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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 5 months ago

    Ciao, amici! Hello, everyone! I confess – I haven’t been the most active on this site at all. But I’m hoping to change that! I used to have a number of solo RPs on Level 0 and 1, and I am working towards the goal of finishing them. It’s rare to find an RP that is finished, but I will try my best to finish this story. The solo RP I am focusing on now is called Vanessa & Emma’s Tale. It takes place before Sophie & Agatha, but neither of the characters are in any way related to Sophie or Agatha. I have decided to erase the tag list that this story used to have; I posted the last chapter about 11 months ago, so i doubt that the people who wanted to be tagged still do. Either way, if you want to be tagged, just ask in the comments!
    Today, I will post character bios and the first 6 or so chapters of the story.

    Name: Emma Addison Ravoss
    Good/Evil: Evil
    Appearance: Wavy auburn hair, brown eyes, slender, ears pierced. She’s kind of pretty with a kind of heart-shaped face, but most people think that her best friend, Vanessa, is prettier than her.
    Clothing: Dresses and leggings or shirts and leggings. When you first meet her, she’s wearing a white oversized t-shirt with a kitten on it and black leggings with white stripes, white sandals, white pearl earrings, and her hair is down with a black headband.
    Personality/Flaws: She’s super smart (she has skipped two grades), but also sarcastic, especially when dealing with idiotic boys (just like Vanessa, they are so alike) Vanessa and Emma have known each other for 7 years, by the way, so they’re best friends.
    Age: 11 (she turns twelve in the RP)
    Talents: 1.) She can read minds and manipulate them
    She has other talents as well; she discovers them when she’s at Evil School
    Special Items: She has a small knife that was forged underseas, she also has two bottles of a potion that can protect whoever drinks 2 sips of it for 3 months.

    Name: Vanessa Chasity Ilverwood
    Gender: Female
    Age: 11
    Good/Evil: Good
    Appearance: Blond hair to the middle of her back, light freckles, green eyes.
    Wears: Dresses and leggings. When first introduced, she is wearing a spring green dress with brown leggings, green apple earrings, brown, short-heeled boots, and a brown bracelet with a simple green leaf.
    Personality/Flaws: She is really, really smart. Vanessa has skipped two grades, just like Emma, but is often underestimated because she is pretty and blonde. Vanessa can also be sarcastic, especially when dealing with boys, but is usually very nice.
    Powers: I will post cute backstories as to how she discovers some of these powers, so look forward to that! 1.) Mind-reading. This is the first talent she discovered he had. She discovered it when she was 5, and for a long time thought it was the only power she had. 2.) Water manipulation. REALLY funny backstory…. (she discovered it when she was 7, as an accident) 3.) She has more powers, but I don’t want to reveal them as they will most likely give the story away.
    Special Items: She has three bottles of special healing potion, rumor has it that she got it from her parents, who were given the potion by Merlin. She also has a short knife, made by dwarves deep inside the mountains of Caldadraa.
    Chapter #1 – Vanessa’s POV
    There is a small forest not far from my home. It’s filled with oaks, pines, and birches. I learned about the trees when I was five, and for many years, I spent countless days lost in their branches. Then I met Emma, my best friend for Ever After, and we spent countless days climbing trees, hiding things for each other to find, leaving secret notes for each other, and just sitting on branches, talking about the world. When we were 11, and it came time to send our letters to the School for Good and Evil, we discussed the Schools very thoroughly before we decided to ask for whichever School we were more of: Good, or Evil. We thought we were so much alike that we would end up in the same School together. I can still remember our conversation, sitting in the highest branch of a strangely easy-to-climb oak:
    “We could both apply to Good, Vanessa. I mean, all of our teachers say we’re Good and that’s where we should apply.” That was Emma. We were both smart: we had both skipped two grades and we had several of the same teachers at the small village school.
    “But what if they’re wrong? What if we’re a better fit for Evil?” That was me, always thinking everything through as much as I could.
    We never thought about applying for different schools, because we never thought that we would, or could, be separated.
    Now, it’s a day before we’re supposed to receive our letters. We’ve both turned 12 recently, me a day before Emma. We were again hanging out in the branches of an oak in the Forest. There were no words for how nervous I was, and I could tell Emma felt the same way.
    “Are you worried that we’ll be admitted into different schools?” Emma asked. Even if she had strong powers, she really disliked using them.
    “Are you?” I asked.
    “Of course I am! You’re my best friend!”
    “I’m worried, too. You know what? I’ve been worrying about that ever since we sent out our letters.” Two letters, neatly addressed in black ink, handed to our homeroom teacher to somehow be sent to the School Master. We had it easy, you see. In different villages throughout the Woods, children didn’t get to ask for a School; they were just assigned one based on their soul. In our town, we could ask for whichever School we wanted, but that didn’t necessarily mean we would be taken to the School we wished for.
    “All that’s left to do is wait.” Emma sighed heavily. “Oh, and cheer up!”
    She tickled me, trying to make me laugh. We’re good friends like that, knowing when the other is upset, knowing when something is on our friend’s mind. And our powers don’t matter in that case. We just know.
    Our parents know each other, too; they were all friends at school. Sometimes, Emma and I wonder if they talk about the village school or whether they went to the School for Good and Evil. We suppose that it doesn’t matter which School they went to, because they turned out to be great and awesome parents.
    Besides, that might be us some day, Emma and I. If we can stick together. If we can end up in the same School.
    Chapter #2 – Emma’s POV
    It was finally here. Finally, FINALLY! November 11th. The day when The School for Good and Evil was accepting students. And nobody could have been more nervous than me.
    My mom had invited Vanessa over for breakfast on the fateful day, and so we sat at 7 in the morning, conversing over runny porridge and fruit gelatin.
    “I heard Sam is positive he’s going to be taken for Good.”
    “What makes him sure he’s going to be taken at all?”
    “Bri wants to go to Evil, but all of her friends thinks she’s a better fit for Good.”
    “What is planned to happen will happen.”
    We would have continued talking until we were late if it hadn’t been for my dad’s queries about the time.
    Strangely, the walk to school was silent. I think neither of us wanted to think about the what-ifs of that day.
    The day at school was all planned out. In homeroom, we would learn about the history of the School for Good and Evil. In Second Hour, students would listen to a speech about November 11th. In Third Hour, they would have a guest speaker, and so on, and so on. Finally, in Eight Hour, everyone would go back to their homeroom. They would wait until an envelope popped up in front of the student for who it was meant. Apparently, there would be “specific instructions” in the envelope. You could open the envelope whenever you wanted, but it had to be that day. Vanessa and I had it all planned out as well.
    Once we received their envelopes, if we got any, we would hide them safely away. After school, we would race back to our favorite oak tree in the forest. On the count of three, we’d open the letters and shout out which School we were going to attend. One could only hope that we would both shout out the same School.
    All throughout the day, it seemed like no one could focus. In one classroom, I stared at the chalkboard, occasionally scribbling down notes, never ceasing to think about the School for Good and Evil. Later Vanessa told me that she desperately tried to take notes, but found her mind drifting as soon as she set pen to paper. The day seemed to ooze by very slowly, and by lunch, Vanessa and I could hardly sit still. Half the day gone, half more until we discovered which School we would be attending, if any.
    “Class, settle down! I know it is Eighth Hour and you will find out which School you are destined for (if any) any minute now, but that is not a reason to misbehave!” Mrs. Trad barked as Vanessa and I, along with everyone in the class, chatted excitedly. Sighing at us, Mrs. Trad retreated to her desk.
    Finally, an envelope appeared, the first of the day, and drifted down onto Sam’s desk. We watched, quite mesmerized, as he ripped it open excitedly, read the letter, and scurried up to say something to Mrs. Trad. Nobody heard their conversation because at that moment letters began to appear all over the classroom. I saw Vanessa catch one as it drifted onto her textbook, and I realized that she was wishing for me to receive one as well. Our mind-reading abilities were very helpful sometimes.
    All of a sudden, I realized that a letter was slowly floating down above me. It landed on my head, the white parchment bright against my auburn hair. Excited, I took down the letter and carefully placed it in my messenger bag. We both got letters, so one goal down, one more to go, I thought.
    The school bell chimed loudly after a few minutes, and a hundred students ran out of the building. I was among the first out of the building, with Vanessa close behind.
    “C’mon, slowpoke,” I teased gently as swung my legs onto the oak’s trunk and spotted Vanessa at the base of the tree.
    “I’m comin’, I’m comin’,” Vanessa replied. In no time, we were both seated on a high branch, brandishing the letters out to each other.
    “One,” I started, moving my hands to the corner of the envelope’s flap.
    “Two…” Vanessa said, doing the same.
    “Three!” We finished in unison. We ripped the letters open as fast as we could.
    “Good!” cried Vanessa, unsure what to think.
    “Evil!” shouted Emma at the same time.
    And we stared at each other, sympathetic, because we had been divided apart, and there was no one to say that we would ever be friends again.

    Chapter #3 – Vanessa’s POV
    Emma and I turned to face each other on the high branch.
    “I’m sorry. I always thought that you would be in Good. That was my view, that if we were split up, you would be in Good and I’d be in Evil,” I mumbled.
    “Don’t be sorry. You’re prettier than me! You most likely do more Good deeds than me! It’s all okay,” Emma said.
    “But I don’t want us split up! I don’t want to be a princess without you! I don’t even want to be a bush, or an animal, or anything without you! We’re going to be separated from our family, and you are the only one I’ll have. But now, I’m not even sure if we can be friends!” I cried, feeling my eyes well up. For a second I was scared to blink, frightened that a tear would slip. When I finally let myself blink, more than one tear fell.
    “It’ll work out. It has to. But I’ll try to refrain from getting turned into an ogre for you,” Emma sounded like she was trying to convince herself, too. Her tears were already running freely.
    “Now we have to get ready! We have to pack! What does your letter say?” I exclaimed, trying to get our minds off what had happened. Packing always took your mind off things…um, right?
    “My letter says ‘Emma Addison Ravoss, you are hereby accepted to the School for Evil Edification and Propagation of Sin. Please prepare all needed supplies and meet in your town’s graveyard by 6 p.m.’ It includes a list of things I might need.” Emma said, biting her lip as if finally realizing what had happened.
    “Mine says, ‘Vanessa Chasity Ilverwood, you are hereby accepted to the School for Good Enlightenment and Enchantment. Please prepare all needed supplies and meet in your town’s church by 6 p.m.”
    “Well, we better go pack, like you said.” Emma’s voice sounded steady, but I knew she was trying hard not to break down. I felt the same way.
    “I guess this is goodbye?” My voice sounded horribly thin, and I had a bad case of hiccups from crying. Smiling uncertainly, I tried to wipe my face dry with the sleeve of my pale blue dress.
    “Goodbye. For now, at least.” Emma smiled, dropped out of the tree and sprinted to her home, leaving me behind to wonder about our future as friends, for the millionth time that day.
    ***** (Emma’s POV)
    I ran into my house and straight to my room, flopping onto the bed. My eyes were stinging from crying, but I couldn’t hold in the tears. Vanessa-my best friend since we were 5 years old-was going to Good, going to be separated from me for the first time since we met, and for an unknown amount of time… Already, my parents were in the hallway, brought by the noises of my crying and the slam my door had made. Already, they knew what had happened. They, like Vanessa and me, had thought about the consequences of my friendship. I could hear their hushed whispers in the library, the only place they could discuss important matters. Like this.
    Sighing, I turned my envelope and letter over and over in my hands, rubbing the smooth white parchment, ********* the edges, touching the still slightly wet ink. I had ripped it open so fast I hadn’t noticed how fresh it was- like it had just been written. The envelope was still intact but the top was crushed from my eagerness. A part of me wished to go back to the moment before I opened the envelope, back when Vanessa and I were friends and could be to the end of time if we wanted to. But that tiny part of me was fighting a losing battle. Going back would just make us relive the terrible moment of reading the letters.
    I glanced at the School for Good and Evil seal, glinting in the light streaming from the window, still slightly wet like the fresh ink in the letter. There was no stamp, just a small drawing of a black swan in the upper right-hand corner. A black swan, for Evil.
    Groaning, I pulled out the suggested supply list:
    SUGGESTED SUPPLY LIST, it stated at the top in swooping cursive handwriting. Underneath was a list of items that Evil students would need for their time at the school:
    *Black Witch Hats
    *Black Capes
    *Bedding, if desired
    *Lizard legs
    *Standard crockery set
    And on and on, two pages worth of Evil items that students would need.
    Do I even have these things? This isn’t me, I thought in awe after reading a third page about choosing which crockery and cauldron set to bring. But I immediately realized that it WAS me, it WAS what I was meant for. That thought alone was enough to make me want to sink into the nook behind my bed, cradling my knees to my chest, and sulk for hours.
    But the letter had said be at the graveyard by 6, and the thought of a chance at a life outside of the stinky village I called home was a little tempting. And so, grudgingly, I pulled my big gray duffel bag out of the closet and began to pack the things on the list I did have.
    ***** (Vanessa’s POV)
    Still in the oak tree, I was sitting with my legs flat along the length of the branch, my back against the tree.
    How could this happen, I thought to myself. We are so similar!
    It was kind of true, actually, I realized; both of us did good deeds without intending to, we were known as smart and pretty, and we were very nice. Exhaling deeply, I slipped off the tree, hit the ground strong with both feet, and ran home.
    I didn’t feel like talking about it, so I just handed my parents the letter, took out the suggested supply list, and went to my room. I knew it was rude, but both of them probably already knew what happened. What else could make me that upset? I felt like slamming the wooden door to my room, but I gently closed it instead and sat on my bed. Eyes stinging, another tear slid down my cheek. I immediately wiped it away and plopped down onto my lavender carpet. For some reason, I still didn’t know what to think.
    My watch said 4:37, so I took my light purple and white striped duffel bag out of my closet and set it on the floor. The supply list, which I had tossed onto the carpet by my bed, read:
    ******* soaps and cleansers
    *Capes, for the colder months
    *Decorations, for dorm rooms
    And so on, for three pages.
    It could be worse, Vanessa thought. I can’t imagine what the Evil supply list says…. Immediately, she hung her head, knowing that her friend was finding out right this minute what horrid supplies she has to take. Secretly wishing to use my powers to find out what Emma is thinking, I began to pack my bag.

    Chapter 5- Vanessa’s POV
    There we stood, my best friend and I, ready to split up. She was about to head to the graveyard, and I, the church. We didn’t know what to say, think, or do. And you can believe that it is very awkward.
    We’ve never had this problem before. I’d known Emma for seven years, and we could always find something to talk about. Emma turned to me, and I opened my mouth to say something, but she dropped her duffel bag on the cobbled path and tackled me in a strong hug.
    “We’ll still see each other. At the Welcoming, at Lunch…in a lot of places. So don’t worry, okay?” She muttered quickly.
    “Alright. Okay.” I sniffled and checked my watch to distract myself. The time is 5:38, so I turned back to Emma. “It’ll be ok. You know what? I think we’re actually stressing too much about this.”
    “We’ll manage. We’ll probably have wrinkles by the time we graduate if this continues, but we’ll manage. Even if you have to marry some ghastly prince and I have to kill a dozen maidens when we graduate and go into the forest, we’ll manage. Let’s just hope that we won’t be enemies.”
    “Of course we won’t be enemies,” I said.
    “You never know.” I could tell the words came from Emma’s mouth before she could think. Cringing, she changed the subject. “Wait…what did your parents say when you told them?”
    “They said they were happy that I had received a letter. When I told them that you were going to Evil, they were shocked and a bit upset. They offered to walk me to the church, too, but I declined.”
    “Mine were pretty much the same,” Emma said. “Anyway, we better go. See you there.”
    By “there”, she meant the fateful school.
    “Goodbye!” I told her as she headed off. I watch her go for a second, and then I headed off towards the church, the opposite way.
    Our town’s church is a modest white building, still gleaming even though it was built at least 30 years ago. The belfry’s top is shaped into a magnificent golden cross. Rumors say the pastor buys a gallon of specialty cleanser from gnomes 18 towns over to keep the church clean. Anyway, everyone in town loved the church. I just couldn’t bring myself to even look at it, so I kept my eyes trained on my heels.
    I was wearing one of my favorite dresses; the arms of the dress were light pink, and the shoulders and back had a lavender lace design. The bodice and skirt were the same light pink as the arms, complimented by the skirt’s lavender lacy hem and a thin lavender belt around my waist. My heels were white and lilac, I was wearing simple white tights, and I was a lavender necklace with a pendent in the shape of a butterfly hung around my neck. My blonde hair was pulled back in a braid. The duffle bag I carried was full of similar dresses, jewelry, and shoes. I had no idea what Emma’s was full of, and the thought of an Evil supply list again filled my thoughts.
    It was a moment after the church came into view that I actually came to its large doors, the church was situated on a slight hill to which a paved path of stairs led.
    At the church, I met a group of fairies. They were flitting around busily, and probably didn’t pay me any attention as I sat down in a pew. There were only several other future Good students there, and it was only 5:47, so I opened a book of prayers. I prayed that Emma and I would be alright at our separate Schools, and that we wouldn’t graduate as plants or animals, and that, once we graduated and married someone, we’d find our way back to each other and become friends again, like how Emma’s and my parents were friends. While I sat thinking, wishing, praying, Emma was probably striding up the hill toward the graveyard, anticipating her arrival at the School for Evil…
    *****Emma’s P.O.V.:
    As soon as I walked a few miles, I turned and watched Vanessa walk towards the village church. I know I probably made a big deal out of it, but Vanessa is like a sister to me. We are both only children, and we both wanted a sister before we met. I was pretty sure that if we told anyone that we were related, they would believe us. At least, that was before. After four years of our separate schools, no one would even think we were ever friends. It was sad to think about.
    The graveyard in town was a mossy, rustic affair. It was rather large, 3 miles long and 3 miles wide, and everyone who had died within 30 years was likely buried there. Iron gates divided family lots and sections from each other, and moss grew on tombs and tombstones, statues and towers, everywhere. Paths led from tomb to tomb, crisscrossing over the entire graveyard. The letter didn’t specify where the future Evil students were supposed to meet, but as there was only one large and central area where many people could gather, I made my way to the middle of the graveyard. It was quite a long walk, so I focused instead on other matters. Because I didn’t want to think about Vanessa and the School for Good and Evil, I chose to think about my outfit.
    When I dressed, I had decided to make a joke out of the occasion and wore the most wicked-looking things in my closet: a pair of black skinny jeans, an oversized black sweater embedded with sparkly red threads, and red sneakers. My mom had braided my hair into a French braid, and I wore a spiky black headband that I had bought at the market a few weeks ago for Halloween.
    My duffle bag dangled against my body on its thick strap, full to almost bursting. When I had shown my parents the supply lists, they had frowned at the items and rushed to the market. Because of the haste in which the items were purchased, my bag was full of items similar to my current outfit, a small cauldron and vials of potion ingredients, Evil books about everything, witch hats and cloaks, bedding, and more. The items themselves scared me; I had no idea what I would most of it for.
    I had no time to ponder, though, because I had reached the middle of the graveyard. There was practically nobody there, except for a couple of burly wolves comparing their muscles. I plopped down onto a cracked stone bench under a tree and brushed the bench clear of autumn leaves.
    In the time it took for the other almost Evil students, I thought of stories from my childhood. There’s a funny story that I really liked. It was from Vanessa’s childhood, and it happened when she was seven. We were already friends, but I was sick (I had a cold), so I wasn’t there to witness it firsthand. That day, Vanessa discovered she had water powers.
    There was a boy called Noah in our school. He had moved from Maidenvale, I think. Of course, the first time he saw Vanessa, he liked her. One day, Vanessa wore a red cloak (imagine Little Red Riding Hood) because the class was going on a field trip to a little portion of the woods that was really, really beautiful. I had already been there before with Vanessa, but nobody else in the class had. Noah had stolen Vanessa’s red cloak and was trying to make her chase him, but Vanessa ended up stealing her cloak back and getting chased by Noah. Unbeknownst to the class, there was a small creek disguised under bushes, leaves, and rocks. Noah was just catching up to Vanessa, the whole class laughing and cheering, the teachers trying to quiet the group down, when they reached the creek. Vanessa knew it was there, so she quickly jumped over it. Noah stepped in it, and Vanessa tripped on a rock. She waved her arms and regained her balance, but, when she waved her arms, the water in the creek rose up and completely covered Noah. He was soaked! And that wasn’t the only thing- around Noah’s feet, the water solidified into ice. He couldn’t step out or go anywhere until Vanessa touched the ice and it unfroze. After that incident, everyone knew that Vanessa had water powers, and Noah moved back to Maidenvale. Nobody underestimates Vanessa now!
    While I remembered the story, people had arrived. Before I could think of anything else, the big clock tower in the distance chimed six times, and the gruff wolves began to speak.
    Chapter 6 – Emma’s P.O.V.
    I didn’t trust my ears when I heard the wolves speak. Evil was so… evil. And so was the way we were going to get to the School. Apparently, we were going by stymph.
    “We have brought 14 stymphs. There are quite a lot of Evil students this year,” one silver-furred wolf mused. “A lot more than back in my day, indeed.”
    “When exactly was ‘your day’?’ asked a short, plump boy in the back. Just as the angry silver wolf was about to answer, a brown-furred, taller wolf brought forth the stymphs- big, mean-looking birds made entirely of bones. The stymphs shook their heads coyly and crept forward. For a moment, I wondered how the bony birds would be able to fly.
    “Well, get on, then!” the first wolf grumbled, momentarily distracted from his anger.
    Snickering, a third wolf said, “Or do you expect us to help you?”
    A small boy with red hair and freckles walked up to the front. He must have been older than me, because I didn’t recognize him. He looked shy, but when he reached the stymphs, his hesitation disappeared. The stymph grabbed him and took flight, opening large, bony wings when it took to the air. The ginger boy must have thought himself a leader, but I was a leader too.
    I felt a sudden bout of competitive energy, and I sprinted to the front, halting near a stymph. The stymph grabbed my shoulders and flew upward. The red-haired boy was little more than a large dot in the distance by now. The view from that far up was actually pretty beautiful; I could see all the way to the neighboring village’s clock tower. I was suddenly very glad for my French braid, or my hair would have been flying every which way on the wind.
    I heard snickering and an odd screech below me, and I turned to see a shy kid try to mount a stymph that was screeching loudly. I chuckled softly as the gray wolf had to lift the kid onto the stymph; I caught sight of a pristine white church in the distance. Reminded of that evening’s events, I wished good luck for my bestie.
    Vanessa’s P.O.V.
    When the clock had struck 6 p.m., several teens and pre-teens had already arrived. There were only seven of us in all, so at first I wasn’t sure if everyone who received a letter was there. Then I remembered that there were other students in different villages and towns, so it was perfectly normal if there were only a couple of kids from my town.
    At precisely 6:01, when the clock tower had stopped chiming, the fairies started to tell us about our method of transportation. I caught the words “Flowerground” and “Arborea Line,” but I wasn’t really listening because I saw a figure that looked suspiciously like Emma flying in the sky, followed by other kids, all held by what looked like large birds.
    “Miss? Little girl? Are you paying attention?” A fairy with delicate purple wings asked me.
    I looked away from the church stained glass window and saw everyone looking at me.
    “Hi!” I waved, and they all turned back towards the fairies. To the fairy, who hadn’t moved, I added, “And yes, I am paying attention.”
    “Great!” The fairy resumed her speech. “As I was saying, we will open the door to the Flowerground very soon. Please prepare your passes for inspection; they are in your envelopes.”
    I didn’t remember seeing any type of pass in my envelope, but as I searched, I discovered a small golden slip with my name written on it in calligraphy.
    “Ah, here’s the conductor!” The fairy, who had finished her speech and had moved to a corner of the room, exclaimed.
    A caterpillar popped out of a decorative pumpkin that stood in the corner. Everyone stood up, and we walked to form a group around the pumpkin. As the caterpillar rattled off a list of rules like “no swinging” and “no sneezing” in an increasingly crabby voice, I studied the fairies.
    They were all beautiful, tiny things with iridescent wings. There were boys and girls, all with pointy ears and small feet. As soon as the caterpillar started asking the soon-to-be Good students for tickets, the fairies disappeared, probably going to the School for Good to prepare to receive the new students. That’s when I realized that the conductor was talking to me, and I turned eagerly.
    “Yes, that’s me! Of course I have my ticket!” I said, smiling sheepishly. The conductor frowned at my excitement.
    “Don’t break a leg,” he said, taking my ticket and vanishing for a moment after beckoning me to come into the pumpkin.
    As I stepped into the small pumpkin and boarded the Arborea line, vines formed a harness around me, and whisked me off along the light green Line. I received a treat of cucumber juice and a pistachio muffin from a pair of cheerful parakeets who had been flitting about, tending to the other students.
    The conductor inside the tree trunk that made the Arborea Line called out “Next stop, School for Good.” The conductor inside the nearby Line called out “Next stop, Maidenvale.” All around, there were woman and men dangling from vine straps. It was curious, but oddly enchanting.
    After a moment, I sighed and relaxed for the first time that day. Because from what I’d seen, Good was good for me. I just hoped the same for Emma in her new School.

        ivypool2005 replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        *gasp* YOU’RE ALIVE
        Now comes the obligatory “POV for the Zodiac, please.”
        POV for the Zodiac, please.

          nadea replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Gladly!! There’s some sort of glitch with my notifications, in which I don’t get tags, and I haven’t really had time to go through Level One in search of Zodiac chapters. But I will. 😀
          Expect a chapter soon.
          And, if you did read this story, what did you think?

        ameliatheforever replied 1 year, 5 months ago

        All righty , my advice is though , which era is this , you make it sound like a 2018 america , no offence , but otherwise , this was the longest thing i have ver read in my life , well written , how long did you take to write this by the way ?

          nadea replied 1 year, 5 months ago

          Yeah… This was written in 2017, and I was pretty bad at writing in other centuries. I think last year I actually wrote all 5/6 chapters in one day… it was my “Turkey Day” special or something?
          Thank you for taking the time to give constructive criticism!!

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        Hey, just wondering if anyone has been active in our little group. lol :)))

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