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    nicola595 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months ago

    Holidays!!! Here goes chapter 2 hope you all enjoy! By the way next chapter will be the end of this
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * .
    Rowena’s Tavern
    Chapter 2 :Second encounter with Japeth, Rhian and Kei
    Winter came to that forest almost suddenly and as if it was always covered with snow. Even so, the sudden change in the temperature seemed natural for a kingdom like Bloodbrook The charcoal-black, wooden buildings looked prettier with icicles hanging from rooftops, frost covered cobblestone streets and icy grass. Even so, it was hard for the hooded figures in green cloaks to trudge through the snow towards the largest tree in the forest . Although they didn’t look up, they were in deep conversation with each other.

    “Your brother is the worst thing that ever happened to that school I’m telling you. If you weren’t around I’d kill him I swear I would ” grumbled Aric fumbling in his pocket for the key.
    “And I’m not disagreeing with you. However,” Japeth raised his voice before Aric could interrupt, ” he is vital if we want to rule Camelot.”
    That was the moment they looked up at each other.
    “And, I know I’m not the only one who wants that” Japeth continued.

    Aric smirked and brought out a key from his cloak and inserted it in a gap in the tree. A door on the right hand of the tree swung open and both boys trudged into it. They hurried down a staircase and into the tavern. The young girl at the bar beamed at them and walked over to a table to collect the empty glasses.
    “Do me a favour though,” muttered Aric,” don’t tell her.”
    Japeth nodded, walked over to her and dropped a bag of money onto the counter. The coins inside the bag clattered
    ” 2 rooms for two days please.” he declared
    Rowena stopped cleaning the glasses and started over to the boys, biting her lip but with a broad smile on her face. She handed them two small golden keys with the numbers 142 and 143 encarved on them.
    “Right next to your brother’s room and Kei’s too.” she smiled
    Japeth gawped at her and spent a while processing this new information. They had deliberatley decided to spend this holiday as far from each other as possible. Why had she given Rhian and idiotic Kei keys to the tavern? Neither Aric nor Japeth wanted two days being lectured about the chivalry code. However, Aric’s foster sister hadn’t seen him for 4 years and she had obviously missed him in that time. Aric forced a smile on his face but through gritted teeth.

    “So, we’ll go unpack and be back here for dinner then” Aric was almost purple but Rowena didn’t take notice and turned to the bar to dry the beer jugs on the counter . They stalked away to their rooms and redy for an unenjoyable holiday

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