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    nogooddeedgoesunpunished posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 7 months ago

    My first level one RP- I hope you like it!
    The first few seconds were a daze. Hues flew by on wings of taste, and left me feeling emotions. If heaven was real, I was dead right then. Flowers bloomed and withered away in front of my eyes, under a sun that never set, shooting mist out of beams of light. It was a perfect utopia, and perfection is always deceitful. A few seconds later, it was dark. I inhaled, taking in dirt, bugs and a few petals. The air was thick and foggy, slipping through the cracks of the crumbly tomb. There wasn’t light anymore. I was crouched in a ball, unable to mowe. I bounded the ceiling. Roots and laughter fell down onto me like snowflakes. I pounded harder, scratching my manicure away one stone at a time, until my arm felt the promise of sunshine, and the tickle of cool grass. The earth underneath my feet started shifting, pushing m up and up, until my head poked through, my feet rose high and planted on the ground. Fairies pulled me up and flew me towards my hopes and dreams. The school for good stood victorious and glorious against blue trees and clear water. Everything was perfect, until I bumped into her. For a minute, I thought she had mogrified into a grease ball, until I saw the unsure smile, and knew even a grease ball was happier than that.
    “Hello, I’m Beatrix.” I said, flaunting my mother’s kinder smile and opening a forgiving heart. TO BE CONTINUED – I’m trying to write things from Beatrix’s perspective, going into more specifics about classes and how good operates.

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