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    oliviatrue posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    Here is Chapter 4! For those of you who need to catch up, click this! @oliviatrue

    Chapter Four

    “Do you want to escape this place?” says a very sudden but quiet voice.
    “I mean, yeah,” I respond.
    “Well then why don’t we? This dungeon is guarded by Cedric, the sleepy guard. If we make it out of here, we’re halfway out. The other half is surviving the castle and the woods.”
    “We’ll go back to my village and live our lives when we’re out.”
    “That’s fine with me if we stay here a few more days so I can save more food. Cedric gives me more food than you and more high quality food than you because he feels bad for only me, so if I were to ask him to escape he would let me through but only me.”
    “That’s great with me. I can use my powers to escape by myself and meet you outside. I’ll save my food as well though so we’ll have more.”
    Suddenly we hear a loud knock and an even louder voice, “Sleep well tonight, your execution ceremony, as well as a few *cough cough* others who wouldn’t tell who you were, is tomorrow morning. Good night. Heh heh I love my job as executioner.”
    We both looked at each other, knowing what he meant by a few, knowing we had to escape tonight, and knowing that our escape just got a lot more complicated.

        oliviatrue replied 1 year ago

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