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    olivefaye posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 4 months ago

    Edward’s POV

    Edward had found himself lost within the school for good. He’d never found his way around the school previously, and in this moment did he wish he had.
    He found himself colliding with a body and groaned as he hit the floor, the body falling on him.
    “Harris? Are you okay?” Called a deepish voice.
    Great. Harris.
    Edward opened his eyes and found himself face to face with the one and only, Harris. His mismatched eyes staring down at Ed.
    The two had a, unique relationship. That was the best way to put it.
    Harris’s lips curved up into a flirty smile, and he winked at Ed, opening his mouth to make a suggestive comment till they both heard the sound of footsteps approaching.
    Harris rolled off Edward in an instant, scrambling to his feet.
    4 boys rounded the corner to where they stood, one being Jace.
    The other three… there was a short one and two taller ones. The one that appeared around Edward’s height had golden hair, styled strangely, and a peculiar fashion sense similar in style to Harris’s. The shortest had frizzy brown hair that matched the same colour as his eyes. And the third boy…
    He had the fashion sense of someone from the same era of Edward, tweaked a bit weirdly, a few paintbrushes sticking out of the pockets. But his hair… his hair was revolting.
    It was shoulder length, and coloured so bizarrely Ed wondered if it was even possible to have hair that coloured.
    “Ed!” Exclaimed Jace, beaming at him.
    “You know this guy?” Asked the golden haired one.
    “I met him earlier, he’s from the same time as me.”
    Harris turned to Edward, exchanging his hand. “Hey Ed, I’m Harris, nice to meet you.”
    Ed didn’t think twice before shaking it. If this helped him pretend to be a Good student, then so be it.
    I know its short but you’re all writing POVs and I need to get it out before I have to rewrite it.

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        I love this!

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