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    oliviatrue posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Chapter 3 is here!

    Chapter Three

    When I wake up I find another prisoner in my cell. Something
    about her looks tells me she isn’t new to here. Her clothes are torn
    and her hair cut short and matted. She has a fierce look on her face,
    and her eyes don’t say otherwise.
    I trust my instincts and walk up to her, but as I approach she
    hisses at me and glares until I walk away and turn my head.
    When the time comes to eat, I gather my courage and try to talk to her.
    “So,” I ask “what are you here for?”
    She glares again but still answers.
    “I was once in a town where we lived a life away from the castle
    and fought them ‘till I ran away and that’s when they captured me.
    How about you?”
    “I was the founder and one of the wariors in a town like your old
    one except when I was gathering for the morning and keeping watch
    the guards caught me.”
    She suddenly asks me “I don’t think I caught your name.” as if
    she knows I hate that question.
    I come up with something quick because I know what to do
    because I practiced for this situation. “I don’t think I caught yours
    “So,” she says with a grin, “No learning each other’s names until
    we can learn to trust each other? I’m liking you more and more by
    the second.”

        agatha1122 replied 1 year ago

        good job! im already tagged 😀

        oliviatrue replied 1 year ago

        I just finished chapter five as well so I could probably write and post one chapter a day!

          agatha1122 replied 1 year ago

          ya same here lol 😀

        beachbionic replied 1 year ago


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