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    nadea posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 years ago

    Ciao, amici. I used to have a fanfiction on here, a couple of months ago. I guess I had a lot to do, or whatever other reason, but I stopped after two chapters. Now I would like to start again. Alas (earwax), I do NOT have any new material today, but I will repost my first two chapters.
    I will tag my old tag list, but if you would like to be removed, just tell me.

    Chapter One:
    ******** Agatha’s P.O.V.
    I grumble as I move through the stinking halls of Evil School, my dissatisfied voice mixing with those of the other students. The castle smells awful, the rooms are messes, I have no words to explain the students…and yet, I feel oddly satisfied. Like I’m realizing that this is my home now. Like I’m actually enjoying moving into Evil. Like I’m glad to start a new life outside of Gavaldon, without my best friend, in a world where normal people apparently don’t exist.
    I quicken my pace through the scorched halls, my fist tightening over the satchel of Evil books, the uniform, and my schedule. NO, I think angrily. I absolutely won’t like it here! I won’t like anything if I don’t have my friend here! I absolutely refuse to enjoy being here, right here, exactly like I was in Gavaldon, surrounded by gloom and doom, with people JUST like me… I relax a little, my fists unclenching, and my face softens. Then, I look up and realize what room I’m standing in front of.
    “Room 42,” I say quietly. My room. The room I’ll have to live in for the next…four years! Angry at myself for being secretly pleased about not having to deal with the many woes of Sophie, sad about not having my friend around anymore, and determined to get it over with, I quickly push open the door and move inside the room.
    Within an instant, I gasp. It looks just like my room, far away in Gavaldon. No mirrors on the walls. Leaky spots on the ceiling. The entire room looks like it had been completely destroyed and rebuilt by bears. And then I spotted my roommates, sitting on a solitary bed in the corner, staring expectantly at the door. And I realized with a gasp, that they were waiting for ME.
    ****** Sophie’s P.O.V.
    Good-bye, Gavaldon! I thought, and it brought a smile to my face. Good-bye to stinky boys, and smelly hogs, and girls who wished to be better than me. The halls smelled wonderful, of flowers and nectar, and the occasional fairy flitted past, spreading cheer while pouring small cups of tea.
    I stopped for a moment, the glass of my heels matching the glass of the pink staircase I was walking on, and I gazed out at the world. Everything seemed a faint shade of pink, thanks to the glass, but that didn’t in the slightest stop the view from being beautiful. I saw woodland creatures roam under trees, birds fly past without a care in the world. Sighing, I picked up the basket of books, the Evergirl uniform, and my schedule. Turning, I caught a glimpse of the School for Evil, and I worried about Agatha for a second, but I remembered that Aggie would be happy there, with so many people exactly like here, all liking thoughts of slimy creatures and doom.
    I continued up the staircase, my heels plinking on the steps, and thought to myself happily. Everyone would be so wonderful. I would excel in all my classes. I would graduate into the Woods, live a happy life, and remember Gavaldon as simply what my life used to be like. I would remember it as the past.
    At the top of the stairs, I found a hallway on which stood pink and white doors on both sides. Glancing again at the room number on top of my schedule, I managed to find my room. I stopped for a moment in front of it, but then, without hesitation, threw open the doors.
    Sunlight shone through the window, glinting of the many mirrors and murals. Birds chirped, a sweet wind filling the room. I glanced around at the three beds, three closets, three dressers and nightstands. My roommates weren’t there yet, but that was okay. Enough time to plan a “Welcome to Good” party!
    I could only hope that Aggie was having as much fun as I was!
    Chapter Two:
    **Sophie’s P.O.V.**
    I couldn’t believe them. My roommates were STILL late. I had thrown homemade streamers over furniture, hung garlands in alcoves, and even tied bunches of balloons, along with a pink sign, to the ceiling right above the door. And they were still not there! I had changed into my Evergirl uniform, sighing at the plain pink heels, and had stashed my books in a corner. I had done practically everything needed for a party. The only thing left was the guests!
    There was a sign above one of the windows in the dorm, reading “Welcome to Good, Sophie, Reena, Millicent!” I decided to leave it hanging up-even though it was VERY plain and absolutely SCREAMED for some bows, ribbons, beads… it fit the theme for the party.
    Suddenly, there was a short knock on the door. I tousled my hair so it looked as if I hadn’t been planning anything, and crossed across the room to open the door. I was expecting to see pretty girls carrying satchels, books, and uniforms, but all I saw was a tiny fairy. It’s wings glittered and sparkled, and for once I approved of someone’s fashion sense. I expected the small creature to welcome me, and tell me more about the School.
    Instead, the fairy barked, “You’re late.”
    “Wait, what?” I asked breathlessly. “Late for what?”
    “The Welcoming! What else?” The fairy acted like I should already know something, and I didn’t like her attitude. I was about to tell her that, but the fairy seized me by the arm and started to pull me through the halls murmuring, “Thank heavens she was already in uniform.”
    How could I miss the Welcoming? What even WAS the Welcoming? All I knew was, it would be my first impression with the other students. I needed to look good. I needed to look smart. I needed to look like a future leader, captain of Good, princess of the Woods. And I simply couldn’t do that with a fairy angrily pulling my arm in a surprisingly strong grip.
    I attempted to pull my arm out of the fairy’s grip, but she held on, her face a gentle pink from trying to pull me.
    “Wait, wait, NO!!” I wailed.
    “What? I can’t WAIT for you! The Welcoming’s about to start? What could you possibly need right now? What were you doing ALL this TIME? Didn’t you hear the other students leave?”
    “N-no,” I answered truthfully. “I was busy decorating for a party and waiting for my classmates…”
    “Some party, when your roommates aren’t there,” the fairy scoffed. “Just like YOU should be.”
    “NO! I need.. I need fancy things! Where’s my ballgown? My crown? Where is my carriage? My fancy jewelry? Where-?” The fairy cut me off, panting rapidly.
    “No time for that,” she said in between breaths. “We’re already here.”
    We had, indeed, arrived in front of a large set of doors, covered with beautiful carvings and decorations.
    “WHAT??” I shouted now. I was positive everyone inside heard me, and stopped instantly.
    Shaking the fairy away, I arranged my hair in a pleasant way, pulled some lip balm out of my purse, and attempted to make myself more beautiful. I know what you’re thinking… it simply can’t be done, can it?
    Anyway, I rustled in my handbag once again and produced a small white headpiece. Looping it around my hair, which I had pulled into an elegant bun, I smiled at the fairy.
    “Thank you so much! Thanks for transporting me to the Welcoming on time!” I said kindly.
    I was about to say more, but the fairy, grumbling as always, threw open the doors.
    More than a hundred eyes turned my way, all wondering who I was.
    I stepped carefully down the aisle, noticing that the Good seats were filled with girls (no boys in sight!), and almost frowned. Luckily, I stopped myself, mentally smoothed my face, and sat myself in an seat near the front.
    The eyes kept staring, their owners’ mouths murmuring. I gave a slight wave, and grinned.
    The heads turned around, facing the front, leaving me to think. And I worried. I worried that I hadn’t made a good first look for myself. Worried that everyone was judging.
    Then, I realized that Cinderella had made the BEST impression when she got to the ball a little late, and I relaxed.
    Of course, I didn’t see Agatha staring at me from the Evil seats, trying to tell me something.
    And I didn’t notice the two-headed dog still glaring at me from the front.

        malin replied 2 years ago

        I like the Harry Potter mention. Not a lot of people remember that one!

        nadea replied 2 years ago

        Thank you! Would y’all like to be tagged?

          malin replied 2 years ago

          Sure! And in the food fight you just slipped on some peas, btw

        donutqueen11 replied 2 years ago

        I love the HP reference and the chapters! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        thesgeturtle replied 2 years ago

        Can you tag me?

          nadea replied 2 years ago

          Sure! I will add you to my tag list and start including your name in the next chapter!

          thesgeturtle replied 2 years ago

          Thanks @nadea 🙂

        themaplebacondonut replied 1 year, 12 months ago

        Yay! I really missed this one 🙂

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