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    nicola595 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hi! I haven’t posted in a while so i decided to try something new. I decided to try a story from someone else who didn’t go to the school for good and evil but knew most people from the story. By the way, this is set just before Sophie and Agatha went to SGE
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Rowena’s Tavern
    chapter 1 : The first encounter with Kei, Rhian and Japeth
    The girl was seen in the kingdoms of Bloodbrook and Foxwood nearly every day. The guards always saw her slip in and never walk out the gates of the kingdoms. And yet, the next day she would be seen entering in the same lacy, long-sleeved skater dress and red bandanna tied into her hair.She had a square jaw, medium length dark brown hair and blue eyes and was around 13 years old. At first, the guards barely noticed ,as she didn’t talk to them and just briefly walked in.

    But if you followed her, she would lead you towards the border that seperated the two kingdoms, and would stop at the biggest tree in the forest that seperated Foxwood and blood brook altough you couldn’t see that from the ground. On this particular day, she was followed. Four boys let her lead them through the forest slowly, but when she looked behind her, they disappeard into the closest thing they could find.

    “If you know her,” grumbled the third one, a boy with copper hair, tanned skin and blue eyes ” then go speak to her.”
    “Shut your mouth” the first one snapped at him. This boy had violet eyes and messy black hair and scowled at the third with a deep loathing whilst the second boy ( who looked exactly like the the third but was extremely pale) sniggered.
    “Its not that simple” the first boy continued casually, ” she was my foster sister before I burnt her house to the ground- I was disowned although she begged her parents to keep me. Haven’t seen her since”
    “You did what ?” hissed the fourth boy. This one had almond eyes and ivory skin.

    At this, the girl turned and stared right at the first boy with a questioning glance. She strode towards him and – without warning- hugged him.
    “Aric” she whispered and tears dripped down her face.
    “Rowena ” He murmered
    The second boy glared at her until she stopped and smirked at Aric, wiping tears away with her sleeve.
    “Long time no see” she said” Who are your friends?” She indicated to the other three. The third boy smiled at her and held out his hand.
    “Rhian,” he answered ” never seen anyone get so excited over seeing the person who burnt down their house.”
    Rowena giggled and looked at the others . The fourth boy stepped forward and shook her hand whilst he introduced himself: “Kei” he stated and stepped back.
    “Since when did you have polite friends?” she asked
    This made the second boy chuckle and shake her hand
    ” Name’s Japeth, twin of Rhian yadi yadi yada you get the picture. ”
    Rowena positively beamed at him before taking them to the tree.

    ” I ran away from my parents when they started beating me- no idea why they live in an ever kingdom- they’re both nevers” she explained, ” I started my own buisness- a tavern that doesn’t sell alcohol or anything that is illegal in Foxwood. I get supplies from Bloodbrook and Foxwood.”
    She scrambled inside her pocket for a wierdly shaped key and inserted it into a gap in the tree. Suddenly, a door opened in the smaller but broader tree next to it

    They ducked under the door and found themselves going down a winding staircase and into a magial room. The tavern was lit by a cascade of multi coloured jars and the tables were round with benches. The walls were made of a jagged rocks and the chandelier was metal with bright crystals that acted as candles. The bar was filled with knights, witches, wizards and teenagers.
    “Welcome to Rowena’s tavern. Oh and please watch out alot of my friends are picpockets.Accommodation that way” She said pointing to a sign that said ROOMS ” Lavatories that way and food this way” she said heading to the bar.

    “Anyway, I keep some spare keys behid the counter so you can come whenever.”

    And that was the first time Rowena met or saw Rhian, Japeth or Kei and how they managed to recruit hundreds of pirates to savage the land unbeknownst at the time. But that is a completely different story for a completley different time.


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