji?” Nastya asked. “She’s a bit pale and has bright red hair.”
    “She might have come by here lately, or have you seen her around, maybe?” Polina said.
    Natasha and Polina looked at the young girl. She looked so familiar, and yet different from anyone they’d seen recently.
    The suns on the girl’s leotard seemed to shine in the bright theater lights. Polina and Natasha held their breath as the girl opened her mouth to reply.
    Hope you liked that! I did my best, looking up Leo in the Zodiac RP Guide to see what she would look like and act like. Did I portray her well? Don’t be afraid to give any advice/correct me if I’m wrong about something!
    I wasn’t sure what Leo-Rose would say, so I left that to the next person who writes from either Natasha or Rose’s POV.
    Is there a plan to defeat Ophiuchus? Sorry if I forgot it; haven’t been on here for a while.
    Anyway, who’s writing next? What’s the plan? How has everyone been? How’s summer been (or whatever season it is where you live!)?
    I’ve been great; had a lot of time to write and read recently. I’ve had enough watermelon to last me a year, which is good because, come August, I probably won’t have any for another year.
    I’ve had enough cherries to last me a day. Literally. Cherries are my favorite food and eating a bowl (normal size, not gigantic) today was a bit of a dream come true. I guess I can mark off another thing on my summer bucket list!
    What are your favorite foods? Summer activities? Winter activities (even if you’re in summer, answer!)? I’m trying to get to know y’all a little bit better. Even though we’ve written together for about a year (and maybe some of you are my friends in real life on secret accounts that you’ve never told me about?), I still don’t know too much about you guys.
    Thank you for reading Polina’s POV and my questions.

        fairytalegirl123 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Ahh that was amazing!! I think I’ll write next, unless someone can get a chapter out before the weekend. I don’t know of a plan to defeat Ophiuchus. And the instructor was Rose right
        My summer’s been pretty good! I’m a little tired but feeling great. 😀 Like I said on the post below, I’m staying in Washington D.C. until Friday (that’s when I’m leaving). Today I got to see the Capitol, the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. It was really nice but I had to walk a LOT.
        I also got Subway (my favorite fast food restaurant) so that was nice too.
        Yesterday I went to the Air and Space Museum and tomorrow I’ll go to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum sooo yeah.
        I’ve been relaxing a lot, going swimming and stuff. My town (up in NY haha) is very crowded during the summer because I live in a town right next to the ocean. The beaches are always crowded too but I’ve gone to the beach a few times during the summer anyway.
        I’m also trying to write and draw more. I also have to do a summer reading project for school RIP
        I don’t really have a favorite food, but I love grilled cheese and rice and shrimp. Coconut rice and coconut shrimp is even better lol.
        I like to go swimming in the summer. I’m not the best swimmer but I still love doing it ahaha. In the winter I like to sit inside by my fireplace with a book or go ice-skating.
        I also want to get to know you guys better, actually. I’m glad you’re having a good summer. 🙂 I had fun answering the questions!

        happilyeveraftergirl replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        I’m new to this RP Group (I mainly do RP Level 0), and the times I’ve viewed this group I’ve seen the Zodiac RP. It seems pretty cool. Since I came here in the middle of the story, I’m confused when reading. Can someone please explain the storyline so far to make it easier for me to comprehend the chapters I read?

        ivypool2005 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Amazing! One question: how old is everyone? I know the STTI changed a lot. Cause Rose is now old enough to teach an international dance team?
        Nikolai is almost 15 and Leila just turned 16.

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Rose is around 16-17-ish because of the change in timeline. (In the previous one, she was only 14, and would be 15 by now, but the timeline changed and so did her started age.) However, she also can change her appearance and do other weird Zodiac things, so she could probably fool you into making you think she was either 3 years old of 99 years old if she wanted to, even though her actual, normal appearance is that of someone in her late teens.

          nadea replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Polina was around 11 when the RP started, so I would think around 12 right now. @pandagirl31 – Yes, our RP is still going on, but it seems like nobody can figure out what to write, myself included. I’ll probably write soon.

        pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Hi. I’m back. Is our little story still going on?

          pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Thanks, I’ll put out a TbT POV tomorrow, so hopefully we can get it back together at least a bit

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