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    oksanevis4 posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 2 years, 4 months ago

    BIO just below 🙂
    POV (I was a bit confused about the Necklace one so I’ve continued from the Sword… hope it’s okay Olive!)
    There was a voice. A voice in the woods.
    I knew it would be calling my name, but it never said a word. It was like a lilting wind, lulling and intoxicating; crooning a yearning to see the edge of the Dark Woods into my all too eager ears.
    I should have known better, it was standard Evil practice to use a lost love or harmless idea to lure your prey from ok safety. But it was all so easy: leaving the towers of school, stark against dark, white skies behind me; wandering through glistening, untouched snow until I stood, pleased by the contrast of good and evil, safe blues and dire greens, all smothered by the same blanket.
    I hardly noticed my frozen limbs nor the billowing breaths emerging from a much larger, unknown second party in the shadows of the tree line. Not through my hazy mind, fogged over by the silent suggestions of the bitter gale buffering my head.
    My trance was broken as swiftly as it snapped my leg in two.
    I remember pain burning through the snow.
    Fear, blood stained upon the grey, churned up ice.
    Fast movement, bounding, silent as a ghost on that still Lake. Trees flashing past, whipping against my trailing body.
    As my world turned to the dim blur of confused, pained shutdown, I felt heat. Strong and steady. Breaths sounding soft against my numb skin. Sharp fangs embodied in my mangled shin.
    A trail of red laid bare in our wake.
    That’s what I saw, dancing in the raw flames of the tavern. What happened around this time, four winters back, when Ira took in her exchange: the lives of her pups for a miserable life of mine. Dragged back from rest, out of that d amned Lake, and back into a body that didn’t feel all my own.
    Even though I was just a child, a body formed of ice and the dead wolves I was paying for, I can remember that first day. The amarok looking over me, blood in her eyes, staining the snow up the hill where the body of my former father lay ravaged and soulless. She watched me in the snow for a while, feeling the bond formed between us running in her blood, in her pups’ lost blood, before she snarled,
    ‘Lykos. I have taken my penance, an exchange of lives, taken in spite. You shall age thirteen of these white seasons before I call in my due payment. Your life shall never be your own, and on your own shall you live it.’
    She left me at my father’s village in a mountain pass and took me as she said.
    I still couldn’t decipher where I stood with her. She never wandered far, feeling her bond to her pups reflected in me. I could sense her prowling in the trees outside the town even now, as I sat here watching a shivering girl failing at bartering her way into an embroidered cloak outside, mentally counting how many days I could afford being out of the bitter winds in the taverns shabby rooms.
    Not nearly enough.

        olive-elder replied 2 years, 4 months ago


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