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    Chapter 3: Rebels and Obedience
    Recapitulation: “The cafeteria was a disaster every Monday waging food wars and of course everyone was very separate. It turns out that there were several groups within the Rebels were “The darkest” gang of boys and girls “dominant” school, ” The Wizards” were the most intelligent and” Mirrors “the most beautiful and cute of the rebels and” The obedient ones, they were worse, they had a lot of groups: The princes and princesses, the plebeians, the kings, the queens, the popular and the rejected ones, the magicians and the non-powers, the mythological ones , The folk, the beasts … The rebels were more united than the obedient ones. Literal the cafeteria was split in two. It turns out that Mist she did not interest to be in those groups so she always was seeing her cell phone. Whenever the doorbell rang, everyone was running away for not be late for class and she was the only one relaxed.One day she was going to bring her things when she saw Anton again with a girl and that girl was CHERRY and the worst thing was that they were kissing. She had no words, she wanted to kill Cherry. She ran to the bathroom and she bumped into someone, then she and the other person fainted…
    to be continue”
    Chapter 3: Rebels and Obedience
    Mist listened to voices, opened her eyes and she was in the infirmary. A place with pale green tresses, which had no smell. Beside her was a girl who said, “Are you okay?” Mist did not know who she was. She was very pale, dark purple hair and very smooth, fat and pink lips, small nose, small ears. A piercing in the belly. It does not have much bust but it has a perfect and round rear. Her eyebrows are beautiful, they are thick and black (she has eyebrows like Cara Delevigne), her eyes are honey-colored with long lashes. It was with her that Mist collided.
    – My name is Drizzle, Drizzle Ilio. The nurse had told them to be more careful and then the two of them left. Apparently there was a click of friendship. The next day, Mist was eating alone in the cafeteria, when Drizzle approached her and said:
    Do you want to sit with me and my friends? – and Mist nodded. When she took her to her table Mist no longer wanted to be there, hes friends were: Yarrow Catwasp, Ebetta Chu and on the table was Anton Agaricleaf and his STUPID girlfriend Cherry Rainbowglitter … She sat and all she did was look Anton. He hugged his girlfriend. She was so jealous. Then she stopped paying attention to Anton and Cherry and she began to see her phone.
    Do you want to play truth or dare? – asked Yarrow Catswap and everyone accepted. The first was Drizzle and she chose dare and (guess what dare), Yarrow said to Drizzle:
    GIVE A KISS TO Kolean Meishter

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        pretty good

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        Loved it!

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          Thanks @cookieluv

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