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    nogooddeedgoesunpunished posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 7 months ago

    Note- This is set in the pre-schoolmaster era, ergo there wasn’t any blue forest or enchanted gate to train in and have the trial by tale in. Comment any feelings or suggestions.

    “Grey for nevers, white for evers.” Professor Sheeks boomed across the classroom, captivating her terrified audience with a sweeping purple cape blooming gnashing teeth.
    “Since the glass orchard is open to the skies, you are liable for what attacks, Evangeline!”
    “Um, harpies, child eaters ma’am.”
    “Correct. Jazzom!”
    “Cyclopses and trolls, for they doth be known to lurk around places of harvest.”
    “Correct. And don’t forget. You have to watch out for each other. Remember, these flags work like the ones in the trial by tale. You’ll see white fireworks if an ever disappears, black for never, and red for a death. This orchard is not protected by walls, therefore, you are not protected.” At this last comment, a baby faced girl burst into tears, only consolable by humming a little tune with her friends about how nice it is to have a prince at arm’s reach. Queri groaned and picked at a spot of lint on her coat. The copper detailing weighed the evers down by some twenty pounds, the latest way good had pushed the nevers down. Everyone knew that they were better. Animals in the woods were sketchy and often flighty, resorting to escape in a time of crisis. The woods had nearly 1000 mogrifs, including unhelpful ones like trees and other forms of shrubbery. Evers could try calling out to an oak, but unless someone had an allergy of shade, the incantation was of no use. Nevers had rightfully won the passed one hundred and six stories, without evers having their way. Sheeks droned on and on about safety, and while most of the class looked alert, this was water under the bridge to the best students and they knew it. Grissela was filling down her nails, Rennuth was whittling down a spear, and Queri was admiring her fingerglow. It was the loveliest shade of orange, similar to the color of spilt blood on marble, but more wholesome. At Sheeba’s command four large boulders were brought in. The everboys, neverboys, and nevergirls lined up to sharpen their swords, arrows, knives and shoes. The evergirls sat in a corner summoning man-eating plants. As Queri stood in line, she thought back to the stories her mother used to tell her. A century ago, there weren’t evers and nevers, just Goods. Everyone was a good, and did kind deeds. There was no competition, so comparison, and everyone was better off, especially the unfortunate who had people offering them food and shelter left and right. After a little while, a difference became apparent. There was one group who were clearly better at this charity , and one group who could use a little work. The good ones were penned “nevers”, because they could never do wrong. The trying ones were named Evers, because they tried whenever they could. A power play began to erupt. Cities were inviting nevers to join discussions on how to improve welfare, people were electing them office, and nevers began to change their status from the well being of all, to the well being of evers. This infuriated the evers, who didn’t need help, thank you very much. Many meetings happened in the dead of night. One day, nearly 10,00 evers across the endless woods threw down their shovels, seeds, sandwiches, and homamde stew, and stormed their kingdoms. All the never royalty were assassinated, save two infantile brothers. Within days the nevers retaliated, killing nearly half of the ever population in the endless wood. People recall walking through blood for weeks after the massacre. Through storian tales and gossip, the nevers image changed, until they were responsible for every crime. Until then, the schoolmaster had only taken in the best goods, to protect the world from these new rouges. The school masters split the palace in half, one half to train the future generation of Goods, and one half to reform evil. With the sudden stop of murders and theft with the looming threat of going to the school, people soon became bored. One school master decided that the vil school should train its students to pillage and plunder, and so the school for good and evil began it’s ever-never structure. Queri’s mother had warned her to keep telling the true story. Everyone was trying to push the truth under the surface, and make way for a much nicer, but fake, story.
    “Next.” The line moved forward, jolting any daydreamers awake. To be continued.

        thesgeturtle replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        Could you please tag me?

          nogooddeedgoesunpunished replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Sure! Do I tag you in my next story post or right now in comments?

        thesgeturtle replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        I usually tag new people on the next chapters. But I suppose you can do whatever works for you!

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