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    oliveofmaidenville posted an update in the group Website Central 5 years ago

    Hi @JoAnn!
    Just a thought, but it would be pretty cool if you could earn ranking points for answering trivia questions correctly! There could be quizzes on books 1, 2, 3 and the handbook. Also, lots of other people have commented on how it would be great to have classes. The ideas could be incorporated together, and you could be sorted into a class, depending on whether you are good or evil, and boy or girl. That way you could earn ranking points within classes, and people who started around the same time could be put together, so that the points are even. Or, there could be seperate points within classes that refresh every three months, and still be able to earn points on the website.
    Thanks for reading!

        boomboompancakes replied 5 years ago

        Yeah! That would be awesome!

          jazzlasteverafter replied 5 years ago

          thats sounds like a great idea!

        oliveofmaidenville replied 5 years ago

        @boomboompancakes and @jazzlasteverafter thanks!

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