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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 11 months ago

    Warning: It’s a looooong POV.
    Sienna’s POV-
    It was a dreary, dark, cold night. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the wind howling outside my window, maybe the thought of the trial by tale in only a couple of weeks, maybe the image of Lola’s face, tears streaming down, onto her chin, maybe it was something else. But whatever it was, it got me up, out of my bed and sitting on my window seat, hugging my knees.
    I looked out the window, feeling lonelier than ever. It was only then that I noticed a gleam of light in the middle of the lake. It was only then that I noticed that Lola’s bed was empty.
    Instantly, I was overcome with movement. I ran into my closet in the dark and came out 3 minutes later, dressed in black leggings, a black skirt, and a black shirt. Anything instead of a yellow nightie.
    Quickly I streamed out of my dorm and outside the School, heading to a place I had never been before. The School for Evil. The Doom Room.
    On the bridge between schools, I broke into a run. Bam! an invisible barrier prevented me from going through. I was shot backwards into the night, and I nearly careened off of the edge.
    I slowly stood back up and carefully advanced. A girl that looked like me appeared.
    “Good with Good, Evil with Evil,” she sang. “Back to your tower, before there’s upheaval.”
    “I need to get through!”
    “Good with Good, Evil with Evil,” she sang again. This time I tuned her out and waited impatiently.
    “How do you know I’m not Evil?”
    “You don’t look it.”
    I made a grotesque face. “Now how do you know I’m not Evil?”
    “You don’t act it.”
    I kicked out at the barrier and did my best to think evilly. “Now how do you know I’m not Evil?”
    My reflection thought for a while, stumped. I leaned in mischievously.
    “You don’t,” I whispered. My reflection promptly disappeared, and I stepped through the barrier.
    I broke into a sprint, trying to find the path towards the Doom Room. It was hard in the dark, sprinting among corridors, past snoring Nevers, and finding the right hallway.
    Finally I did find the right hallway, and turned abruptly. And I ran. Right. Smack. Into. A. Pirate.
    She cackled, and I recoiled at her stinky teeth.
    “Another one,” she laughed. “Just what we needed.”
    “G-get away from me!’ I said, frightened.
    “W-w-w-why?” she laughed, mimicking me. She took a step closer and pushed a fat finger in my face. “You’re coming with me missy.”
    “I r-really don’t think so,” I shivered. Why was it so cold all of a sudden?
    “Oh, but I think so,” the pirate said, grabbing my arm. I tugged on my arm, but her grip held fast. My mind went strangely clear. What in the world was happening?
    “I don’t believe it matters what you think right now,” I said. The pirate scowled and opened her grimy mouth, but I didn’t hear her reply. Her entire body was frozen, her mouth open in a solid O.
    I didn’t have time to wonder about what I had just done. I crept carefully towards the Doom Room. This time, I knew what to do.
    There was a pirate guarding the entrance to the Room. When he wasn’t looking, I slid by him and touched his leg. He made to turn around, but it was too late. He was already frozen.
    I knew better than to open the door to the Doom Room. So I carefully reached my hand into the air vent beneath myself, removed the grate, and slid in. Then I slid the grate back on top and inched forward. I was lucky that I was small.
    I crawled forward in the vent until I saw another grate above me. I turned onto my back and faced it, looking out between the cracks. I didn’t want anyone to see me, so I only risked looking out every few minutes.
    I could see Lola, shivering in the corner. There was a figure in a different corner that I recognized as King Charming. And there were at least 5 pirates in the room.
    Hssssssssss. I heard a sound behind my head that sounded like gas escaping a tank. I swiveled my head around and turned onto my stomach.
    I was eye to eye with a snake- a snake with gleaming fangs, scarlet eyes, and glistening scales. I stuck out a finger.
    Just as the snake bit down, it froze to ice.
    I was shivering so hard, my teeth chattering. I was about to push the snake down back down the vent, until I got an idea.
    A few minutes later, I carefully inched the grate above me a few centimeters, enough to push the snake through. Then I moved the grate back and moved ahead into the vent.
    At once, I heard cries of panic from the pirates. “Get it out, get rid of it,” someone cried. “I can’t! It’s cold as ice!” yelled someone else.
    I was hoping to create enough distraction to stall the pirates for what I was about to do next.
    I stuck my hand out of the grate and visualized the lakes back in Maidenvale. Come on, come on! It had worked once before, why wouldn’t it now?
    All of a sudden, a wave of water issued from my hand, enraging the already screaming pirates. Everyone gasped for air, the pirates floating to keep their heads above the water. I floated out from the vent and into the room. The water was above 6 feet, and everyone was floating.
    Wait a second- where was Lola?
    The water was cleaning ****** axes, chains, and manacles that were hanging on the walls. All of a sudden I spotted her. Lola was trying to get free from her handcuffs. She was handcuffed to the wall, trying to yell but her gag was muffling her words.
    I dove under the water and swam, swam and reached out to grab her handcuffs. Lola was struggling to get free and trying to hold her breath. I froze her handcuffs and Lola bashed them to pieces with her shoe before she swam free, up to the top of the room, up to the safety of her dad.
    I swam up to the top, too, but only for another breath before I dunked below the surface to open the door. Locked.
    Open, come on!I swam back up to the surface, then down again through the freezing water to open the door. It was frozen shut. I kicked at it, kicking with all the might in my small body, until it opened a crack and I pushed it the rest of the way.
    The water cascaded out, everyone wet, and we fell onto the barely unfrozen pirates that I had frozen before. I wasn’t in the mood to fight- my body was sore and ached all over.
    Now I saw who had been in the room: 6 pirates, Lola, King Charming, and Peony. PEONY!!!
    “I knew there was something suspicious about you!” I screamed. I was just turning around when I spotted Skylar with a dozen armed and ready Everboys. “Skylar!” I yelled.
    And then I promptly fainted.

        pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Amazing! I love it!!

          nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Thank you! There was so much going on in this POV, but now everything is better with Lola’s dad and we can move on to worrying about something else: the Trial by Tale.

          pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Yes, the Trial!! Finally!!!

        impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 11 months ago


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