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    Orientation (Kristina’s 2nd POV)-
    When I first woke up, for the first time in who knows how many days, a demigod was feeding me pudding. She had long curly blonde hair, and I didn’t recognize her. The pudding tasted like fresh popcorn, like at the cinema my friend worked at. I started to feel homesick and lonely, but I fell asleep again.
    The next time, I was out on the porch of a big farmhouse, with absolutely no memory of moving there. Matthew was standing next to me, looking out over strawberry fields and forest. There was a tall drink next to me, which was a relief because my mouth was dry and my body ached all over. I had the most peculiar feeling, it was like I wanted to drink, but was too tired to reach for it.
    Finally I did, my unsteady hand gripping the glass. I placed the straw in my mouth and drank some. It tasted like iced orange juice, which was my all-time favorite.
    When I had drained the glass, my hands didn’t wobble as I put the glass back onto the table. I felt good, better, and I wasn’t sore anymore. That was when I fully realized that Matthew was standing next to me.
    “Matthew!” I called. He spun around to look at me, his brown, curly hair ruffling in the wind. I had known him ever since I had moved to his school. “Where are Lunette and Maralbee?”
    Matthew stiffened, his head hung, and he sighed. He looked more sad than ever before. He stomped a foot.
    “They were wounded. Very badly. Maralbee can’t walk yet, and Lunette broke both arms, not to mention….” His voice trailed off into silence. “Anyway, Chiron doesn’t know if they’ll survive.”
    “But-but they haveto live!” I said, indignant. Matthew didn’t answer me. “What about you?”
    “What about me?” he asked. “I’m pretty much a failure.”
    “You’re not a failure,” I said. “They haven’t- haven’t, you know…”
    “Died yet? Still, they’re injured and I only broke an arm, got my teeth knocked out, and chipped a horn,” Matthew said.
    “Are you okay?”
    “Yep. It’s been a week, and I’m all healed.”
    “A-a week? How? I fainted yesterday!”
    “You fainted on Monday, it’s Sunday. You were hurt, and it took time to heal, ‘specially with your broken leg.”
    “My leg was…broken? I thought it was just, you know, wounded.”
    “Well, if you’re alright now, Chiron would like to talk to you.”
    “Okay. Um, who’s Chiron?”
    “He’s, uh, I don’t know how to explain it. Just follow me.”
    Matthew started walking on the across the porch and I realized that it wrapped around the entire house, not just the back. I walked after Matthew, trying to keep up.
    At the front of the house, a man in a wheel chair was waiting. As we approached, he moved closer.
    “Ah, there you are. Come, follow me,” he said, and wheeled his chair into the open door of the farm house. I followed nervously, waiting for Matthew to come after me, but he didn’t move. Instead, he closed the door. I gulped.
    “You see, unless there are other circumstances, our new campers watch an orientation film,” Chiron was saying. We entered a room with a T.V.
    “Other circumstances?” I asked, waiting for Chiron to answer. Instead he clicked a button and a film began to play. Then he left the room, leaving me to wonder what exactly was in the film.
    The film was short, around 10 minutes, and basically explained that the Greek gods were real. The camp (called Camp Half-Blood) was for demigods. Demigods, or half-bloods, were the children of a Greek god and a mortal parent. It also explained Western Civilization and how the gods were in America. The video went over the cabins, camp rules, etc.
    Of course, it was very hard to believe. Why only Greek gods? Why not Roman, Egyptian, etc.? But in the end, I believed the video and I believed Chiron. And I believed my own eyes: I had seen a hellhound attack Lunette, Matthew, Maralbee, and me.
    When I came back outside, Matthew was playing pinochle with Chiron and a third man whom I had never met before. Chiron introduced him as Mr. D, but Mr. D barely grunted.
    “I’m Kristina,” I told Mr. D.
    “Annabeth!” called Chiron to the curly-haired girl who had fed me pudding. Annabeth came over to Chiron. “Please give Kristina a tour of the Camp, and introduce her to her cabin.”
    “Cabin eleven,” grunted Mr. D.
    Annabeth nodded at Chiron and Mr. D and smiled at me. I smiled back.
    “Come on,” Annabeth said, leading me down a hill and towards the center of the Camp. As we passed buildings, Annabeth described them.
    “That’s the armory; you can get fitted for armor there. Look at the Grecian columns, there. The buildings here have some of the best architecture I’ve seen.”
    “Okay,” I said, because there was practically nothing else. I was still in awe about everything.
    “That’s the arena, where you’ll actually practice your sword fighting skills. You’ll also have battles and take lessons.”
    “Greeaat,” I said, dragging out the word. Annabeth noticed.
    “What, are you nervous?” she asked, a smile playing on her face.
    “About what? The sword fighting part or the battling-other-campers part?”
    Annabeth laughed but said nothing. Finally we came to the cabins. As Annabeth passed the cabins, she also described them to me, pointing out everything from the history to the architecture of each cabin.
    “Which cabin are you in?” I asked Annabeth.
    “Athena,” she said simply. I could tell that she was proud.
    “And-And what cabin am I in?”
    “Cabin 11. Hermes, for now.”
    “So…I’m a daughter of Hermes?”
    “You’re undetermined.”
    We stopped in front of Cabin #11. It had a caduceus over the door, and its brown paint was peeling.
    “Welcome home,” Annabeth said as she stepped onto the threshold and opened the door. Inside were a few old bunk beds and too many kids. There were kids sitting on the beds, but also kids all over the floor.
    “That’s your spot of floor, right over there,” someone said. I walked carefully over.
    “Do I get a sleeping bag?” I asked.
    “Here, new girl,” someone else said, throwing a sleeping bag into my arms. I set it down in the area of space that was mine from now on.
    I sighed.
    This was home, I guess. Home sweet home.

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        nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Really? 🙁 That’s HORRIBLE!!!! Did you save it in a Google Docs before posting? Is it still available on your report card?

        catsforlife replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Nice job!

        sandstorm665 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Sweet! When is my man AJ coming into the picture? I need to know for his bio!

          nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Um. Well it has to be after Kristina learns she is a daughter of Demeter. I’d say in my 4th POV.

        graceannemarie replied 1 year, 11 months ago


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