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    nadea posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 10 months ago

    The Zodiac

    Okay, okay guys. I know what you’re probably thinking. Why am I writing another POV? I just wrote one! It’s @fairytalegirl123’s turn!
    I know, I know, I know. But I wanted to write another POV that would reveal the Capricorn side of the Gemini-Capricorn war that @undercoverbossbuddy wrote about in their latest POV…
    Anyway, here goes, and I hope y’all enjoy!! (You better enjoy this!! XD :P)

    Polina’s POV-

    The day had come. It had finally come, after my family had tried to avoid it for years. My dad was summoned once again to the battlefield.
    He had fought before, years ago, and of course everyone wanted Colonel Valentin back in a war. After the last war, he had left the Air Force. Now again, Capricorn and Gemini found themselves in the midst of a battle, and now again my dad was wanted.
    The fateful day came around my second week of school. I had already left for school, and the news apparently came at noon that day.
    “Two generals came to the door, dressed in a uniform and hat,” my mom explained to me after school. I had just came home and seen a duffel bag in the middle of the living room, my mom and dad sitting nearby in the leather armchairs. “It was lunchtime, and of course we invited them in. They came in, but declined any food. They stood in the entrance hall and gave the message,” my mom continued sadly.
    Here, my dad takes over. “They said that my train would be waiting for me at 1100 hours the next day. Then they nodded, patted my shoulder with mutters of ‘Colonel’ and left the way they came. I guess the war is really bad now,” my dad told me.
    It was a sad moment. The last time my dad had gone to war was before I had been born. I didn’t know what it would be like to have a dad somewhere, but not at home.
    My parents explained to me that the train would take my dad to a camp near the border of Capricorn. My dad would receive two and a half weeks of training so that he could get learn things that he might’ve forgotten after leaving the Air Force.
    I was sad, but determined not to cry. The next day, my mom called the school. She said that we had a family matter and explained the situation. The school allowed me to be tardy until 11:30 a.m.
    My family spent the morning together, as a family. Then, at 10:50, we set out to the nearby train station. Sure enough, there was the steel train, come to take my father away.
    My dad hugged me and my mom. Then he took my mom aside, told her something that I assumed was not to worry. My dad gave her two parcels, whispered something else in her ear. They hugged. Kissed.
    And then my dad stepped aboard the train. He waved goodbye.
    Then he was gone.
    How’d y’all like that chapter?? A bit sad, right?? Anyway, I’m tryin’ ta develop the plot and the Capricorn-Gemini war a bit.
    Fairytalegirl123- It’s your turn to write. Right?? I mean, we take turns because our characters are kinda going through the same thing in Capricorn (other than Polina’s dad leaving).
    Also, I wanted to make this short as it is FairyTaleGirl’s turn to write.

    Oh, and also, if anyone kills Polina’s dad I will be very angry. Like scream-and-stomp angry, so anyone in the Caprciron-Gemini war better not include Colonel Valentin in your POV!

        inlovewithbooks replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Hi. This is great! I was wondering if you would agree for Polina to answer Auggie’s phone call ’cause I need someone and I have an idea if Polina does.

          nadea replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          Well, there are a number of reasons this wouldn’t work, and a number of reasons this could.
          Couldn’t Work Reasons:
          1.) I really don’t think that Polina even HAS a phone. But I could change this.
          2.) It’s not my turn to write, and I’m not sure if I want someone else writing anything about/including my character without my assent.
          3.) During this time, Polina/her family would be upset about her dad leaving to go to war, so it may not be exactly a happy phone conversation.
          4.) If Polina had a phone, how in the WORLD would Tobias have her phone number? Where do Tobias and August live, anyway?? (I mean, which city. It’s been some time since I read character bios for the Zodiac members).
          5.) Polina and Natasha haven’t exactly voiced their opinions/feelings about the Academy. There isn’t a group. How would Tobias know/why would he think that?
          Reasons This Could Work:
          1.) It seems like an AMAZING plot point. The best reason of all!!
          What’s your idea if Polina answers??? (I kinda need to know if you’re going to be using my character!!)

        fairytalegirl123 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Yeah, this is a bit sad… I’m trying to POV. Would you like me to include the phone call? Perhaps Polina’s mother gave her a phone for the trip so she could keep in touch, since that would make sense, right? Nastya definitely wouldn’t have a phone. I’m not sure how Tobias would have the number though. Maybe since Polina’s mother is the wife of a Colonel, a military officer could have gotten it and it had somehow gotten passed on to Tobias? He did say that he got it from someone who got it from someone else who got it from someone else… etc.

          nadea replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          I’m so, so, so sorry that I might’ve interrupted whatever you’re planning for the next POV. NO, you don NOT have to include the phone call. I don’t want you to change your plans for the next chapter because of me. It would be better to just not include it for a while.
          Yes, that does make sense that Polina would have a phone for the dance trip. I guess if that’s the case (which I think would work best), then Toby might’ve gotten the number through one of Polina’s friends!!
          Yes, that would work!! Polina has known her friends for a long time (at least, that was what I was thinking when I included them in the story), so Polina might’ve told Sophia and Paulette about her reaction to seeing Pisces Academy. Sophia or Paulette could be a sister of whoever the grape-vine that Toby had gotten the number from had finished on. That could work!

          fairytalegirl123 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          It’s okay, I don’t really have anything planned so far.

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