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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 11 months ago

    This is just for really, really strange fun- I made a list of Sienna’s beauty routines.
    Oh, ‘cause she’s an Evergirl and beauty routines are an entire SUBJECT (Beautification), because a lot of times in POVs I don’t really elaborate on this, and because, ya know, it’s fun! (You can even make some for Peony or Lola or Skylar!)
    Fast Facts: Before any of these, Sienna brushes her teeth, hair, etc. These are afterwards.
    Go-To Morning Routine:
    1.) Apply small amounts of beetroot cream to any blemishes around the face. Wait 10-20 minutes for best effect. (Sienna reads, studies, etc. and drinks {usually} a cucumber juice smoothie)
    2.) Wash off beetroot cream.
    3.) Apply oatmeal and honey face mask evenly onto face. Wait 10-15 minutes for best result. (Sienna studies, reads, finishes her smoothie, etc.)
    4.) Wash off the mask.
    5.) Dampen face with some warm water.
    6.) Take a bottle cap-sized amount of foaming lemonwood face wash into hands; spread evenly on face; massage the foam into skin using a circular motion; rinse with lukewarm water; rinse again with cooler water and pat dry with a towel.
    7.) Apply dime-sized amount of lemon moisturizer on skin, pat dry.
    Go-To Night Care Routine:
    1.) Pour a generous amount of moisturizing make-up remover liquid (with cucumber extract!) onto a cotton ball. Rub this over eyes, mouth, etc. to remove make-up.
    2.) Place a small amount of lavender-scented cleanser onto a face-cleansing brush. Rub the brush over face in circular motions, foaming the cleanser, for about 5 minutes.
    3.) Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel.
    Stress-Relieving Night Routine:
    1.) Pour a generous amount of moisturizing make-up remover liquid (with chamomile and lavender) onto a cotton pad. Rub this gently over face.
    2.) Rub in a gentle ****** wash with vitamin E and green tea extract. Rinse with lukewarm water, then colder water, and pat dry.
    3.) Apply a small amount of stress-relieving essential oils to a cotton ball. Apply under nose and around temples.
    4.) Drink cucumber juice.
    Routine to Remove Huge Blemishes:
    1.) Remove make-up with any type of removing liquid.
    2.) Cleanse face with quick-acting thistle root cleanser to make pores smaller.
    3.) Apply quick-drying charcoal mask to face.
    4.) Remove charcoal mask. All blemishes have been removed from the sticky charcoal.
    Sienna has some other routines as well. If ya want me to tell y’all more (which probably no one wants ‘cause I’ve bored ya enough), then comment.
    Daily Make-up (only if required-she prefers to go without makeup on a daily basis.)
    1.) Peach, glittery eyeshadow
    2.) Clear mascara (only if special class, like if the history teacher has a prince/princess come and tell their story, etc.)
    3.) Moisturizer (sometimes tinted, only if special class)
    4.) Clear lip gloss, if it’s a special class, then peach-tinted
    5.) Clear nail polish, sometimes pink with white dots. When she’s feeling creative, the style varies.
    6.) Sparkly cream/moisturizer (it leaves her skin slightly sparkly)
    Make-up for a more important occasion:
    1.) Pink glitter eyeshadow
    2.) Clear mascara
    3.) Tinted moisturizer, but only if there are any very visible blemishes on skin
    4.) Pink-tinted lip gloss
    5.) Light blue nail polish with pink glitter
    6.) Sparkly cream/moisturizer
    Hope y’all enjoyed this fun bonus (although it might have been hard to sit through. This was fun to write but kinda boring to read, I admit…)
    Anyway, I’ll have another POV out soon. Probably tomorrow, honestly!!

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