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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 5 months ago

    Chapter 1:
    Laurie glared at everyone. She frowned and stomped her black heeled boots. When she finally looked over at Emily, it was with a smirk.
    “Why do you think you’re the only one that’s going to the School for Evil? A lot of kids are chosen every year, face it! Last year, eight children were sent to the School from this town alone!” Laurie stated.
    “Well, even if you’re SOMEHOW accepted, I doubt you’ll make a good villain,” Emily said with a sniff. “I heard Liam say that you were giving candy to babies and doing good deeds all across town.”
    “Liam? You trust him? As if ANYONE really did ANYTHING that he spreads stories about,” Laurie retorted, swirling a strand of her shoulder- length brown hair before letting it fall to her shoulder.
    “Well, I think he is NOT lying. I think that Evil doesn’t have time to waste on you, a girl who does good deeds and gets perfect grades on her homework.” Emily mocked Laurie eagerly raising her hand in class, and Laurie’s face flushed.
    “You wouldn’t know EVIL if it jumped into your rusty cauldron and asked to be turned into a frog!”
    “You would rather go to Good!”
    “You only want to go to Evil because you’re horrible here, and there, no one will know you!”
    At this, Emily gasped. “This,” she said, signaling between herself and Laurie,” Argument. Is over.” She cast one more angry glare at Laurie, then stormed away.
    “Good riddance,” Laurie muttered. Nearby, Liam sidled up to Laurie.
    “Drama,” he said, pronouncing the ‘r’ as a ‘w’.
    “Oh, SHUT UP, Liam,” Laurie said, and walked angrily to her home. Why was everyone so difficult in this town? It will be much easier when I’m at the School for Evil, Laurie thought to herself.

    The next day, everyone was waiting eagerly for the choices to be made. Even though nobody had headed to the Forest where the new students would be chosen, everyone was already wondering who would be accepted into the School for Evil. And even though Lauri desperately wanted to get into the School, she really couldn’t care less what happened that day. To be honest, Laurie didn’t even know what to expect. All she knew was that her bags needed to be packed and ready before heading off, and, if she was chosen, she would not be back to the village. There was something about stymphs, too, but Laurie didn’t know if it was exactly true because Liam was the one who told her about them, and he was known for his tall tales.
    Precisely one hour later, Laurie stood with her mother and father, holding her duffel bag nervously and occasionally swinging it across herself. Everyone was waiting for everyone else to get ready, and there was still time before they left.
    “Don’t do that! Your bag will break and you’ll have to carry all your stuff!” Laurie’s mother exclaimed. It was true that Laurie’s mother had once been Evil, but, over the years, she became nicer and more friendly. The same went for Laurie’s father. As Laurie had once thought, her family had to be the most Good of all Evil families.
    “Ok,” Laurie sheepishly mumbled and put the bag calmly over her shoulder.
    “Now, you’re positive that you have all four volumes of The Arts of Evilness? You remember, the books your mother and I bought you for school? ” her dad asked.
    As Laurie breathed heavily and answered that she had not forgotten any of her books, nor her notes, nor her witch gear, nor her Anti-Ever Repellant (seriously, if there ever were very overprotective parents, Laurie’s could give them a run for their money), she suddenly felt very nervous. Her feelings of disregard for the occasion, the weird ‘don’t care’ feelings Laurie had experienced before packing, had all disappeared. Instead, Laurie was finally actually looking forward to something. She did not remember a time when she had been this nervous, her palms this sweaty, her heart racing like a stymph, and her cheeks bright red, contrasting awkwardly with her bright blue eyes. She thought that day would go great, no matter what happened or who was picked. She expected a peaceful choosing, where a handful of children were picked and the rest waited until another opportunity came. She believed that would happen, until Liam sidled up to her again.
    “You know these things always turn out to be pretty hectic, right? ALWAYS. Wouldn’t want you disappointed or anything, seeing as you only just turned 12, and this is going to be your first trip to the Forest,” Liam stated, and, without waiting for an answer, he walked off, probably going to bother a different girl.
    Yep, Laurie’s expectations were a bit high. However, what happened later was definitely not what Laurie had expected. Definitely.

        tarte replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        This story is so good! You have excellent dialogue and details! Amazing first chapter…loved it!

          nadea replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Thank you so much! Also, any and all constructive criticism on future chapters will be appreciated as well. Thank you for taking time to comment!

        nadea replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        Character bio:
        Name: Laurie
        Age: 12
        Gender: Female
        Appearance: shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, some freckles
        Good/Evil: Evil
        Personality: Laurie can be nice if she wants to, but is mainly Evil, and passionate about being Evil. **She can and will fight bullies with words/kindness, but not physical force**
        Flaws: Laurie is Evil, but many kids make fun of her for being a know-it-all and a bookworm


        smartcleverbunny560 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        Nice job!! Please tag me!!

        popozozo123 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        So great!!! I want to see more!

        thehplayer replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        This chapter is so cool! Awesome job! I love how much adventure there is in this story I am going to wait for more! 🙂

        cataline replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        So good!

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