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    I’m sorry that we haven’t been posting for a while but we have been perfecting this chapter. This is chapter 2 of @galadrielofaltazarra and my collaboration. I wrote Nicole’s POV and galadriel wrote Isaac’s. If you can’t remember what happened in the first chapter, then go to @galadrielofaltazarra‘s recent activity. Hope that you enjoy!
    Life is an illusion: Chapter 2
    Isaac’s POV
    “A teacher hitting a student!” Cay exclaimed, shaking his head.
    Matteo stayed silent, feeling it imprudent to make judgements without proof considering Julia was at the top of the leaderboard!
    I don’t know. Doesn’t seem like him to do that, in my opinion, not when he was so friendly at the start,” Isaac observed. “After all, what would he have cut her with? He didn’t seem to have anything sharp in his hands…”
    Matteo nodded. “I even saw her smirking after being hit so I have my doubts too!”
    “Well, whatever you believe, I think that no one so beautiful or Good (have you seen her scores?) can do that!”
    Isaac and Matteo glanced at each other, shrugging.
    “I wonder when a replacement will come?” Matteo pondered. “Who do you think it will be?”
    “I agree,” Isaac added. “I usually enjoy a challenge, although I’m not very adept at anything! ”
    “Yeah. Totally. And, remind me, who got 1st today in Grooming?!” Cay proposed.
    “And 1st in Swordplay!”
    “Oh, and lest we forget the five miles you ran in half an hour in Physical?”
    The line shuffled forward.
    “Fine. But I have known those since infancy. No, I mean brain and heart touchy-feely stuff that I don’t get. I have no idea what girls are like since I rarely knew my sister and my mother I only met at dinner and apparently we need to ask a girl to a ball by Christmas!”
    “Woah. Maybe I have a chance at top of the board after all!” Matteo joked, winking seductively.
    “I’m serious! I don’t know anything to do with women- oh, hi Nicole!”
    Matteo and Cay sniggered. A rather pretty girl with white-blond hair and blue eyes walked over with two friends. Matteo was relieved when he realised they hadn’t been in Julia’s tightly knitted group and greeted them cordially. He recognised one as the girl he had chucked his rose at the Welcoming. She was wearing pink this time but it still wasn’t the uniform. His admiration for the mysterious girl grew.
    “Hi Isaac! Where were you? I didn’t see you on the Flowerground.”
    “Oh yeah, I was a farm boy, shrouded in mystery…” Isaac hid behind a tree, hiding his face in a mystifying fashion. Then, he jumped on her which resulted in a bump on his head swelling up after Nicole’s timely reaction.
    “Cut it out, clot pole!”
    “Watch it, Merlindottia! This is a prince of Avalon you’re talking to so mind thy manners, peasant!”. They both snickered.
    “Princess Uma!” An Evergirl cried out.
    “Hello students!” she twittered as she strolled towards the startled forest group. “Now, Julia is quite okay, don’t worry. The Dean is talking to both Silaw and Julia and he has promised it will never occur again!” A sigh of relief swept throughout the Evergirls.
    “Now, since we have no time for the traditional Rules of Good and Evil challenge, I shall set a different task for you. It is called ‘The Amorous Roses Of Ruby’: some call it Arora for short. Girls, come over here, into the flowerbed.” The Nevergirls and Evergirls scampered and slouched to where Princess Uma was pointing. Uma snapped her fingers and a beautiful maze of roses appeared where the Evergirl’s stood.
    “Now walk around the Rose Garden- MIND the flowers!” The girls jostled each other as they ambled among the rather large garden.
    “STOP! Now do not worry if this tingles slightly.” With an elegant twist of her wrist, Uma turned every single girl into a scarlet rose.

    “This should give you quite a challenge boys, as not only do you have to let your heart decide which is a witch instead of your head, but you will also have to choose between a horticultural flower and your fair human one. To turn your fair maiden back into her former glory, you must kiss her until she lengthens.” None of the boys seemed all too excited at the prospect. “Neverboys need to find a Nevergirl as we all know that a good Never makes allies. Nevergirls, you need to trick the Princes into choosing you instead of his fair love. Now into a horizontal line to the Rose Garden. Close your eyes and think of Love, pure love. That is, if you are a Neverboy, you think the same and the path of Love will guide you to where there is none, another Never’s heart. Close your eyes gentlemen and let your heart guide you to your glowing orb of love in your life!”. The boys shut their eyelids tightly and walked towards and around the Rose Garden. Isaac peeked and saw the manner of walking varied: a Neverboy with an impressive array of pimples had his arms stuck out and was marching/hopping in all directions: an Everboy with blond wavy hair was creeping slowly around the garden. The others were no better and affected zombie-like styles, a snail paced shuffling or a bashed around the Garden like the Three Blind Mice!
    “Alright, open your eyes,” Uma grumbled. “Be the shallow boys that you probably are. Go look for the prettiest rose, albeit a real one,”. Isaac opened his eyes and walked along the flowerbeds. He felt a tingle in his chest. ‘Why is this shirt itchy?” Isaac contemplated. ‘It’s new- and ironed!’. It stopped. He walked backwards- and there it was again! He walked away and it stopped. He glanced at the bed. Then he saw the prettiest flower of all. It was also the largest of them all. He walked slowly towards it. Even within the five meter gap between the divine flower and him, he felt a connection like he had never known before. Then a giant lumbered across his path. It was Rock and he was galumphing towards his rose! Isaac sprinted the five meters and stopped just before the huge troll of a boy picked his heavenly blossom.
    “Nononononono- that is my flower. Not your flower, get your own flower!”
    Rock was about to argue but saw Uma looking so he lurched towards another flower, muttering furiously all the while.
    Isaac snapped the flower’s stem and picked it up. The more he looked at it, the more angelic, celestial, exquisite and enchanting it was. Was this the one? What would happen if he kissed her? Was she even an Ever? Unanswered questions buzzed around in his mind. He mustered up courage. Kissing was probably just like hugging. He’d hugged Nicole many times before- this was just a bit more passionate. He gazed at his rose again. He then peeked at his peers; none of them seemed interested in what he was doing. He glanced back at the rose. He caressed the top of his flower with his lips and then, with a surge of gusto and energy, he closed his eyes and kissed the middle of the flower with such force that it would have had the most strong Evergirl faint in seconds. He opened his eyelids a small amount and saw gorgeous, angelic ocean blue eyes peek back at him out of the red. He redoubled his vigour and pressed her so fiercely until she grew back to her normal size. She was beautiful. She was enchanting, almost extraterrestrial with her beauty and allure. She was also-

    “Isaac of Avalon Towers and Nicole of Avalon Towers, Ever and Ever, get first ranks!”

    Nicole’s POV
    Uma had taken over the class (while Silaw was walked off by the Dean to be reprimanded) and was administrating the challenge. With a flick of a petite hand, she had transformed all of the Evergirls and Nevergirls into roses. Nicole felt her body thin and her head balloon and all of a sudden, she was planted firmly into the ground in the shape of a rose.
    “This should give you quite a challenge boys, as not only do you have to let your heart decide which is a witch instead of your head, but you will also have to choose between a horticultural flower and your fair human one. To turn your fair maiden back into her former glory, you must kiss her until she lengthens.”
    Uma finished with a flourish. Nicole felt her heart begin to pound as she looked for her friend. There he was, Isaac. It was good to be able to see someone familiar. How much more familiar can you get when you grew up together? She was also glad to see him because Lucinda had vanished from sight and she hadn’t seen her since Welcoming.
    “Now boys. Let your heart guide you!” All of the boys, who were looking slightly sceptical, closed their eyes and felt around like zombies. Nicole groaned inwardly. These dimwits were princes to be?! She grimaced as one ungainly boy banged into a tree. Uma was in despair.
    “All right, open your eyes. Obviously, none of you have very strong hearts,” she groaned, “feel free to choose the prettiest rose if you want to, albeit a real one,” Nicole felt her heart beat faster. Was she a pretty rose? Suddenly, Nicole felt horror of all horrors. There was a giant troll of a boy lurching towards her and, since the boys had to kiss the girls to get them turned back into girls, Nicole felt inwardly revolted in spite of herself. She squeezed her eyes shut and readied herself for the meaty hands clamped around her delicate stem. Instead she felt soft, caring hands curl around her stem and pick her up. She opened her eyes and stared into Isaac’s chocolate brown ones. As she stared, she was surprised to feel… nothing. This was just schoolwork. At least that’s what she told herself. And then he was kissing her; she felt her body lengthening and her lips connecting with his. They stayed that way for what seemed like forever and when they finally broke apart, two golden 1’s appeared over their heads.
    “Isaac and Nicole, Ever and Ever. 1st ranks,” Uma cried. Nicole looked over at Matteo and laughed because the look that he was giving Isaac was one coming from a person who was dying of laughter. Isaac let his hand slip from Nicole’s arm and walked over to Matteo. As Nicole watched the two of them bantering about she sat down and smiled.
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