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    noelleshin posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    My submission for the short story contest… sorry, it sucks 😆


    Minseo slouched in her seat, chewing another bite of sticky white rice, the grains clinging to each other between her chopsticks. Her parents were discussing high school options for Minseo, and her little sister Euna was stacking her tofu cubes into a tower like building blocks.

    Minseo’s eyelids drooped. She hadn’t gotten much sleep recently, tossing and turning in bed.

    Ever since they came.

    She felt herself dozing off, and she welcomed the drowsiness overtaking her. I just need… a little shut-eye… “Minnie!” Euna’s sweet, high voice snapped her awake. “Look at my tower!” The little three-year-old pointed to an extravagant skyscraper of tofu cubes.

    Minseo chuckled and stole a tofu cube off the top, popping it in her mouth with a smirk. Euna giggled and shoved three pieces in her mouth.

    When Minseo was about to go to bed, Umma confronted her. “You’ve been looking very tired recently,” she commented. “Bags under your eyes, droopy eyelids, slouching in your seat… Is something wrong, Minnie?”

    Minseo shook her head, looking down at the floor. “N-no…” Umma raised an eyebrow but said nothing, walking away in her nightgown and fuzzy slippers. Minseo exhaled and crawled into bed before placing a few drops of lavender oil on her pillow.

    She then pulled the covers over her head and closed her eyes. Just as she drifted off to sleep, breathing in the delicious aroma of lavender…

    Minseo… did you really think you could have a good night’s sleep? You little fool, of course not! cackled a menacing voice. Minseo swallowed a scream as the shadows crept into her mind.

    Her body was trying to sleep.

    But her mind was not, it was disconnected in a way. The shadows ****** her into a hole, and the illusions began.

    She was suddenly out on the street, hungrier than ever, as cold wind whipped through the atmosphere. Euna was crying as her parents cuddled her against them, trying to comfort the child.

    Minseo reached for Euna and pulled her into her arms. Just as the child calmed down, the shadows pulled her into a new scene. Her parents were fighting, shouting at each other as Euna trembled in her bedroom doorway, clutching her teddy bear, Seoyeon.

    Minseo wanted to scream. As she opened her mouth, she felt herself being ****** into another hole. She landed in a ditch. All of her family members were scraped, bruised, and fatally wounded.

    Minseo’s eyes welled with tears and they began to fall, round, crystal drops of liquid dropping to the ground and soaking into the dirt.

    Then she was falling, nothing but darkness below her, through an endless hole, falling, falling…

    Her eyes popped open. Breathing heavily, she slid out from under the covers. The clock on her bedside table read 2:00 a.m.

    She walked to the kitchen and opened the drawer, staring at the kitchen knife. Just as her fingers touched it, she snapped out of it. I… I can’t… Instead, she poured a glass of cold water and drained it in seconds.

    Her head throbbed with the chill of the water, but she quietly tiptoed back to her room and curled up underneath the covers. There was no sense in trying to sleep now, anyways.

    With a small sigh, she pulled a book off her bedside table.

    I’m fine… right?

        noelleshin replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Censored word: sucked

        evilerruler845 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Pfft it s.ucks not! I loved the darkness that you described in the story 🙂

          noelleshin replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          UwU thanks

          evilerruler845 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago


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