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    olarofarendolle posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 3 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Soman, do you write full time?
    Also, in the future, could you maybe write more books faster? It feels like I’ve been waiting for a year for book 6 already.

        princezzdot replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        Do not rush in Authors process. If you had six novels to write that are each about 300 pages – Actually over in a lot of them-would you want people telling you to “hurry up”, and “Write faster”.
        I don’t mean to offend you, but this post seems quite demanding to me.
        If the books take so long, maybe you should just stop reading them.

        hjannie replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        I understand you’re really looking forward to th 6th book (I am too!), but don’t you want an amazing, complete book? 🙂
        I think writing an amazing book takes time, which is why it is going to take time for book 6 to come out. I would personally wait a long time for a good book rather than a short time for a mediocre book.

        I understand it’s hard, but maybe try to distract yourself with another book or series while waiting 🙂 ?
        (What ends up happening to me is that I read so many series that are incomplete, I have a waiting list for at least a hundred books 😂 )

          olarofarendolle replied 3 months ago

          Oh, I didn’t mean to be offending but I just hope the books can come out faster! I really want them! But yes, I still want them to be in great quality!

        angelicanne replied 3 months ago

        Everyone has the right idea here you cant rush an author it will just give you a bad book or short book. Although, my advice while waitinjg for the sixth book is to re-read the series very slowly and drink in all the words. You may catch stuff you missed or make new theories! It is also a good way to refresh your mind before the next comes out

          olarofarendolle replied 3 months ago

          Oh yes Thank you!

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