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    olivefaye posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 3 years, 11 months ago

    Laura Emmylou
    L, Laya, Laura, Lor (Those annoying people call her that to annoy her)
    AGE: Looks sixteen and stuff, but I have no idea how old she is.
    Fairytale relatives: Father Time
    APPEARANCE: Her hair is a dark brown, curly and long, just below her chest. She has almost black brown eyes and dark, thin eyebrows. About 5’8 ft. tall and really thin, almost underweight. Nicely tanned.
    A white t-shirt with red stripes that’s been worn a lot yet still has lots of life left and no holes, a denim jacket that’s a little too big for her, light blue denim skinny jeans and brown doc martins. A pair of ray-ban-like-sunglasses resting on top of her head.
    Laura was one of the only ten survivors when her city was set a-fire and raided by a massive group of thieves and salvages, so the experience has left her emotionally scarred and scared of letting people get close because she doesn’t want to experience the loss again. She’s really shy and un-trusting, yet when she lets you in (Hardly ever) she’s kind and loud and outgoing.
    Is immortal unless her father and his remaining six fellow time-keepers decide to kill her, or she dies from something that isn’t old age.
    EVER/NEVER: Neutral
    Laura grew up in a town celebrating festivals every fortnight or so. One night, while she was sleeping at a friend’s house, she smelt smoke and heard shouting. Laura, seeing some of the town ablaze, and not many townsfolk, or any, running, or if they were, killed by men with swords and hobo-looking-clothing. Laura woke her friend, and they grabbed blankets and a little bit of food, running down into the stone basement, [These basements were really good. Stone, then a gap, and more stone, water in the gap to keep it cooler in case of fire.] When they awoke in the morning, they found the only other survivors were Laura’s father and six of his closest time-keepers who had a meeting that previous night in her father’s basement. There was only one building that survived, the Church. Laura and her friend left, but her father and co stayed, rebuilding the town, ready for new townsfolk to move in and be taught the traditions. After a few decades, Laura’s friend died from old age. Laura’s mother was mortal and died when Laura was 50.

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