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    I decided to leave the Hermes cabin shortly after arriving. Annabeth had already swept off, her blonde hair swishing beside her, and I wanted to try out the sand volleyball court in the middle of the camp. Unfortunately, my dreams were delayed.
    “Hey, new girl!” someone shouted at me. “Come here!”
    I frowned a little, and stepped warily closer.
    “Want some soap?”
    “Why would I need soap?” I replied.
    “Uh, ya know, ‘cause it costs to buy it at the camp store,” a cracked voice said.
    “Well, no, thank you. I’ll pass for now,” I said, and stepped back out onto the threshold of the cabin. Before I shut the door, I heard a voice grumble.
    “Aw, come on! I wasted good itching powder on that soap!”
    I shuddered and walked to the sand volleyball court. There were already three kids on one side, so I joined the team on the other side, which had only two.
    “Finally! This is just what we need- another player!” a girl with short black hair said.
    “Say, who are you? How old are you?” A girl with curly red hair asked. She looked tougher than the others-stronger, and more sophisticated.
    “I’m Kristina. Kristina Ivanov. I’m new to this…camp. And I just turned 10 years old,” I said.
    “We’ve got a lot of ten year olds around her recently,” the curly-haired girl said.
    “Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” the black-haired girl said. She smiled at my frightened expression.
    “Come on, let’s go! Hope you can play Outsider, Kristina Ivanov!” the curly-haired girl said.
    “If this is anything like regular volleyball, you bet I can!” I said.
    “Don’t worry, that’s how we play it. I’m Carmen, by the way,” the curly-haired girl said, her red ponytail flying nearly into her face from wind. “And that’s Rosetta. She’s a daughter of Aphrodite; I’m a daughter of Ares. Oh, and that’s Penelope, Addy, and Carla,” Carmen said, gesturing towards the other side of the net. I nodded and Carmen moved back, behind a line that had been carved in the sand.
    She tossed the ball up and hit it hard with the palm of her hand; the ball soared far over the net. I moved to the left side of the court, at about the serve-receive position. I knew that it was our serve, but I think the game is different with less players.
    Penelope, a shorter girl with brown curls, hit the ball up. Addy, who I guess is the setter, set the ball to Carla swiftly with her hands. Carla spiked it at my face.
    Instantly, my nerves went into overdrive. I bumped the ball up, over to right front, the setter’s position. Rosetta moved to left front.
    “Thirty-two!” I yelled for Rosetta to set me. She did, right in front of me. I leaped forward. There wasn’t enough time to complete a full spike-approach, so I just swung my arms back and slowed them down as my hand got closer to the ball.
    “Tip!” screamed Addy as she sprang forward to block me. My right hand reaching high, the ball landed right behind her.
    “Good job!” yelled Rosetta to me.
    “Good work, Kristina,” said Carmen, and Addy, Penelope, and Carla clapped on the other side of the net. I beamed.
    After about an hour of bumping, setting, and spiking, our team was in the lead, 24-23 in the second part of the game. I had made several rather stupid mistakes, such as spiking the ball into the net or too far out-of-bounds on the other side, but it had still been very fun.
    Spectators were crowding around the court, watching avidly. I understood why- it was close to 6 p.m. and we were still going strong. It was finally my turn to serve again.
    I sighed as I picked up the ball and walked backwards. I could feel the grains of sand underneath my sneakers, and I could hear each of my shaky breaths.
    I wasn’t a good server. And this time, a much more important game was on the line. I held the ball in my left hand and straightened out my right arm. Then I took a step forward, swinging my right arm, connecting my hand with the ball. Underhand serves worked the best for me.
    The ball soared high and dropped near the front of the court on the other side of the net. The girls on that team had been expecting a deep serve, but Addy was able to stick out her platform and bump the ball.
    “Set’s out!” she screamed, moving backwards away from the ball. Penelope sprinted forward and bump-set the ball to Carla, who again spiked it close to me. I ****** out my platform and bumped the ball to Rosetta.
    “Two!” Carmen was screaming, waiting for Rosetta to set her. Instead Rosetta made eye contact with Carmen and me and winked. Time seemed to slow down as we were waiting for the set, but it sped up after Rosetta’s wink.
    She tipped the ball. Right over the top of the net, and it dropped onto the sand on the other side.
    “Wooh-hoo!!” I screamed, rushing up to pat Rosetta on the back. She grabbed me into a hug, Carmen joining us seconds later.
    “You did amazing!” everyone was screaming, but I couldn’t tell who they were talking to.
    I shook hands with Addy, Penelope, and Carla. Carla and Addy headed in the direction of the Hephaestus cabin; Penelope towards Athena; Rosetta towards Aphrodite; and Carmen towards Aries.
    “Hey, Kris?” Rosetta called, looking back at me when the others had left.
    “What?” I asked.
    “Can I call you that? Kris?”
    “Uh, sure.”
    “Okay! Oh, and that’s not what I was going to say.”
    “So what were you going to say?”
    “I just saw someone sneaking into the Hermes cabin from the direction of the woods. Take care out there!”
    Sure enough, when I opened the door to Hermes, a bucket of pine needles emptied onto my head.
    Great, I thought.
    As I went into the cabin, I made sure to smile at the other campers, to kill them with kindness.
    Of course, none of them noticed. They were too busy staring at the top of my head.

        pinkeleora08 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        YAY! This was good, By the way, everyone who is in this group, MY NICKNAME IS ELEVEN. Not Dot. 🙂

          nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Why is your nickname 11?

        pinkeleora08 replied 1 year, 11 months ago


        pinkeleora08 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        LOL, its ok.

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