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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 11 months ago

    Ciao, amici! I have another POV for you!
    ***************Side Effects*****************
    When I woke up from my faint, Liam and Peter, along with their Everboy friends, had ******* the pirates I had frozen. Some of the pirates were struggling, already unfrozen, but most were still unmoving. As I blinked carefully and came to, I realized that I was lying against the cold stone floor of the corridor outside the Doom Room. Lola was next to me, and we both had blankets wrapped around our shoulders. She seemed okay except for a few shudders here and there. Peony was across the corridor from me, but she looked so small and sad lying there with her eyes closed, a black, grungy blanket wrapped around her body, that I immediately regretted screaming at her earlier. I had been weary and tired, and was really quite sick of the danger that Lola’s family had been in. There was an Everboy next to me, and he was keeping watch over me, Lola, and Peony. I looked up at him.
    He had tan skin, dark, slightly curly hair, and a cute half-smile. His eyes were brown.
    “Who are you?” I asked him.
    “My name’s Constantine, son of the Frog Prince. I’m in your Good Deeds class, remember?”
    My face reddened. I had recognized Constantine, but I hadn’t known his name before.
    “Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m Sienna, Belle’s daughter,” I said, laughing a little bit at myself.
    “You’re fine, Sienna,” said Constantine, and he looked back at the other Everboys, who were looking after the pirates or talking to a furious Dean Dovey. I was too tired to listen to anything the Dean was saying.
    “Hey…what happened?” I asked Constantine when he looked back at me. “How’d you know to come here and bring Dean Dovey?”
    “Oh, thank Skylar. Apparently she woke up in the middle of the night because something was wrong. The window was open and you and Lola were not in your beds. She found the Dean, who woke us to help fight against the pirates.”
    “Oh, that was me, who opened the window… oops, but it turned out all right, didn’t it?”
    “Yeah, it did.” Constantine laughed and I smiled.
    After about two hours, Dean Dovey got things settled with the pirates, who were to leave for Netherland right away, escorted by Netherland authorities once the pirates were outside the School’s gates. Finally, the Dean came to me and Lola.
    “It’s been all figured out. I am very disappointed in you, Sienna. What were you thinking, going to the Doom Room by yourself? Sneaking into Evil?”
    I was close to tears. I opened my mouth to reply but didn’t say anything. I lowered my head, my braid falling over my shoulder. Dean Dovey and Constantine noticed.
    “She just wanted what was best for her friend,” Constantine said, looking at me intently.
    “Constantine, this does not concern you. I suggest you go join the Everboys keeping watch over the pirates. Sienna, I’m sorry if I upset you, but you should have come to me in the first place. It happened to work out this time, but what if something had gone wrong? What if you had been killed?” Dean Dovey said, her mouth a straight line. Constantine looked at me a last time and went to join Liam and Peter.
    “Lola and her dad were being tortured!” I said. Dean Dovey did not reply for a while.
    “You still acted in an unsafe way. Even though I must congratulate you for your powers, you will be cleaning plates after dinner for three days. I hope that you do not act impulsively like this again.”
    Dean Dovey moved on to talk to Lola. I bowed my head, trying not to start crying. I had done the right thing, but I was still being punished. I had never gotten in trouble before.
    Lady Lesso arrived about an hour after the incident and was relentlessly talking to Peony. I didn’t know what the whole thing was about… wasn’t Peony Good? A couple hours before 4 in the morning, Dean Dovey told me that I could go ahead and go back to my dorm. Lola and I were wet from head to toe, but at least we were more or less warm thanks to the blankets.
    As soon as we got back to Good, Lola headed to one bathroom and I headed to a different one. I threw a chamomile bath bomb somewhat haphazardly into the tub. I was so… confused, mainly. I didn’t understand why this was happening to me. What had I done wrong, other than acting on instinct? I rolled my head back, closed my eyes, let the water and the chamomile and lavender oil sooth my stress.
    I squeezed water out of my hair and wrapped it in a towel; I also put on a pink, fluffy bathrobe and slippers. I exfoliated my skin with a salt scrub that I had made in Beautification class. Then, I examined my face in the mirror before applying a pore-reducing egg foam face mask. When I had washed the mask off, I applied a honey mask. (I love, love, love face masks.) To complete a routine, I: (1) rubbed in a sweet-smelling face scrub, (2) washed my face with a thick, sweet-smelling ****** cleansing gel that was made from flowers and lavender, drank a refreshing cucumber juice smoothie, and (4) smoothed on a sweet lemon moisturizer.
    Normally, I didn’t have quite such an extensive routine(my favorite routine was just some beetroot cream for any blemishes, an oatmeal and honey mask, lemonwood ****** wash, and a moisturizer made from juice of birch tree) , but this time was different.
    After all, saving the world had side effects (Just kidding, it’s not like I saved the world!)!
    At lunchtime, Lola invited me over to her table. I had been sitting by myself, closing my eyes and almost falling asleep against my favorite birch tree (they’re my favorite tree), but I decided to go over. All Lola’s friends wanted to know what had happened, from my perspective.
    I explained everything, from the moment I had woken up to find Lola gone to the moment where I crawled through the vents to the moment where I was practically suffocating as I struggled to push the frozen Doom Room door open. When I fainted at the end, Lola’s friends went crazy, clapping and cheering. It felt strangely amazing, like those times when I had finished dancing the lead role and the entire audience was standing and clapping. Even Lexi clapped, Phil beside her.
    In History of Heroism class, we had a couple of minutes before class to read or talk with our friends. Peter had sat next to me, Lana on my other side, and I could tell that Peter had something on his mind. Nevertheless, I talked to Lana until Peter tapped on my shoulder.
    “Sienna? There’s something that-that’s been troubling me lately,” he said, worry in his eyes.
    “Is it something about Peony?” I asked him, and instantly gasped. Peter frowned.
    “How’d you know? Anyway, yes, it’s about Peony. I think you’re the only one who can help. You’re a girl.”
    “I’m not the only girl in the world, Peter,” I said, sharper than I meant to. Instantly, my face softened. “I meant…there’re plenty of girls in this school.”
    “But you notice things, like I said. And I really, really want to know- how did you know there was something… weird… about Peony?”
    I reddened. He had heard me. Yesterday, I had screamed at Peony and everyone had heard.
    “I, uh, I just said that be-because, erm, she was there. With Lola and her dad and all those pirates in the Doom Room. And she had been acting so suspicious before, like she was nervous to talk to me or any of the other Evergirls. She even looked nervous when she looked over at the Nevers at lunch, you know,” I rambled very fast. “And, it was sort of a gut feeling,” I finished rather lamely.
    “Ooookay,” Peter said, dragging out the word uncertainly. “Well, thank you….”
    I sighed. Why had I noticed there was something about Peony?
    “Listen, Peter… I know you love her.” Peter spun around, his cheeks bright red.
    “Wha-what makes you say that?” he asked, staring at me. I sighed for the millionth time.
    “For Merlin’s sake, Peter! When you first came to me, looking for her, I could tell you were truly worried! You really, really cared about her! The next day, when you told me at breakfast that she hadn’t talked much to you, I could tell you were really upset and, yet, jealous of Liam, your good friend, because he had talked to her! I can tell that you love her, really, really much. It’s nothing to be ashamed about.”
    Peter didn’t reply for a long time. Finally, when he turned back to me, his face was pale.
    “Perhaps a better word is loved.”
    Phew, that’s it for this POV!!! SOO much happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed. I’m SOO sad that it looks like Peoter (Peony + Peter) us falling apart, so I’m working to fix it in my next POV. Hope you guys do the same.
    I’m already working on another POV, so it is perfectly fine if y’all are too busy to write for a while. It’s all good as gold!!
    See ya next time!!

        impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        This is great!

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