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    olivia340 posted an update 9 months ago

    Two things I want to clear up first:
    A. I don’t hate you
    B. I’m not taking sides
    I was reading through everything, looking at all the arguing and I’ve realized something. You’re just somebody who wants friendship, real friendship so bad that you grasp onto them and don’t let them go. You’re trying so hard to force friendship, to hang on with all your might and take somewhat drastic measures to do this. That’s what I see anyways, and you know what, I understand. I’ve been in the exact same situation as you, except not on the internet. But I feel like perhaps the best thing you can do is let go. There are people who care about you here, and it’s not worth clinging on to a friendship that just isn’t working. In fact, I’ve always wanted to get to know you better, not a lie. There are plenty of people here to support you, and I’m willing to be one of them.

        thea-moonlight replied 9 months ago

        Thanks, this means a lot. I really wasn’t black mailing her though. She just saw it that way, and instantly posted something before we could’ve handled it properly.
        I really am sorry.

          gwen-elodie replied 9 months ago


          olivia340 replied 9 months ago

          It’s just hard to decide who to trust in a situation like this. I can’t really decide if you actually blackmailed Gwen or of she was clearly lying because this was really just something going on between you two and there are a lot of blanks I have to guess on.

        thea-moonlight replied 9 months ago

        I have to go. Bye. Let’s talk later.

          olivia340 replied 9 months ago


        olivia340 replied 9 months ago

        Gwen, I’d prefer if you two keep the arguing out my activity. I’m not justifying her actions, but I made this as an activity post because I wanted to talk to her privately and unaffected by any outside arguing.

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