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    olarofarendolle posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi, here is my fanfic about the Coven!!! If you haven’t seen the other chapters yet you can always tell me to post it! I hope you enjoy this part! It is mostly about Anadil thinking. But action will be ready soon!
    Chapter 5!!!
    Anadil looked at the man, she couldn’t make out his figure since there wasn’t enough light in the prison cell. Hester and her demon were chained to the wall. The cats were lying on the ground unconscious. Dot was busy snoring away. Had they not heard what the man said? They didn’t want Hester, they wanted Anadil. Was something wrong with her? What did they want her to do at Four Points?

    “Why me,” Anadil shouted back, but she heard no answer. They were meant to be the ones to stop these villains, but these villains would be using them to get what they want. Anadil wondered if the coven was still Evil. They had been helping Agatha and Tedros to defeat Japeth. They were now helping evil stop winning tales! She glanced at Hester and Dot, what was happening to her coven? Did Hester never know that they were becoming heros? They were meant to be the most powerful villains the Woods had ever seen!

    Suddenly, loud noises alarmed Anadil, she turned around and spotted needles coming out of the wall. One headed for Hester, one headed for Dot and one headed for her. Anadil screamed but it was no use. One struck painfully into her delicate pale skin. Her friends didn’t scream, they just laughed. Anadil stared at them in shock, they were both laughing, like her mother did when she would laugh to her father’s jokes. What was happening? Then Anadil felt it, and soon, she was laughing too…

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