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    nevereverafter posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 4 years, 7 months ago

    Here’s my bio. Please comment on what I need to change/improve on. Thanks!

    Name: Mackenzie (Kenz)

    Age: 12

    School: Good

    Family: daughter of little boy in the Brothers Grimm story “The Juniper Tree”:

    Finger Glow: Teal

    Personality: Kenz is NOT AT ALL a people person. She prefers to do everything by herself, and she doesn’t trust people easily (see backstory), but often gives them the benefit of the doubt until she gets to know them. Kenz also hates others seeing her upset. If you become her friend, she will fight for you until the end. She acts emotionless at times, but she she’s a human on the inside. On the outside, Kenz is a tomboy, daring, intimidating, curious, picky, bold, competitive, rude, and slightly mysterious.

    Flaws: Kenz always speaks her mind, and that’s what always gets her in trouble. She is short tempered and is a perfectionist. Kenz is incredibly picky and indecisive. She is super confident, maybe too much. She often likes to bully people into doing things for her. She is a very obsessive person, and ends up crying a lot about books and OTP’s, but only when she’s alone. She tends to see the worst in people and it takes a while for her to see the best. Despite all this, however, she would NEVER put someone in actual danger, and wouldn’t ever purposely physically hurt someone.

    Appearance: semi-curly golden blonde hair up to her mid back, fair skin, about 5″4, thin, small nose, big brilliant sparkly blue eyes, small pink lips, long face, long scar along the left side of her jawline from a knife wound.

    Outfit: Black leather biker jacket over a black tank top, black skinny jeans, black dagger holder with dagger on her waistband, black combat boots, pure gold raven locket around her neck on a golden chain with a small black feather inside, Katniss style braid

    Talent: Kenz can turn a person who had recently died into a bird that can sing for 48 hours

    Weapon: a small enchanted dagger that paralyzes the part where you were cut for 5 hours, and can only be wielded by Kenz. It doesn’t work on her, and the only cure, besides waiting it out, is drinking one of Kenz’s teardrops that she cried out of pure sorrow and remorse.

    Backstory: Kenz’s mother died once she had her, so she never really knew her. Her mother was actually a women her father was having an affair with, so he was forced to keep his unexpected daughter a secret. Kenz grew up with her father, her aunt, and her grandfather on a small farm. She was forced to play and do everything by herself and stay hidden at all times, as her father and her aunt both worked while her grandfather looked after her. However, she always longed for a companion. When she was 7, Kenz’s grandfather died, but not before telling her one last life lesson: “Don’t trust others too quickly. My second wife killed your father, but he was able to come back to life. Don’t commit to a relationship until you can trust the person no matter what. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Trust your instincts and be cautious at all times, because you never know what might happen.” Kenz still hasn’t forgotten her grandfather’s last words, and they have become her life motto. After that unfortunate day, she started to become more and more isolated from her family. With no one to look after her anymore, she started getting into fights with the other kids, which is how she got her scar. She soon learned about her power 2 years later, and started using it for family members to talk to their deceased loved one. This business made her rich, hence her expensive clothing. When she turned 12, she bought her father and her aunt a beautiful house. However, she got her letter for the School For Good shortly afterwards, and was forced to leave.

        nightshade11 replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        Hello! It seems good, but I guess Kenz is going to be the long lost cousin of one of my character’s or something.. Hmm. I have a character who is the daughter of the little boy’s sister.

          nevereverafter replied 4 years, 7 months ago

          Is that ok with you?

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