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    nevermore2 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 1 month ago

    Hi, I didn’t know which group to post this in so I’ll just do it in this one.
    Unusual, rare or just some random ships you should consider:

    Hagatha: no I do not mean Hester and Agatha I mean Hort and Agatha, I love both of them so much and feel if Tophie does happen in book 6( unlikely Ik) they both would be lost and just start being friends and then slowly Hort starts getting feelings, i am aware this probably will never happen but I wouldn’t mind if it does.

    Hestatha: Hester and Agatha, I feel like it would be cute and Agatha is the one who gets Hester to speak the truth.

    Chester: Chaddick and Hester, I like this ship, even tho Chaddick’s dead😭,when he was alive I feel like he would fall for Hester but she would just be like what, and even if she breaks his heart.

    Anatrix: I feel like this is aesthetic, like Anadil will have a calming affect on Beatrix and Beatrix would make Anadil more outgoing and confident.

    Sanadil: Why, I don’t know but I feel like it would work.

    Dedros: Why, cos Tedros is the only one who isn’t mean to Dot and actually defended her, also Dot likes Tedros.

    Spagatha: I think this should be a thing, in book 6 I will need some Spagatha moments.🍝

    Tophie shippers, Tagatha shippers, Hesterdil shippers and Hophie shippers please don’t kill me😓

        pencilpeytie replied 1 month ago


        raynaevil809 replied 1 month ago

        wow sge already getting the same “qualities” harry potter has next thing you know we’ll be shipping agatha x sader

        alohagirl552 replied 1 month ago

        Yessss Spagatha! Lol if there is such thing as cucubophie then Spagatha should definitely exist.

        betheverafter replied 1 month ago

        I have never heard most of these ships before, (apart from obvious ones like Tagatha, Hophie etc) but they sound… thought-provoking.
        Some of them I thought wouldn’t work, but lots of them are great! What’s Spagatha a cross between?

          theginger replied 1 month ago

          Sophie and Agatha….

          raynaevil809 replied 1 month ago

          no it’s not it’s spaghetti x sophie

          raynaevil809 replied 1 month ago

          no spaghetti x agatha sorry lol

          raynaevil809 replied 1 month ago

          sophie x agatha would be ******

          alohagirl552 replied 1 month ago

          lol yeah spaghetti and Agatha

        betheverafter replied 1 month ago

        Oh ok, but I thought that would have been Sagatha…

          raynaevil809 replied 1 month ago

          no SPA(ghetti)gatha(agtha)

          raynaevil809 replied 1 month ago

          besides sophie x agatha is inces.t

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