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    olivefaye posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 6 months ago

    Edward currently lay over a red floral print lounge chair in the top of one of the towers of the school for evil. He had abandoned the original dorm room that had been assigned to him years earlier, and stole some fancy furniture from the school for good’s basement. His curtains flowed throughout the room, the cool summer air breezing around himself.
    But it wasn’t long into his book that he noticed raindrops making their way inside through the window. Edward lazily stood up, walking over to shut the window pane, when he finally noticed a difference from within the school for good. Lights were shining from across the moat in windows that had previously never been lit in the time he had been there. Edward slammed the window shut and ran towards the door of his room, he swung it open and was mortified to find the sound of voices coming from somewhere further down within the castle. The workers were never this loud.
    Students had arrived.
    Edward was relieved to know he’d finally be surrounded by other people his age and would be able to make friends, yet he was moreso irritated. Having to share an entire castle with students when it had previously been just himself left a horrible taste in Edward’s mouth. He liked his space, the undivided treatment from the staff, but now there was god-knows how many other people to deal with.
    As Edward made his way down the stairs, the chatter getting louder with each step, Edward debated how he should win over the trust of his peers. They were all evil like himself, but surely as proven through the books Edward had read, there were bound to be people who fitted a more henchman type character.
    Once making his way down to the chaos, he noticed that the wolves were waiting outside dorm rooms, waiting for the door to open to push them towards a staircase. The leader of the pack, Neugdae, made his way over to Edward. Ed stuck out his hand to the large animal and it keened it’s head into his touch. The wolf nudged his hand a few times, before beckoning for him to follow the rest of the students in a more civil approach. Edward did as he was told, curious as to what kind of initiation they were going to.
    After multiple twists and turns, Edward found himself inside of a large building, all kinds of different kids sitting amongst pews. He had no way to tell who was good and who was evil as he scanned the room, each student wearing some different kind of bizarre attire. Only a few, he noticed, wore attire that were similar to his, one of which, was seated further towards the back, looking lost and a little nervous.
    Edward made his way towards the dark haired boy, thinking of what he should say as an introduction as he walked.
    Which was when the boy looked over at Ed, his green eyes staring directly at him.
    Edward almost froze in panic. F—. He couldn’t mess this up on the first day. But then the stranger took in his suit and smiled so hard it almost looked like it hurt.
    The boy waved him over, patting at the spot beside him, and Edward, realising he couldn’t back out now, smiled back and sat down beside him.
    “You have no idea how relieved I am to see someone normal.” The stranger sighed, the smile still never threatening to leave.
    Edward’s grin grew brighter, this boy could fall for his charm.
    “Don’t worry, I’m the same. The attire on some people here is crazy! My name’s Edward, by the way.”
    The ever so slightly taller boy extended his hand to shake;
    “Pleasure to meet you Ed, I’m Jace.”

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        Scree bby Jace

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