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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 5 months ago

    The RP with No Name
    Sorry it’s short, but I just HAD to write something. It’s been way too long, and my last post was just a lot of fluff about before-trial preparations. Not anymore. *wicked grin*. After the Trial, which I’m hoping should end soon (maybe after 3-5 more POVs), we really need to work out what will happen with dance, the Circus, etc.
    But that’s after the Trial by Tale. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the, um, writing.
    About a few moments earlier, Sienna had been sitting serenely on one of the top branches of a tree, watching shadowed figures move through the forest. Of course, that had been before a troll passed underneath her, running his club through the trees to make sure they were empty. Sienna barely had time to cover her head before she was falling out of the tree. In a wild attempt to land on her feet, she managed to straighten her legs out. The product was a half-cartwheel, half-back flip that resulted in Sienna bashing her head on a mound of dirt.
    I have got to find Lola and Skylar, she thought miserably as she massaged her head. The troll, following the unseen School Master’s orders, continued his trek through the forest. A thought sprung into Sienna’s mind.
    “Oh no,” she breathed. “No, I’ve got to get out of here. What if there are others in the trees, hidden, like I was?”
    It seemed too late to ponder. The troll hit another tree, about 200 meters from Sienna. There was a loud smack as the club scraped the tree’s bark, then a gruff voice.
    “Oh! Oh, crud!!”
    Sienna flopped onto her stomach, hidden and ***** in the shadows, as the voice’s owner climbed down the tree and ran past Sienna. Sienna could barely breathe.
    Must. Find. Lola. And. Skylar. Sienna thought. Oh, this was definitely not going like she planned.
    The troll circled back around, ready to attack anyone on the ground, and Sienna’s instincts kicked in. Desperately, she rolled down a hill, stopping to lay flat if she spotted any finger glows.
    Soon, Sienna came to a Clearing.
    “Nope, not a good place to stay. There’s nowhere to hide,” she muttered, crawling forward. Suddenly, she stopped. There were 13 things in the clearing in front of her. Twelve were spaced evenly away from each other, one was standing in front of another. The things were large, dark spaces that Sienna couldn’t see very well from her current position.
    “What if it’s a trap?” she whispered, almost inaudible. She had found it helpful to talk to herself during the Trial, especially when she was so lonely. “What if those are all the Nevers, and some Evers, allied to fight the others?”
    For a second, it made sense. Then Sienna blinked, realizing that Nevers would never agree to fight with Evers (and vice versa), and there were way too many things in the Clearing to be only one side. Slightly relieved, but still terrified, Sienna stood up and walked forward. As she got closer, a fat raindrop splashed onto her forehead.
    Shocked, Sienna turned her head towards the sky. Sure enough, clouds were gathering. Somewhere behind them, the sun was surely beginning to rise. Sienna wiped her forehead and returned her attention to the figures in the patch.
    They were clear now. Scarecrows, extending farther than Sienna had seen. Scarecrows, with etched, unsmiling expressions and crooked, unfeeling hands.
    Shuddering, Sienna blinked to clear her vision from the rain. Suddenly, the scarecrows were gone.
    Sienna was standing in an empty clearing, right below a hill. For some reason, she looked down at herself to see that she wasn’t covered in mud, but wearing a clean black dress. There were trees on all sides and the limbs began to sway, urging her to hurry up the hill.
    Sienna stared at the trees but obliged, not understanding what was happening. The hill seemed never-ending, always continuing, no matter how fast or far or long Sienna climbed. Her legs began to ache, sweat gathered at her neck. Finally, when she was about to collapse from exhaustion, Sienna arrived at the top of the hill. She pushed through trees that were still urging her forward and came upon a wooden box with a mattress inside.
    “How odd,” she whispered, for right about now, the only wish she had was to dive into a deep sleep. Yet there was something strange about this coffin, something unique, and Sienna quickly noticed the object next to it. A spinning wheel.
    Something from the back of her mind played with her senses, telling her not to continue forward, but to turn back. Sienna pushed the feeling away, moving closer to study the design on the box bed.
    It wasn’t a bed at all.
    Sienna gasped as she noticed the lid. The gleaming, painted, coffin lid.
    Sienna turned to run and fell back, taken by the branches of the maniac trees. They wrapped around her, dragging her forward to the Spinning Wheel.
    The needle shined in the bright sunlight. Sienna bit the branches that were gagging her, twisted her head desperately to call for help, and saw what lay behind the spinning wheel.
    Her home. The castle she had lived in all her life. A wrecked, wretched, ruined mess. Crumpling towers led into broken turrets and smashed staircases. Ivy spread over the rubble, proving that the event had not been recent.
    “No!” Sienna choked out, the trees starting to wrap her mouth once more. “No!”
    The trees pulled her back, dug into her skin like claws. They led her towards the wicked wheel, the soft, horrid coffin.
    “No!” she cried as the trees uprooted themselves from the earth, carrying her towards the wheel. Sienna twisted, trying to get away. Wanting to run far, far away.
    The tree limbs swayed her once again, and Sienna heard a horrible, misty voice.
    “Don’t you worry, child. The wheel that cursed your mother will now curse you. When you are found, if you are found, well, looking at you, I can tell nobody will want to kiss you awake.” Someone cackled, the sound strangely distant, then echoing in Sienna’s ears.
    The trees forced her arm out, forced her to extend a finger, the evil voice cackling all the while.
    “No!” Sienna cried as the sharp needle pricked through her skin, drawing blood as she fell, unconscious.
    And woke up in a clearing, surrounded by trees, drenched with rain. The trees swayed, their branches moving first one way, then the other.
    “No!” Sienna shouted, turning around and around until she didn’t know where the Clearing began or ended. Sienna ran into the middle of the Clearing, passing a scarecrow that looked oddly like an Everboy named Liam, and fell behind a large boulder. Pressing herself into the wet moss so she wasn’t seen, Sienna cried herself out until her eyes were red, raw, and the rain had stopped.
    Sienna fell back, hidden in the space beneath the rock, thinking and not daring to think about what had just happened.
    Sienna just couldn’t stop herself from believing that the ruined mess of her castle was what she would find if she went home to Maidenvale.
    Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!!
    I will most likely write again really soon if nobody else does, because I want Sienna to go through a bit more obstacles before dawn (I don’t want it to seem unrealistic, Sophie went through around 3-4 obstacles in the first book).
    Anyway, thanks for reading! Write soon because I’m excited to hear your stories!
    So sorry if this was really bad, school just started for me, so i didn’t have a lot of time and couldn’t use harder words, etc. I hope you liked it anyway.
    let me know if y’all find a title for this. We need to work out what will happen in the Trial anyway, so comment with ideas!

        ivypool2005 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Wow, I thought this RP was way dead.
        Nice chapter. I’m kind of confused about the scarecrow thing… can someone explain that? My original idea was for the scarecrows to represent a fear or a bad memory, and the student can only get past it when they face it.

        pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Oh my god I’m SO glad this is still going on. I’ll post my POV later today (we are going to the country club for dinner now and I’m on my phone) or tomorrow.

        nadea replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Ack! I have no idea why, but I don’t get notifications when people comment on my posts! I’m so glad y’all saw this!
        For the scarecrow thing, I sort of did it how it was in the books. Basically, you were taken into a horrible, scary scenario in which you are shown things that were real (like Sienna’s castle) but are twisted to scare you. Does that make sense? Basically, the way I wrote about it, Sienna was taken into a twisted memory of playing behind her castle in the forest. This time, the trees come alive, and the entire memory twists into a made-up scenario designed to make her distraught.
        The scarecrows worked a bit differently on Liam, where his memory was still mostly accurate.

          pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          I kind of did that in my POV, except Lola was still in the Trial, just the scarecrows turned into things that scared her A LOT.
          Your POV is great, mine is sooo bad because I just HAD to write and it’s like 12 am practically and I didn’t edit or use Grammarly. I’m on my phone too sooo there’s a lot of typos. lol

        pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        Wait, awesome chapter, but I’m a bit confused about the part were the person is talking about the wheel that cursed her mother. I thought Sienna was the daughter of Belle, but I don’t know.

        Correct me if I’m wrong.

          nadea replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Just realized I put mother instead of grandmother. Yeah, I decided to incorporate more fairytale aspects and decided that Sleeping Beauty, who slept for a 100 years or so, would be old enough to be Sienna’s grandma. Sorry for my mistake. Oops.

          pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          oh okay sorry I didn’t get a notification lol

        agathaofwoodsbeyond2019 replied 1 year, 4 months ago

        Nadea, I’d like to join. I’ve got one bio so far, but the story is pretty good.

        Name: Astrid of Woods Beyond
        Good/Evil: Unknown
        Age: 13
        Parents: Sophie
        Finger Glow: Electric blue
        Personality: Serious, determined, short-tempered, easily distracted
        Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius
        Likes: Gardening, writing, singing, reading
        Dislikes: People who would willingly group themselves into being Good or Evil, her house

        I posted the prologue and Chapter 1 already. Feel free to read them!

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