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    nightshade11 posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 4 years ago


    Hi, could I have a link or something to the POV where Lucinda dueled with Scylla in the combat class? You could just copy it in the comments here too, or whatever. I also need her bio, since I’m writing a POV. Thanks!

        fairytalegirl123 replied 4 years ago

        Okay! I’ll just paste the POV

        Lucinda’s POV: 4

        The Combat Training classroom was very unlike what Lucinda had imagined. It was actually outside, in a courtyard. There were tall columns surrounding it, and the floor was made of stone slabs. There was an arch on each side, the arch on Lucinda’s side was decorated with maces and steel ogres. The Ever side, however, was decorated with shiny marble swords.

        The students that did not own weapons or forgot theirs were scurrying from table to table looking for a suitable one. Lucinda did not understand why some kids did not own weapons.

        “The regions aren’t safe,” Lucinda thought. “Everyone should own a weapon. No one is completely safe anywhere.” Then she decided to take a look at the Schools’ weapons.

        “Charkram, huh, theirs is a pretty good make. Another sword, this one looks longer. Probably elvish. I’d love to get my hands on that. They have katanas here? Mine is better. Oh well.” Lucinda sighed. Then Eden nudged her, jolting her from her personal review of the weapons.

        “What?” asked Lucinda, irritated.

        “Have you seen the teacher?” Eden asked quietly.

        “Not yet,” muttered Lucinda. “Where?” Then she searched the courtyard for him or her.

        “Three o’ clock,” said Eden. Lucinda turned her head to take a look.

        He was gigantic, to start, and not hard to miss. He also seemed quite strong. The teacher was standing in a corner of the courtyard, silently observing the children and their choice of weapon. Lucinda’s eyes widened seeing him. The teacher was a quite intimidating figure, maybe especially for her, because Lucinda was a rather small, slim figure, while the teacher was large and burly.

        “He looks like he’d send the whole class to the Doom Room in five seconds flat,” said Eden. Lucinda nodded, her braid going up and down with her head.

        “You can say that again,” she thought.

        Then the sound of the teacher’s heavy steps filled the room, and all became silent.

        “Velcome to Combat Training, in my opinion, se best of all se classes!” He said loudly, which was clearly the normal volume of his voice. Lucinda did not recognize the teacher’s accent. She didn’t think it could come from anywhere in Onyx, but maybe it did. “Here, you vill develop se skills needed to survive your fairytale.”

        The class cheered enthusiastically, Eden and Lucinda with them.

        Then the students were divided into groups, to see how much they knew, if anything at all. Although Lucinda thought she was pretty good at combat, she was hoping she didn’t get a sicko as a partner, because of course, who want a sicko as a dueling partner?

        The teacher made it clear that no one was allowed to injure or kill when he paired everyone up. Lucinda’s opponent looked pretty tough. She seemed to also be a Nevergirl. Suddenly, the girl quickly threw some kind of bladed card. Then another, and another. Now this was going to be difficult. Lucinda deflected the cards away with her sword, but didn’t know what to do next, really. She ran straight towards the girl, and just when the girl was getting ready to take her easy hit, Lucinda sidestepped and swung her sword, forcing the girl down, but this earned her a cut in the process, as the card did touch her. But, as the only things that can really kill vampires are wooden stakes, garlic, and sunlight, (and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting) the cut immediately healed as if it was never there. Then, Lucinda held her sword just above her opponent’s heart, so she couldn’t get up. She had won. But Lucinda wasn’t a sore winner, although many stereotypical Nevers were. Nobody was a stereotype in these times. Everyone was scared. Scared for their family. Scared for their friends. Scared for themselves.

        “You did well,” Lucinda said, walking up to her opponent. “My name is Lucinda.”

        “You too,” she responded “Name’s Scylla.”

        Scylla and Lucinda dueled again. This time, Lucinda started. But Scylla got her down pretty quickly. A couple more duels followed, and then it was time for demonstrations.

        One of the pairs contained a scared looking Ever who was wearing armor way too big for her (is it a her? Or a them? Not sure.. Are the unnamed Ever and Never anyone’s OCs?) and a very angry Never. It was very clear who would win. Lucinda was angry at the unfairness of this fight. Then the teacher clapped, and the Never charged. The Ever held her sword up slowly and blocked the attack. Then, collapsed from the weight of the sword. The Never held his sword up, about to attack, but the Ever leaped up with a shocking amount of agility, and knocked the Never down. The whole class gasped at the same time, in awe of the Ever’s strength. The Never coughed weakly. The Never was now the weak one. The Ever just stood there, grinning, and with her hand held high in the air. It was obvious that she had won, but it wasn’t allowed to push a fellow student. He was seriously hurt. Lucinda was shocked at how an Ever, an EVER of all people, could be so happy at what she just did. But then she turned, lifted the helmet off the Never’s face and screamed. Lucinda didn’t see it right away, and she didn’t think Eden did either. The teacher rushed towards the hurt Never, and shouted “Get the Healer!” A group of students obediently rushed away. Eden and the girl who had dueled the her ran over to the ring of students surrounding the Never, and Lucinda quickly ran-floated to them as well. Eden’s face had worry written all over it, and Lucinda, taking in the messed-up face of her fellow Never, did too. Eden backed away. This was not good. No, not at all.

        Now the bio:

        Name: Lucinda

        Age: 13

        Gender: female

        Species: vampire

        Region: Onyx, she lives in The Undead Kingdom, a place where the Undead live. The living cannot enter unless someone of the royal family gives permission to said person.

        Ever or Never: Never

        Fingerglow: dark gray

        Fairytale relatives: her family was never in a fairytale, although she is a princess and lives in the Endless Woods

        Fairytale summary: N/A

        Personality: bold (often too much for her own good). She doesn’t really understand most jokes and it takes a while to get to get to the punch line, and even then, she acts like she doesn’t get it. She is clever, but it takes her a while to acknowledge it. Lucinda is strong-willed, no matter how many times people tell her not to do something, she will ignore them and continue to do it. She is also very impatient, and will not wait long for anything. But she can show mercy and generosity, but doesn’t like to because people might start to think she is weak and soft.

        Appearance: her skin is a little paler than a human’s skin tone would normally be. Her eyes are dark, deep violet. Her long black hair goes down to her waist. She often keeps it in a loose braid. If and when she does, she weaves a blood red ribbon through it. Lucinda always wears silver earrings that have diamonds encrusted in the shape of a human skull. She is a little short for her age.

        Clothing: when not wearing a uniform or anything she has to wear as a rule, she will wear a long black silk robe with a hood, and golden lace on the edges of the long draping sleeves, hood, and the end of the robe itself. For her socks, she wears white cotton stockings. And for her shoes, she wears high black leather boots.

        Interests: she likes to listen to music, and sometimes likes to make her own. But she is often bored, as she doesn’t really know what she likes to do. Often, she teases little children, so people don’t realize that, in reality, she adores little kids. She also locks herself in her room when she reads, so people don’t spread rumors she is a nerd, because she doesn’t want to lose her friends.

        Weapon: she often uses her wits, although she is handy with a dagger in tough situations. She also sometimes ***** people’s blood to finish someone off, if said person is extremely dangerous to her.

        Talent: she can talk to the dead, like any member of the Undead royal family. Since she is a vampire, she can resurrect any one she has using a vampire trait. She becomes very sick after this if she does it to a person, and will pass out. If she does it to an animal, she will become dizzy. Also, when she resurrects someone, they will lose all previous knowledge, but they won’t come back as a zombie, and they can remember stuff if they are shown a picture and stuff like that) But, she is still working on resurrecting someone for the rest of their lives they would’ve lived…. just in case. She is still working to find out her own, personal, talent.

        Plague/no Plague: since she is Undead, she cannot die from the Plague, but she can carry the Plague. So if she tries to drink the blood of an animal or person, they will become infected by it.

        Backstory: she was born into the royal Undead family, as an only child. Since she was the princess of the kingdom, as soon as she entered Kindergarden, she was immediately popular. She did make a few friends, and they all caused mischief together. When she got old enough to learn magic, she was extremely excited. But as the school year progressed, she realized magic wasn’t her strong spot. So she took up a class practicing fighting with weapons. She was a natural. Lucinda also took up music, which she was also good at. She felt better about herself when she realized she was good at music and using a weapon. She is still not the best at magic, but she’s working on it!

        Other: when she entered the School for Good and Evil, a spell was put on her, so she could survive in daylight. But, she still prefers shade, shadows, nighttime, and all that jazz. She also cannot drink the blood of anyone who is or was (by “was” I mean that they died from the Plague) infected by the Plague.

        nightshade11 replied 4 years ago

        Again, thank you very much!

          fairytalegirl123 replied 4 years ago

          You’re welcome!

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