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    nayade posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 6 months ago

    Chapter 2: Obedience !!!
    *Recapitulation*: The boy just smiled and left. She just felt her heart beat at full speed. Behind her was a girl, who said, “I did not know that someone like you had feelings?” On hearing that she became so angry that she could have killed her (but she did not). The bell rang all the students ran to their classes. She saw the list of students in her “black-white magic” class and did not know anyone, but she was not expected to be surprised. She took a few steps, sat down and started to see his phone, Suddenly a hand rested on his shoulder and she turned. He was the boy who was in love with, and the boy asked, “Can I sit here?” And she nodded. The teacher arrived, was an old lady, about 80 years old, was small, skin white and wrinkled, gray hair and brown eyes was called Miss. Olive.asi was how she introduced herself and then told her students, present, of course Mist introduced herself and then touched her partner, she was eager to meet him.

    Chapter 2: Obedience !!!
    He got up and said: My name is Anton and I’m 16 years old, and then the teacher asked: And what do you like the most in this school? And he replied: Of course, you miss !!! And the whole class started to laugh , Mist, she was jealous. After the class finished laughing he sat down and smiled at her. Every time he smiled her heart melted.
    “You really like the teacher,” Mist said. “And he just laughed, of course not, it was a joke,” said Anton. Upon hearing those words, she reassured herself and the teacher began the lesson. The class was boring and the only person involved was a girl named Cherry Rainbowglitter. Mist was just looking at Anton, and Anton was looking at Cherry. When she left the class the teacher called her and told her that she should stop seeing her phone and pay attention but she would have 0. She had never had 0 in her life without studying so she did not care much. She was walking towards her locker when she began to hear two voices: that of a girl and that of a boy.She hid in a locker to see what happened and she saw Anton but could not see the girl, and she could not hear what they said, only heard soft and delicate words, then Anton gave a strong hug to the girl and then the girl left. He left the locker immediately and went to lunch. Mist always ate with his best friend the phone, so she was not eating alone.The cafeteria was a disaster every Monday waging food wars and of course everyone was very separate. It turns out that there were several groups within the Rebels were “The darkest” gang of boys and girls “dominant” school, ” The Wizards” were the most intelligent and” Mirrors “the most beautiful and cute of the rebels and” The obedient ones, they were worse, they had a lot of groups: The princes and princesses, the plebeians, the kings, the queens, the popular and the rejected ones, the magicians and the non-powers, the mythological ones , The folk, the beasts … The rebels were more united than the obedient ones. Literal the cafeteria was split in two. It turns out that Mist she did not interest to be in those groups so she always was seeing her cell phone. Whenever the doorbell rang, everyone was running away for not be late for class and she was the only one relaxed.One day she was going to bring her things when she saw Anton again with a girl and that girl was CHERRY and the worst thing was that they were kissing. She had no words, she wanted to kill Cherry. She ran to the bathroom and she bumped into someone, then she and the other person fainted…
    to be continue
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        dot111 replied 4 years, 6 months ago

        Nice, good job!

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        Cool chapter!

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