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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 11 months ago


    On Parent Visit Day, I woke up later than usual. It took me a moment to remember that there were no classes. Lola had already left to get ready, but Skylar was still in her bed. I quickly hopped out of my bed and entered my walk-in closet.
    I took a wicker basket down from my top shelf and put my neatly folded pink uniform, white tights, a white undershirt, socks, and pink heels inside. I also added some fuzzy slippers and a robe.
    In a separate, smaller wicker basket, I packed a tube of dark pink beetroot cream, a jar of homemade oatmeal and honey face mask, a crystal jar of foaming lemonwood face wash, verbena moisturizer in a yellow tube, a crystal vial of perfume, a charcoal mask in a plastic package, and a few other beauty supplies.
    It was a special occasion, after all, and I wanted to look my best!

    I picked up my wicker baskets and took them to the Rose bathroom. Once inside, I found an open stall and set my wicker baskets on a small, sturdy shelf. I filled the tub and plopped a honey bath bomb inside, then gathered a bar of handmade honey soap and shampoo and conditioner for long hair.
    Before my bath, I brushed my teeth.
    When I was done with my bath, my skin smells like honey and my hair smells like flowers. I sat down on a small stool in front of a vanity mirror and placed my second wicker basket down on the countertop.
    First, I washed my face with only water and patted my face dry. Then, I squeezed sticky beetroot cream onto any blemishes. As I waited for the cream to dry, I drank a cucumber & strawberry smoothie that I had made yesterday. When the cream had dried, I washed it off. I applied my honey and oatmeal face mask, waited for it to dry while sipping my smoothie, and washed it off.
    I couldn’t see any blemishes on my skin, so I decided not to apply the charcoal mask. Instead I simply washed my face in circular motions with lemonwood face wash. Finally, I applied my verbena moisturizer and sprayed my neck with perfume.
    For my makeup, I put on a tiny bit of light pink, glittery eyeshadow. I applied clear mascara to my eyelashes, even though they are already very long. Then I smoothed slightly pink tinted lip gloss over my lips, and applied a cream to my neck that made my skin sparkle. Yesterday, I had done my nails. They were were a very light blue with pink sparkles, and looked absolutely beautiful.
    FInally, I did my hair. Seeing as I wasn’t very good at braiding my own hair, I did a simple hairstyle: A little braid at the side of the top of my head (secured with a rubber band), with the rest of my hair down.
    I twirled in the mirror. I looked like the dolls they sold in the toy shop in Maidenvale: hair wavy on my shoulders, eyes big and bright, skin smooth and without blemishes.
    I could hear other girls coming into the bathroom, and I didn’t want to take up a stall, so I quickly packed my supplies back into the wicker basket, took the baskets, and went back to my dorm.
    After a quick breakfast of porridge with apples and milk, parents began to arrive. I could see Lola’s dad, who was about the only one I recognized. Finally, I saw them. My parents.
    “Mom! Dad!” I yelled as I ran up to them.
    “Hello, sweetie!” my mom said as she grabbed me into a hug. Then she took something from behind her back: a gift basket wrapped in yellow wrapping paper. I took the basket.
    “What’s this?” I asked, not wanting to open the gift yet.
    “Some things to help you through all your years at this school.”
    “Oh, well, thank you so much!” I hugged my mom and my dad, and lead them through to the foyer.
    “We heard about your part in the Nutcracker,” my dad said, knowing how much I loved ballet. “We’re so proud of you, and excited to see you when you perform!”
    “Thanks! Hey, do you want to see my dorm? Or my classrooms and teachers?”
    “Sure,” my mother replied. I walked up the stairs.
    “So, here’s Beautification with Professor Anemone…”
    “Welcome!” Professor Anemone smiled as we came into the room. “Ah, yes, I remember you, Belle… always the top of the class, you were!”
    I thought faintly about how long ago my mom had been to the school while my mother engaged in a discussion with my teacher. My dad was looking around the classroom, examining rows and rows of makeup with a strange, oddly humorous look on his face.
    After Beautification, I led my parents to each of my classrooms. My dad perked up when we went to Good Deeds or HIstory of Heroism, presumably because those weren’t female classes.
    Finally, I took my parents to my dorm room. Lola and Skylar weren’t in the dorm, so I couldn’t introduce them. Instead, I just showed my parents my side of the room.
    Over the course of the day, I showed my parents all my classrooms and introduced them to my friends. At the end of the day, I settled happily on my bed.
    “That was so much fun, wasn’t it?” I said.
    “Yep,” Lola replied. Skylar nodded. I looked around the dorm and my gaze settled on the gift basket, still unopened. I took it carefully into my hands.
    As I pulled the yellow wrapping paper away, I gasped. Inside were a a pair of pale yellow pointe shoes, a yellow leotard, a yellow skirt, and a pair of yellow ballet shoes. There were also a few books: “An Evergirl’s Guide,” “The Nutcracker Through the Ages,” and more. At the very bottom was a tiny package, wrapped in blue. Attached was a note: ‘For the Eve of the Trial.’
    Whatever the tiny package was, I decided not to open it just yet, especially if the note said not to.
    Satisfied and thankful, I went back to bed.
    Somehow I didn’t see the green eyes staring at me from the Evil tower spires. And somehow I didn’t see a radiant smile accompanying those eyes.

        ivypool2005 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Cool! I like what you’re doing with your character, but the beauty routines are getting a little over-the-top. This one took more than half of the chapter. I find myself scrolling through because honestly, I’m not very interested. These routines are fun as long as you keep them short. I’m excited to see what happens next!

          nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Okay. Yeah… I kinda realized that like 5 minutes after I posted it, but I kind of wanted to do one to show exactly how special this occasion was. I mean, it’s the first time in 2 or 3 months in which Sienna sees her parents again.
          But I get it, and I totally understand. Thank you!! (I’m not gonna elaborate on the routines anymore)

        starsshinebright replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Wait, green eyes? Oh, this is gonna get really interesting

          starsshinebright replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Not that I know anyone with green eyes! And that is definitely not Peony cause she has blue.

        starsshinebright replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Also, does anyone want to come up with the school for evil’s top 10? I know Peony and James are in it, but who else?

        pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        This was really great! I frankly agree both with @nadea and @ivypool2005 since the routines are a bit much, but I think they are fine for special occasions. (I did it too 🙂 lol)

        impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Really good!

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