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    Hey y’all! Vayda and us all finished Chapter Two of The Red Suit! I’m posting it now cuz she hasn’t yet!

    Chapter Two: Memories Gone
    The Red Suit looked on at Simul. The Red Suit would take over and rise again. And The Red Suit was themself. The Red Suit’s time just happened to be right now. They would take over Simul, The Red Suit swore to themself. With the help of a few Simulans and her daughter.
    “So I blacked out?”
    “Yes. But… I’m not… I’m not gonna experiment on you,” Dex said.
    I stared at him, still shocked with my blackout. “Not even if your King demands it?”
    “It depends on what he’d want to do… I want to forget this… but… I could hear you,” he admitted.
    “Hear my what?” I asked, a pit of dread forming in my stomach.
    “Hear your screams. Every day. I heard them. Nonstop.” He turned pale. “And I wondered what on Earth they were doing. Those screams weren’t even human.”
    “I’m Simulian. Not human.”
    “Yeah… but… I heard Evol screaming. And hers sounded human.”
    “You heard me screaming?” My legs got wobbly and I steadied myself. Dex grabbed my hand. “It’s okay.”
    Just then, one of the paunchy knights who’d delivered Dex came and opened the cell. “New orders, boy. The king has something he wants you to do.”
    “What is it?”
    “No questions. Come with me.” Dex exited the cell and I twisted my hands in dread and sang to myself.
    “Just like Fire
    Burning up the way
    If I could light the world up for just one day
    Watch this madness
    Colorful charades
    No one can be just like me anyways
    Just like Fire.”
    I expected to spark a ball of red fire. I frowned once it failed. Then I twisted my bracelets that had been slapped on me by the guards. Ability restrictors. The pure brutality of it swept a wave of nausea over me.
    Dex came back, looking ashen.
    He entered the cell and said, “Before you freak out, it’s gonna be fine.”
    He grabbed my arm and I backed away from him. “Don’t make this difficult, please.”
    “I’m not budging an inch until you tell me what you’re gonna do.”
    “The guards are having me draw blood so we can see Simulian blood,” he said, and gestured to an empty needle inside one of his pockets. My breathing grew shallow.
    “No, no. No. No no no no no. No thank you.”
    “Just… let me do this. Okay?”
    “No,” I said.
    “It’s not gonna be painful. I know how to do this,” he said gently.
    “Don’t. Please.”
    “Because you– you said it yourself. You could hear me screaming.”
    “It’s just blood. And it’s for research.”
    I sighed and held out my arm. I felt the pinch and then it was done.
    Dex slipped out of the cell and ran down the hall. Soon, he had come back with a grim look on his face.
    “The King’s holding a ball tonight,” he said. “He said he wants you to be there, for a surprise… And… he wouldn’t tell me what it was, but I’m sure it’s gonna be bad.”

    My eyes widened as I saw a girl with wavy brown hair and tan skin unconscious in an alley, her head bruised nastily and her wrists tied together with cuffs, chains and thick, iron manacles. I stepped away from Dante, assuring him I would be fine, but not telling him where I was going. I wasn’t going to lie. Lying was hiding the truth, and I wouldn’t mislead the father figure in my life.
    I opened my eyes to discover a pounding in my head and pain in my gut, as if I couldn;t breathe. I immediately thought of Nora, wishing I knew where she was and hoping she was safe.
    I shook off the weird feeling of hope and the pull my heart felt, when another person entered my mind: MJ.
    Oh Gods. MJ.
    That’s when my vision cleared and I saw a dark-haired girl standing at the entrance of the alleyway.
    “It’s okay,” I said, moving towards the strange girl. Her eyes were this fantastical gold, like the shine of a golden ring, but she seemed… dangerous, so I kept my distance just enough. “My name is Lavena, and I’m not here to hurt you.”
    “Riiiight,” I replied, pressing my back into the alleyway. Fire started to flicker from my hands to the concrete ground, no smoke pouring from the small, secret flames.
    I saw the flame and sighed. Water trailed from my fingers in the air, hovering until it got to the flames and dropping, the fire hissing angrily, yet evaporating.
    A Water elemental. I knew how to defeat those types.
    I spread fire around her, letting it rise by feeding it air. It rose quickly, escalating beyond my expectations, even.
    I slipped through the flames, the heat warming my fingers. The other girl’s eyes widened, and I smiled.
    “I’m a hybrid,” I said, crouching down to be eye-level with her. “Bet you’ve never seen someone like me.” The words of the bullies at Water and Fire colony schools echoed, leaving bitterness in my mouth.
    Freak. Weirdo. Two-Face. Fire Liar. Water Cheat. Stand out.
    I almost said stop, but that would be strange as the taunts were only in my head.
    I could sense the sadness of the girl, and I shared her despair of being a hybrid. I stood up, using Air to steady myself.
    “No, I’ve seen ones. In fact, I am one,” I said, the sharing of my species making me feel strangely close to this girl. ‘Lavena’ smiled, like she had found something she had been looking for.
    “Really?” I whispered, awe lining my tone. I couldn’t believe I had found someone like me. “What’s your name?”
    “Caeli,” I said before I could stop myself. My stomach lurched and I suddenly felt dizzy all over again. “Do you know what colony I’m in?”
    “Fire,” I answered immediately. The girl’s eyes flashed.
    MJ. The girl I had felt like was my sister, being a hybrid from a different colony, like me.
    I started to hover, but my dizziness sent me down again. I groaned.
    I raced to Caeli as she fell onto the pavement. I helped her up and she managed a weak smile.
    “Are you okay?” I asked, worry clouding my thoughts.
    “I’m fine,” I mumbled. Lavena ignored my weak mumble and helped me up, propping me up with her arm as I leaned on her thin, fragile body.
    “MJ,” I said out loud, my eyes getting fuzzy. “MJ,” I said louder, holding the wall to bring myself up. “I have to get to MJ.”
    “Where?” I asked, my brow furrowed with confusion at the babble the girl was mumbling.
    “England…” My eyes started to flutter. “England! Humans! I need… MJ… rescue in England from…” My eyes closed, but I fought them open, having a small battle.
    MJ? In England? From the humans? From the…
    My heart pounded and I dropped the girl, whose gold eyes snapped open, not making me wonder how she got the color, but only sparking fear.
    The humans knew… they knew about Simul.
    What about Bubbles? Dante? Aquafina? I didn’t want them hurt.
    The… the fire bombs and the war, I saw blood…
    The images of the Fire-Ice war started coming over me and I started panting and stumbling, tears starting to ***** my eyes. I pressed my hands to my head gently, slumping to the ground and sobbing.
    I watched the panic attack Lavena was having, trying to say something so she wouldn’t feel so… wait, was that tears? I wasn’t good with tears.
    I tried to say something, but all got out was “MJ, Nora, safe” before the world blacked out.
    “No, no… no bombs, no hurt, no violence… no no…” I sobbed, not hearing, seeing, feeling, only finding darkness, violence, bombs, war…
    The humans were coming to destroy us. But there was also this… Red Suit?
    I realized Caeli was mumbling something while still being passed out. I kept crying silently as I watched her, her eyes white and blank, her mouth saying strange things in a raspy monotone.
    “The Red Suit is coming,” She mumbled. I stood up and started running before I smashed into someone.

    I walked for what seemed like forever, but Alden was still passed out by the time I reached the castle. I slid Alden’s body off Meeka and left him at the gates. Then I ran into the woods urging Meeka to follow me. ”Go back to your pasture.” I told her. I wasn’t going back to that place ever again. I’m caught up in their expectations. They try to make me live their dream. And I’m causing them so much frustration. Said a voice in my head.
    But they only want the best for you. A different one fought back. I shook them away. I needed to find someone. Someone who I trusted. Then I saw someone. I couldn’t be in the water colony already? Could I?
    ”Hey! You!” I shouted at them
    “Hi, do you know where we are? I last knew when I was in the Water colony I am trying to get to Air,” Celia said.
    ”You’re in the Nature Colony. And Air is North-West.”
    Celia nodded. “Okay, are you headed anywhere?”
    ”Anywhere away from the Castle.” I said.
    “I am Celia and you are?”
    ”Evol.” I sighed, hoping she didn’t recognize me.
    “Nice to meet you Evol, if you want you can come with me to meet up with my friend Nora”
    ”Sure, I’ll come with you! At least you don’t care about me being a—”
    “A what?” Celia asked.
    ”A princess.” I mumbled. Ugh. Why did I say that? Why?!
    “Nice, so do you still want to come or.. whatever you might be busy with like heading wherever you were planning to go” Celia asked.
    ”Yes! I want to go, far, far away from here! I had to punch my brother twice and stab his hand with a dagger to get away! Plus a trip to England…”
    Celia laughed. “Okay, let’s go then!”
    I smile and nod. This person doesn’t hate me, isn’t a filthy hybrid, and is nice to me just because.
    ”The Red Suit is coming.”
    ”What did you say, Celia?” I asked.
    ”The Red Suit will triumph. They’ll take over you all. The Red Suit will triumph. They’ll make you look small! The Red Suit is coming. Theedsuitiscomingtheredsuitiscomingthereduitiscoming!!!!” Celia collapsed on the ground, barely breathing.
    ”Celia! Are you okay!” I said, shocked. Who was the Red Suit? What did they want?
    Celia slowly opened her eyes to the blinding light of the sun. “What happened?”
    ”You started chanting this weird thing about ’The Red Suit’! Then you fell unconscious!” I explained.
    “Who or what in the whole wide world is the red suit? It sounds like some kind of Vacation place” Celia said standing up.
    ”Haha! It does, probably nothing then!” I shrugged.
    “I can see it now. Come one and all to the amazing Red suit that is secretly haunted” Celia said with a laugh.
    ”That is something I would go to!” I laughed and imitated an adult.
    “My worst fear is ghosts so I would only go on a dare or beg anyone I don’t like to come with me” Celia responded.
    ”Shall we get going? I can call horses so we get there faster.”
    Celia shook her head. “I am not going to risk passing out on a horse we should just walk”
    I sighed and frowned. ”Ugh. Fine. Let’s go then!”
    “If you want you can still ride a horse and I will just try to keep up” Celia suggested.

    It’s 10:34! Max isn’t here yet, I’ve called and called and called, no answer! What if she got hurt?! What if she got lost?! What if she’s… No. My mind can’t go there. I’ll go look for her! I ran out the door after calling,
    ”Mom! I’m going to go look for Max!”
    I ran down the block, then I saw her. Phone cracked and broken on the sidewalk, scrapes everywhere, and her hand twisted up.
    ”Max!” I screamed.
    Verde quickly ducked behind the wall and hid. He had bumped into that girl after coming out of his portal from Simul. He was going to follow the people. That was for sure. But then he had a different idea. How about he found a human and took them back to Simul! He slipped away and looked around.
    Pain. That was all I could feel as I lay still near the sidewalk. It was all over my body. I tried to open my eyes, but all I could see was black. My mind was black. I suddenly heard a slightly familiar voice call out to me, but the only hearing I had in this painful situation started to fade as I drifted into a deep state of unconsciousness…
    ”Max! It’s okay! Don’t worry! I’m going to call an Ambulance!” I sobbed and pulled out my phone.

    Cyan slowly stood up. Where was she? She was in a cell of some sort. What? She heard a voice say “Well, I… I need to go. Get ready.”
    She didn’t know where she was, and she heard clear singing from down the hall. The singing stopped and she assumed that the singer had fallen asleep. A man came to get her and yanked her onto her feet. “Let me go!” she snapped. “Keep talking like that and you’re worth more trouble then you came for. Found you asleep in an alley with ice flakes around you. In the middle of summer.” She was pulled up a staircase and into a ballroom. There were people there and they turned to stare.
    Cyan looked around and saw she was on the Mainland. She probably went to go find this ‘M.J.’ girl and got captured herself.

    A bad feeling came over me and I sighed. “Well, when is this ball?”
    “It’s in a few hours. Also, some of the scientists tested your blood, and they found something interesting. You’re half Simulian, which we found was basically tweaked human genes, and half of something else. We don’t know what. It was inconclusive,” Dex rattled.
    “Hmmm. Okay. That’s weird.”
    “I… I need to go. Get ready,” he clarified. And lo and behold, I was alone. I sang for a while until my voice started cracking. Mostly birdsongs and little melodies. Then a guard came and got me. Now that they knew I was half-something, they acted a bit afraid of me. I snorted. They pulled me upstairs and into a fancy ballroom. I must have looked really wrong in the fancy, clean ballroom with my ******, ***** figure.
    Across the ballroom, I saw Dex with a girl hanging off of his arm. A pang of jealousy shot through me. I also saw another girl… she had dark hair and eyes and looked like she was in pain.
    She was in so much pain. This was killing her. And… oh my god. Cyan leaned closer to inspect the other Simulian. Wait. She was a Hood. The girl was part Hood. No way. No. Way. No. Way.
    The King stood and clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.
    “There is much to celebrate tonight. The Simulians are here and tonight they will be displaying their gifts! There is an Ice Simulian and a Fire Simulian. Tonight, their skills will be put to the test. Together, they’ll be put up here to fight!”
    It felt like cotton had been slapped over my ears. Everything diluted to a blank noise. I wasn’t an animal. Even Evol would protest against this. I faintly heard someone screaming, “No!” I looked up to see Dex running to the King, but he was brushed aside. Then, a girl with pretty dark hair and bangs gracefully went up to the King and curtsied. She asked, “Shouldn’t we eat first before they fight, sir?”
    Marianne looked shocked, so she had an idea. She went up to the king saying, “Shouldn’t we eat first before we should do the fight sir?”
    The King thought about this and agreed.
    On the inside, Cyan was terrified. She didn’t stand a chance against this girl, especially because she was a Hood. No matter how powerful Cyan was, she didn’t stand a chance against a half-Hood.
    “Thank you! You are truly a wonderful king!” She replied. And went back to cooking.
    I shot Dex a pleading look. Soon, the people had eaten and I still wasn’t free.
    The guards shoved the other girl and I forward so we were in range of each other. A ring had been set up and we were put inside. I raised my voice.
    “I just want to say… you all are major-league a-holes. Making kids fight. Wonderful.” I flipped them a bird and a few of them booed me.
    “Hey, I mean, there’s nothing worse you can do! Making us fight like animals in an arena! ***** all of you!” A few parents covered their kids’ ears because I didn’t say ‘*****.’
    Cyan whispered back. “I agree, make it look like we’re fighting so we don’t have to be in any more pain.” she then shot a shard of ice at the girl, which evaporated as it touched her, looking like it was going into her skin.
    I pretended to fall and lit my hands with a pink blaze, which I hurled at the girl. She pretended to freeze it off of her and scream in pain.
    Marianne watched, feeling helpless.
    We pretended to be fighting for a few minutes longer until I pretended to collapse unconscious. “MJ!” someone screamed. “No!” I recognized Dex.
    “We also have reason to celebrate because Dex, and my captain of the guards’ daughter, Nya, are officially together!” the King boasted. I gasped and pretended to stir. Was this true?
    “No–” Dex began.
    “Yes!” a female voice cut off. I pretended to groggily sit up just in time to watch Nya, the other girl, throw her arms around Dex and kiss him. I felt tears leak out of my eyes. Why wouldn’t he choose her? She was attractive, blond, and had a curvy, fit body. Meanwhile… I was me.
    “Every Sunday, folks! Come watch the Simulians fight!” one guard boasted.
    “But Nya and I–”
    The girl and I were hauled back to our cells.
    I buried my face in my shirt and Ash, who I’d left in the cell, nuzzled up to me. Bitter tears began flowing down my face and my chest shook, expelling all of the venom that I had felt the last few days.
    Cyan decided to speak to ‘M.J.’ in a way where no one would listen. Hey, I’m Cyan. You’re M.J., right?
    I gasped. Yes. But you’re in the cell down the hall.
    Just then, Dex ran down the stairs, his girlfriend still clinging onto him. “Go, Nya,” he told her. “But Deeeeeeex!” she complained.
    He shook her off and ran over to me, taking in my puffy eyes and wet shirt.
    Cyan looked down the hall at the boy who was standing there. “What do you want, Dex Alder?”
    “What do you want?” I asked in a stuffed-up voice.
    “Nya and I aren’t together, it’s all a lie. We’re just friends, actually I take that back, we’re barely even friends,” he said, “And now I’m here to get you out of here.”
    “Me too?” Cyan asked, annoyed that he was ignoring her. That was her job.
    “Yeah, sure,whatever ” he said, focused on me. He opened the cell door. “I’m really glad that Evol wasn’t here, otherwise I’d have to set her free, too.” He turned to open Cyan’s door but I stopped him. “Wait!” I yelped. He turned around. God. He was so close. He could probably count the freckles on her nose. Before he could turn back around, I decided to just go for it. I kissed him. When we pulled away, I told him, “I wanted to do that at least once.”
    Well he’s just peachy. You two deserve each other. She thought to M.J. Set! Me! Free! Now! She thought to Dex. Then she created a portal to Simul and gestured to the two of them. “You coming?” she said, and walked through to the comforting chills of Ice.
    Dex was speechless. He was going through a rollercoaster of emotions, but all of that was replaced with joy when MJ kissed him. Suddenly, a voice spoke through his head. Set! Me! Free! Now! He turned around and that girl, Cyan, was glaring daggers at him. He pulled out the key ring and opened the door. He unlocked the shackles on her wrist and Cyan made a portal. He went through along with Cyan.
    Marianne went down along with Mochi to find Dex for Nya. She didn’t know why she was doing it. Nya was a brat. “Dex?” she called, but instead, Mochi sniffed at the portal and went though, and Marianne had to follow. “Mochi! Where are you going???” Mochi found Dex right with Celia and Cyan and started barking. “Mochi! Stop barking!” Marianne sighed.
    Dex heard barking and turned around, he saw a girl and a puppy, but he didn’t see MJ. He looked around and MJ was standing by the portal shivering. He gave her his jacket, and went through another portal with her.
    Marianne picked up Mochi. “Aww Mochi, at least you found Dex.” Mochi looked at Marianne with pleading eyes. “Ok! Here, a treat!” and gave Mochi some homemade treats from her purse. ‘And now we are lost.’ Marianne thought.

    Nora shivered and walked into the Ice Colony. She couldn’t see anyone, so she hoped to find Marco.
    “Maybe I can go to Cyan’s house? I don’t think she’s home though…I’ll just sleep in the forest,” she grimaced. She peered in the distance and saw a deer.
    “I guess I’ll just go back to the air colony…” she murmured. She quickly crossed the border and ran to her house. In the distance, she saw someone walking. She quickly ran to them.
    Celia noticed Nora and smiled. “You’re safe!” Celia said, hugging Nora.
    “Celia! I missed you so much!” smiled Nora.
    “Did you get my message?” she asked.
    ”You must be the famous Nora?” I asked the girl who Celia was hugging.
    “No, unless you meant Cyan”
    “Oh good! Yeah, I’m Nora, and who are you?” she questioned.
    “Nice to meet you, what’re you guys doing here?” she said.
    “I came ’cause I could, plus I wanted some help with the whole water colony thing also the whole helping M.j thing”
    I groaned. These two wanted to help MJ too. ”Ugh. MJ. Why do you want to help the filthy hybrid?” I snapped and crossed my arms.
    “I don’t know, but since she’s in trouble, I guess I’ll help her?” shrugged Nora.
    “I don’t know her, I just don’t want to just leave someone being hurt by the king and stuff” Celia responded. “But I don’t need to go and that would make stuff easier”
    ”I’ve already been to England. In the dungeons!” I said, rolling my eyes. What’s so great about MJ?
    “Well if you don’t want me to go, that’s fine, I can just handle the water thing here,” said Nora.
    Celia sighed and nodded. “Yeah let’s just focus on the water thing”
    ”What in Simul’s name is the ’Water Thing’?!?!” I asked, tired of them saying ’The Water Thing’.
    “Some supe secretly thing that’s only Fbi agents are allowed to know about”
    “Long story short, Queen Cascade and her husband are planning to overthrow the water colony as a plan of revenge,” admitted Nora.
    ”I’m out!” I faked a smile at Nora, ”Horrible meeting you!” Then I took off, away from them.
    “Uh…well she was rude,” she frowned.
    “She’s okay, it’s not like she’s as bad as me when I am mad” Celia said with a shrug.
    “I guess,” she chuckled. “By the way, have you seen marco?” she asked.
    “No, I don’t think so,” Celia said. “But apparently I don’t remember this but Evol said I chanted something about this person or thing or place called the red suit and we just assumed it was a Haunted vacation place” Celia said.
    “Wait…did you say RED?” she frowned. “M-my vision blurred red during the night and I killed my father…but something was controlling me. And it made me chant: red suit,” she said.
    “Well know you know what I am going to do when we finally meet or go to ‘The red suit’” Celia said with a devilish smile.
    “Yeah, I’ll go with you. But we should also bring some more people, this “person” could be more dangerous than we think,” reasoned Nora.
    “I will blast this ‘person’ as far as the eye can see,” Celia said, blasting water from the palm of her hand.
    “I think she’s more dangerous than you think, let’s find more people in the Ice Colony or Fire colony and regroup,” said Nora.
    Celia shook her head. “I will only help if there isn’t going to be a second Ice and fire war if we try bringing them together cause then there would be no ice left” Celia said.
    “If something bad happens, I promise I’ll stop it. But we have to risk it, to defeat the Red Suit,” said Nora, while smiling sadly.
    “Also I am totally not going to go to England to find M.j after this” Celia said.
    “Ok, I’ll start finding people in the Ice Colony, do you want to split up and find people in the Fire Colony?” asked Nora.
    “I can do the Ice colony. I am not allowed in Fire colony just like Fire colony isn’t allowed in water colony,” Celia said.
    “Then let’s stick together. I can find Caeli in the fire after we find more
    people,” shrugged Nora.
    “Okay, but first let’s go to ice”
    “Yeah, oh and also..do you like someone?” teased Nora.
    Celia rolled her eyes. “Maybe”
    “You HAVE to tell me! Please!” begged Nora.
    “You can’t tell anyone okay” Celia said.
    “I promise!” she grinned.
    “Don’t judge but I maybe-kind of like Cyan,” Celia said with a smile.
    “Aw that’s so cute! You guys are perfect for each other,” said Nora.
    Celia nodded. “So, how are you and Marco?”
    “We’re good…but I miss him a lot, I feel like he’s in trouble somewhere, so we have to find him in the Ice Colony. Hopefully he has a few friends there, too,” worried Nora.
    “Okay let’s go” Celia said with a smile. “Oh I can do this now” Celia said, making water appear in her hand then making it shape into a lightsaber.
    “Cool…let’s look around for people,” said Nora.
    “Let’s go!” Celia said flipping her water lightsaber around.
    “Wait..I think I see someone in the distance,” said Nora, while squinting her eyes.
    Celia waved at the person. “Hello!”
    “Who are you?” questioned Nora.
    Karina jumped. She turned and saw strangers. “Who are you?”
    “I’m Celia and this is Nora, we came here for help to stop “The Red Suit,” Celia said.
    “The Red Suit? How are you going to stop them?” She said. “I thought it was just a tale.”
    “Well..not exactly. Me and Celia have been getting…weird messages from him and he seems to be controlling us,” said Nora.
    “And how are you going to stop them? A duo won’t finished them off, right”
    “Well…we haven’t exactly worked that part out yet. We plan to recruit all the kids in the colonies, or at least most of them,” muttered Nora. “Hmm. Maybe I’ll ask my sister to help. And I can help, too.” Karina replied.
    “That’s great..do you know anybody else in the ice colony that can help us?” asked Celia. She was hoping for her to say Cyan.
    “Have you seen Marco anywhere? We’re kind of like…together I guess,” said Nora anxiously.
    “He’s inside.” Karina pointed to a huge mansion.
    “Okay, let’s go and find him!” said Celia before noticing Cyan in the distance. “I’ll be right back if you don’t mind,” Celia said before walking over to Cyan.
    Cyan saw Celia and walked closer, then changed the portal’s direction to the Ice palace courtyard. “Hi.” Cyan smiled.
    “Hi, how are you?” Celia responded.
    Cyan opened up a portal for them. “I’m good, you? By the way, this should take us to the Fire colony. I think I’ll break some rules today.” Then she opened up another portal containing red cloaks.
    “Let’s go somewhere else maybe the beach or something”
    “The Ice cliffs, maybe? And after we do, I’m going to the Fire colony.”
    “Why?” Celia asked, not really wanting to think about the Fire colony.
    “Because, I want to see if I can sneak in there, steal something, and sneak out without being recognized. So let’s go.” she said, then closed those portals and opened up another leading to the Ice cliffs.
    “Okay, it’s pretty cold here” Celia said following Cyan.
    Cyan opened another portal and pulled out a jacket.
    Celia took the jacket happily. “Thank you”
    Cyan smiled and kissed Celia on the cheek.
    “It sure is beautiful out here” Celia said looking around.
    “Yup. I’m gonna go sneak around the Fire colony soon. I’ll leave a portal for you when I do.” she said, looking over the ledge of this cliff at everything to see there. They sat there for a few minutes more before Cyan kissed Celia and said, “I’m gonna go, see ya!” she stepped through the portal to the Fire colony, fastening her deep red cloak. She looked around. Everything was so, not her. She ran into a costume shop that was labeled Disguises for defeating the Ice Demons. And a normal clothes shop. She grabbed a set of clothes and changed in a back room. She ran out and walked into a make-up store across the street that read Let’s Make You Up! It had tanning spray and all the stuff Cyan needed to pretend that she was a Fire Simulian. When she walked out, she stopped to look in a mirror. She didn’t even recognize herself. Now, she thought, All I have to do is keep my powers under control. Not hard at all. She smiled grimly and created a portal (when no one was looking) to the palace.

    Dex and I were ordered to the Fire palace immediately by a Fire Guard. Marianne trailed behind. I grabbed his hand. He startled a bit. “Is this weird?” I asked tightly. “No, no,” Dex said and I relaxed. Cyan was… somewhere. They arrived at the Palace and went inside.
    I bowed respectfully in front of the Fire King. Dex followed my lead. “What is it, Sir?” I turned behind me to see Marianne also bowing. “These humans… helped you, yes?”
    “I’m sorry about this, I really am. But we need to wipe them. Their memories.”
    Dex took a step back.”What?!”
    “No,” I snapped. “You don’t touch them.”
    “We already have the Nature people who can erase memories lined up,” the King said coolly.
    “No! They helped me! You can’t… you can’t do this!” I cried.
    The king clicked his fingers and the Nature Simulians melted out of the shadows… including my father.
    “No!” I yelled.
    The Simulians grabbed Dex and Marianne.
    Dex’ didn’t know what to do, so he stared at MJ. He needed to see her face, until the darkness took over.
    I knew they were in the process of erasing me from their memories. Their eyes rolled up in their heads and they crashed to the ground.
    “No!” I screamed.
    Anger and sadness swelled in my chest.
    Celia walked into the fire castle and looked around. “Excuse me, sorry if I am interrupting and that I am here in the first place, but if M.j is back then you need to know there are other humans that know about M.j,” Celia said.
    That’s when I exploded.

    Cyan looked around the gates of the palace. Obviously, there was some Ice Demon portal protection around, or she would’ve been inside already. She kept wondering how M.J. was part Hood. The only other Hood she had heard of was… The Red Suit. She gasped. M.J. was related to The Red Suit. Two guards came up next to her. “Hey there, Missy. You wouldn’t happen to be an Ice Demon, now, would you?”
    “No sir,” Cyan said nonchalantly. “Then go ahead. Onto the bridge. The one that melts away all disguises. If you are who you say you are, you’ll be unchanged.”
    Cyan tried to cover herself with her ice. But the disguise melted away nonetheless. The guards seized her and dragged her away into the castle.
    She was deposited on the floor just in time to see MJ glaring at a girl and let out a long scream, invading her ears and causing Cyan to stumble backwards. The guards’ eyes turned golden and they stepped back, pulled their swords, and faced the king. “MJ, no!” Cyan screamed.
    MJ’s fierce expression slipped. MJ saw Dex and Marianne on the floor and she crumbled to her knees. Her eyes went cloudy. They were trying to erase her memory.

    Anahita was still on the mainland when her Simmer lit up. She looked down at it, she had a message from her sister. M.J. is safe. You can come back. Anahita let out a sigh of relief. She ran over to the shore, and made a bubble form. Goodbye mainland, she thought before she jumped on. She rode off into the night, ocean as far as she could see. When she finally saw land she jumped off into the ocean and swam to Simul. She started walking until she realized she was lost. She pulled out her Simmer to check where she was. She was in the Fire colony. Fire Colony?! How did I get there, she wondered. She walked in the direction of the Water colony, but ended up at Fire castle. I have no sense of direction, she thought to herself.
    Celia walked out of the castle and walked around the fire colony for a little bit and noticed Anahita and waved. “Hi!”
    Anahita turned around and saw Celia. “Hey!”
    “So I got bad news but I was just in the castle to tell the king about people knowing M.j and they seem to be erasing people’s minds and Lucy is human so yeah” Celia said pacing back and forth.
    Anahita gasped, “Oh no! Poor Lucy!”
    “So how are we going to help Lucy?” Celia asked, concerned.
    Anahita thought about this, “What if we… kidnap her and pass her off as Simulian?”
    “Kidnap her? 1. She would hate us more than she already does and 2. How would that work when we are kids too ?”
    “Okay, so maybe it isn’t my best plan, but do you have any better ideas?”
    “Hide her in a basement or just tell her what’s happening and have her keep a note in her pocket to remind her to find us to explain what happened like the good place and before you ask what that is I stole human technology and it’s a show” Celia said with a nod.
    “Okay, sounds good, when should we do this?”
    “We should go now probably before they get to her” Celia responded.
    “Lead the way,” Anahita pulled out her Simmer and sent a message to her sister, I’ll be back soon, love you!.
    Celia started to walk towards where she remembered she swam to the mainland anahita following behind her. “So, the plan is to bring her here and pass her as a water simulian.”
    “What do you want to do there cause I mean we could try to do something humans do like go to a water park or something like that oh maybe go to a movie theater”

    After Verde had left him, Red had followed Jasper through the sky back to the fire colony. He was quite disappointed once he realized his bird’s destination, but Jasper was unlike others of his kind. He always had a reason, so Red found himself shrugging as he harnessed the air balloon and trailed his glinting tail feathers through the sky. He could have transported, Red knew, but he enjoyed every moment of the harsh wind blowing through his light locks, the powering feeling of fresh freedom from his daily life.
    His father would be quite angry, Red knew, as he and Jasper set down in the warm courtyard. Red crept through the marble corridors, letting the slight flames tickle his hand. The unnatural silence of the palace was all too deafening to Red’s ears. He slipped through hall after hall, following Jasper’s slight motions, until they both abruptly stopped, hearing a slight commotion.
    Assuming it was another of his father’s servants, Red smoothed his hair down, patting his sloppy clothes down of any proof of where he had gone. Instead, he found multiple persons arguing with his father, including a dark haired human resisting one of the fire guards. A human, he knew, because all he could do was pathetically scream and thrash.
    Red quietly chuckled to himself. So, they’ve figured out they’re getting their memories wiped, he thought, amused, as the Similans grabbed the teenagers; pressing against their necks until their conciseness slipped away, moving in the direction of the dungeon.
    Red let the flames tickle his fingers a last time before snuffing them out. He let his eyes lazily trail the collapsed teenagers, before cautiously waltzing in their direction. Red watched as a girl let out a piercing scream, before two guards turned on his father. He watched through narrowed eyes. Red didn’t necessarily care for his father’s well being, but he didn’t like it when someone was able to defy his father. It meant they were powerful.
    Red curled his fingers around a glossy wall, watching through suspicious eyes, barely twitching his head to acknowledge Jasper landing on his shoulder. The girl who had earlier screamed dropped to the floor. Red softly snorted, but she no longer resembled the weak girl she was just earlier. The girl slowly raised her gaze as she shakily stood, locking eyes with Red, as if she had known he would be there.
    Red felt shivers traveling through his body, but he had to bite down a laugh. Who did she think she was, barging into his family’s palace as if she owned the place?
    Was he scared? No, just respectful of her. But deep down, Red knew he felt a slight, tiny fear of this girl who seemed determined enough to go to the ends of the Earth to end his life; and with only a second glance. She could make him do whatever she wanted.
    “I’ll head out now. I see I’m crashing a party. Didn’t know that others were invited. Treat Marianne and Dex well. Take them home. Or I can make your precious prince riddled with holes,” the girl coolly said, without taking her steely grey eyes off of him.
    Sometimes Red acted faster than he could think. This was one of these times. He felt the temptation to reach to her- and before he had time to fight it-
    Red suddenly had no idea what he was doing. All that he knew was that he wanted to go towards the girl. And he did. Before he knew what he was doing, he was standing in front of the court, with two unconscious humans and guards pointing their swords at his chest.
    She blinked and the fierce expression melted off of her face. “What am I doing?”
    Red felt the temptation to poke at her, despite all of his lessons– don’t poke the tiger. “Schizophrenic much?”
    The girl’s eyes filled with tears as she fled.
    Not as tough as she seemed, Red found himself sadly thinking.

    I sat in the waiting room of the hospital, my eyes red and puffy from crying. What if Max wasn’t okay? What if she had permanent damage? I need to stop worrying. Max will be fine! Right? I sighed and worked up all my courage. I was going to go visit Max, maybe I’ll help her feel better? I got up and the lady at the desk asked me who I was visiting.
    “Maxine Hunter.” I said.
    “And are you family? Or friend?” She asked
    “James Lee.”
    “Alrighty then! Here’s your visitor pass. Room 270”
    “Thank you!”
    I smiled sadly and walked to the elevator. It was the… second floor? Yes.
    264, 266, 268, 270! I knocked and a weak voice answered, “Come in.” I walked in and sat down next to Max’s mother.
    “Hello, darling. Zero, right? Thank you for coming to visit Max. She hasn’t woken up yet, but I’m sure she’ll appreciate it very much. I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Leonora, Max’s adoptive mother,” her mother told me when I sat down.
    “Yeah, my name is Zero. Technically James, but it’s what everyone calls me.” I answered. I still couldn’t make myself look at Max, she was bruised almost everywhere and her hand was in a cast. I kept feeling like it was all my fault.
    “I’m sorry, Max. If I hadn’t asked you over…” tears slipped down my cheeks. Her eyes fluttered a little. Mrs. Hunter put her hand on my shoulder.
    “It’s not your fault, dear. Don’t blame yourself!”
    I felt something stir inside me. The pain was suddenly leaving me. I was glad it did so, or I would’ve laid there forever if I could. I tried to think, but my brain was still on hold. I decided to try to open my eyes. A little light shone through. I heard a voice calling my name, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who it was..
    “MAX! Max, wake up! Please… please wake up.” I said, my voice cracking. “Come on Max, you, you can’t go!” Her eyes started moving again. “Max!” I thought of one thing that might snap her awake. “Maxine Opal Hunter! Wake up!”
    That name. Only one person knew it, well, besides my family. And only one person would dare to use it… “Zero?” I groaned, trying to sit up, only to feel a searing pain in my hand. I opened my eyes fully to Zero standing next to the bed, a smirk on his face. I remembered what he had just done, and a fire rised in me. “I told you to NEVER call me that!” I seethed through gritted teeth, trying not to laugh.
    All I did was smirk, “It worked didn’t it? I was so WORRIED! Why did you do that?”
    “Do what?” I said, looking down at my hand in a cast and the scratches and bruises covering my legs and arms. “Oh, well, I decided I would get to your house faster if I skateboarded there. On my way, I bumped into someone. I don’t know who it was, but I must’ve passed out, or something,” I explained.
    “Max! Don’t you dare do that again!” I said as I hugged her.
    I was deeply surprised. “Uh- sure… I guess. You do realise I was just tryna get to your house faster… Actually, now that I think about it… All I did was bump into someone… Why am I so badly injured then?” I thought out loud.
    “Your skateboard ran over you, your hand bent in a horrible angle, and you skidded on the sidewalk. I think that’s what happened.” I said.
    “Now I feel so glad that I was knocked unconscious: the pain from that would’ve probably killed me otherwise… Uh- did you find out who crashed into me anyway?” I asked, curiosity surging through me. I needed to know who it was.
    I shook my head. We never really paid attention to that…
    I couldn’t remember anything from when I had crashed, so the face of the mysterious person was still a blur. My thoughts suddenly drifted to the ajar door of the room and my pupils slit as I noticed something, or someone, wizz past it.
    “I’m sorry,” I said, suddenly feeling the urge to leave. “I, uh, have to use the washroom!” I left the room very quickly, and stiffly. I ran down the hall to the bathroom, suddenly crashing into someone! I stumbled back, rubbing my head.
    “Bye-” Zero had already gone. ‘That was… strange,’ I thought. Guess I’ll just wait.

    (Note that this is at Molly’s POV)
    Molly is at home, waiting for her sister. Her sister was out since 4:00 pm and now it is 9:00 pm. Molly tried to text her sister, but no reply. She tried ****-texting, so when her sister sees, she’ll reply, she hates ****-texting.
    $i$? Wh3r3 r u?
    But no reply. So she went to bed, thinking about the orb trailing behind the stranger. And starting writing her day in the diary.

    Karina, in Marco’s coat, felt very warm. She felt the coolness of her snake’s skin against her neck. She retreated back to the front steps of Marco’s house, and went inside.
    Marco walked in after her. He turned to face Karina and asked “do you want something to eat? Or read?”
    Karina smiled a bit. “I don’t need anything.”
    “Who’s that?” A voice called from behind them. Marco turned and spoke in an unfamiliar language “this is Karina, she’s from the air colony. Met her outside. Portal, I think.” The girl nodded. “Well I’m Isobel, nice to meet you Karina. I’m Marcos’ cousin,” she said smiling.
    “Nice to meet you too, Isobel. Do you know a way back to the air colony?”
    “How did you get here?” Isobel asked.
    “I ran into a random portal, and that’s how I got here..”
    “Well that was stupid” Isobel said. Marco whacked her arm and gave her a look. “Play nice,” he said.
    She rubbed her arm and pulled a face “I wasn’t being rude, it was! But yes, we do.”
    Marco rolled his eyes. “I do, she just thinks she knows.”

    Nora walked in the big mansion. Everything in it looked so expensive. “Do you know where he is?” she asked. But Karina wasn’t there anymore. She decided to just explore the mansion. She walked into a big room and saw Karina.
    “Oh hello!” Karina said.
    “Hi…,” she awkwardly said. She saw Marco.
    “Hey Nora,” Marco smiled. He hugged her.
    “Are you alright?” she asked. She was relieved that Marco found some new friends, especially since he didn’t make friends easily.
    “I’ll leave you two alone,” Karina smiled. Secretly, she liked Marco, but she didn’t want to get in their way.
    “So why did you come here? Did something bad happen?” Marco worried.
    “I-well The Red Suit made me kill my father..” said Nora. She told Marco about what happened and how she planned to recruit everyone to fight The Red Suit off.
    “Are you sure it’s rational to do this?” reasoned Marco.
    “It’s not the best plan, and I know how it’s risky but we have to do something. If this “Red Suit” has this much power, imagine what he/she can do to all the colonies,” she mused. It was a dangerous plan.
    “Well let’s find Karina and see if there’s more people in the Ice Colony. We’re going to need all the help we can get,” said Marco.
    “Then let’s go. We’ll meet Celia and Cyan later after they’re done with their business,” said Karina.
    “Business,” she chuckled.
    “First let’s rest a bit. I’m sure both of you have been through a lot,” said Marco.

    I ran through the woods, then I stopped. Someone was there. I quickly climbed up the nearest tree and took out my dagger. A girl walked under my tree, and I flared with anger. MJ! She was here! I jumped down from the tree and smirked. “Hello, Myra Jean! Where’s your pathetic boyfriend?”
    “Heard you’re singing at the Nature festival later this week, Evol. Break a leg. Literally.” I said.
    “Actually, I’m not. I won’t be caught dead anywhere near my ‘family’.” I sketched quotation marks around ‘Family’. “Where’s your boyfrie—“
    “Shut up, Evol! You’re too obsessed with your little world, to even care!” I spat. Thinking about Dex pained me.
    I rolled my eyes. The humans probably had to have their memories erased. That’s why I don’t get attached to things or people. “Awwwe! Poor thing! You must miss your boyfriend. Too bad he doesn’t miss you!”
    My mind roared. I pinned her against a tree and ignited a blaze in my hand. “Listen here, you little brat.”
    I smiled. Did she really think she could win? “Emerald.” I whispered. MJ must not have heard me, because she stayed right there. Right where I wanted her. Emerald came bounding out of the trees and rammed Myra Jean in the hip. As MJ fell, her fireball grazed Emerald’s tail. “No!” MJ screamed in terror. She immediately put out the fire before it could spread. I was surprised. Why would MJ care about Emerald? “Emerald! Are you okay?” I rushed up to her and healed her tail. The tip of her tail remained furless. “It’d be a lot worse if she didn’t care and had let me burn,” murmured Emerald, nursing her wounded tail.

    Marianne is at home and wakes up on her bed. “Um, good morning!” Molly glared at her, “IT IS 12:00 AND YOU ARE DRAGGED BY A STRANGER!”
    “Uh, ok.” Marianne replied.
    “And now we all have to go to bed! So good night!” And Molly went back to bed.

    (This is NPC pov)
    Molly went back to bed, and thought about the orb, the strangers and the strange things happening today. She has a weird feeling that Marianne forgot about the adventure. Then Molly fell asleep.
    A knock went on the door, which woke Molly, Nate and Jack. They went out of bed. They walked at the door and took a look at the camera.
    Molly shouted “WHO ARE YOU???”

    Verde looked around the marketplace. He saw a girl, but didn’t know if she was the right person to take.
    Lynn felt eyes on her. She glanced over her shoulder, spotting a boy looking at her.
    “Hey, want to go to Simul with me? What’s your name?”
    “I’m Adalyne, but call me Lynn. And, sure, why not?” Lynn responded smoothly.
    “My name’s Verde, and I’m an Ice Demon.”
    “Cool. I’m a plain old human. Well, not old,” Lynn said, feeling a bit awkward.
    Verde chuckled. “Just follow me, k?” he said, stepping into a portal to the Ice palace where the girl Leah was already waiting. He then opened a portal and took a jacket out. “Here, you’ll need this.” he said, holding it out to her.
    Lynn nodded, quickly following. She grabbed the jacket, already feeling the cold already biting at her arms. She asked, curiosity overwhelming her, “What do you need?”
    “Nothing, you?” he asked, surprised.
    “Nothing really, I was just curious as to why you invited me here,” Lynn told him.
    “I want as many humans to be able to be here, so we can try to defeat a huge evil force. Are you good?”
    “So I was basically unwittingly recruited into an army to defeat some bad guy? Or gal. Or nonbianary pal.” Lynn joked. Then she frowned. “My mom may get nervous if I don’t come home tonight though. It’ll be hard for her to take care of the kids.”
    “Don’t worry, I assure you, she’ll be fine. According to her, you left her a note saying that you were going on a school field trip for… as long as it takes.” he winked.
    Lynn nodded slowly.
    Verde pushed her through the portal and went to go check on Leah, who was in one of the spare rooms at the Ice palace, waiting.
    “Okay. Now I get the details. Where are we, what is this place? It’s big. Do you live here? Is this like, a palace? Wait. Are you a prince?” Leah cursed herself for getting off track.
    “Yes, yes, and yes. And this is the Ice colony on Simul.” he sighed, then pulled a chair out from a portal and sank into it.
    “It’s gonna take a while for me to get used to that. Wait a second- If this is a palace, and you’re a prince…. That means that the King and Queen live here, right?” she gasped, just realizing it all.
    “Yes.” replied Verde, once again.
    “Wow,” said Leah.
    “You must be lucky. I may be internet famous, but…. Sometimes I wish I had a regular life.” she gazed around the room. Everything looked like it belonged to royalty.
    “But really,” she said, changing the subject.
    “I would do anything. Anything! To be royalty. Where I live we don’t even have kings and queens that rule us.”
    “Enjoy, then. The kitchens are just down the hall, and this will be your room when you stay.” he said.
    Lynn followed Verde when he left the room, and made her presence known when she asked, “You’re a prince?” She blinked, suddenly feeling idiotic. “Ok wow, I didn’t expect that.” Her cheeks heated. “That came off as rude.” She calmed herself, realizing the best way of action was probably to continue acting normal. She couldn’t help but blurt out, “Does it get annoying when people treat you differently because you’re royalty? I mean, it seems like it would, or do they treat you normally?” She covered her mouth. “Sorry, I read too many books for my own good, so I’ve always wondered, because in the stories, once people figure out someone is royalty, they start treating them all weird.” Lynn went on, rambling about the books she’d read
    “It’s fine, just don’t call me Your Majesty or something like that, k?” he said, blushing. He didn’t like talking about him being royalty and stuff like that.
    Lynn nodded, also blushing. “I was rambling, wasn’t I?”
    “Kind of. But it’s fine.” Now it was his turn to blab. “It’s really fine. I just don’t like when people call me that…“
    “I get that. I had some horrible kids that would always call me the worst names. So it’s probably similar with the titles for you.”
    “Yeah, I guess.”

    Celia and anahita went through the town square of the fire colony working they’re way to the water colony to regroup.
    Scarlet looked out the window of her scarlet red building. She smiled at the town square of the Fire colony.
    Celia looked around and noticed Cyan in the widow of a scarlet red building. “I’ll be right back,” Celia said to Anahita before ringing the doorbell of the building.
    Scarlet heard the doorbell ring and went to the front door. “Hi there. What do you want?”
    I groaned as I opened my eyes. There was a pounding in my head, and I seemed to be in a dark alley. I walked out, seeing a girl with black hair and blue eyes ringing a doorbell.
    “You stole a whole house? Thought it would be been something small or a person” Celia said with a laugh
    Scarlet’s brow furrowed. “I’m so sorry, but this is my house, and I don’t take Simmemarketer calls. Thank you. Please be on your way now.” Scarlet said, starting to shut the door.
    “Is this a joke? You aren’t even supposed to be here, you are an Ice Demon, remember?”Celia asked.
    I crept closer to the pair, another girl there with blue/purple hair and ice blue eyes across from the black-haired girl. I snatched a piece of broken, jagged glass off the alley ground and held it tight.
    “Ice Demons? Where? If you see them-wait. You’re a Water simulan. Get out of the Fire colony before I call the guards.
    “You are one. It’s me Celia your friend” Celia said.
    I silently and quickly put the glass inches from the black-haired girl’s neck, my eyes blazing. I had heard her say her name, but what was she doing here in the middle of the fire colony with the ocean blue eyes?
    “Why are you here?” I asked calmly.
    “ I am making my way to England and I noticed my friend Cyan here and something’s wrong, she is an Ice Demon but doesn’t believe me”
    “I could never be friends with a Water. And thank you, fellow Fire. I don’t know any Cyan, so I’m going to go call the guards. Thank you.”
    ‘England’ was the only thing I heard.
    “What? What do you know about England?” I demanded Celia, ignoring the other girl, who claimed she was Fire.
    “Get out or I’ll call them. 3… 2… 1…” Scarlet started.
    Celia leaned in a missed Cyan. “How can you forget I love you.”
    The girls obviously had a bond, but it was making me uncomfortable. I tried not to show it as I slammed my palms against Celia’s shoulders and pressed her against a wall.
    “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ENGLAND?” I demanded, glaring with curious hatred.
    “That there is something called a movie theater there” Celia responded.
    “Hmph. I must not have loved you, or else I would have.”
    Curiosity overtook my hatred for this girl’s water. “A movie theater?” I asked in wonder. “What’s that?” I released the girl, stumbling on something on the floor, but not wreaking eye contact with the black-haired girl.
    “A place you can watch different made up people and their stories like a book but you can see it.”
    My jaw dropped and I immediately thought of Nora and how she would love a movie theater. I imagined taking her there, then shook my head.
    “She’s with Marco, idiot!” I whispered at myself.
    “Want to come? And who’s with Marco?”
    “Nora,” I answered before I could stop myself. But slowly I thawed and a small smile spread across my face. “Yes please.” MJ came into my thoughts, but I shook them off.
    “Get away from my house, you Water imbecile.” Scarlet said.
    I turned to the other Fire girl and bared my teeth. “She’s with me,” I snapped.
    “Oh! You know Nora too!”
    “You’ve met Nora? Where and when? Do you know where she is?” I blurted, thoughts of her exploding like a gigantic explosion with side effects and lots of fuelers.
    “She’s going around the different colonies and we met when we were younger”
    “Why is it you’re here, anyways?”
    Before I answered the Water girl, I looked at the Fire girl.
    “She’s… my prisoner,” I lied, gently wrapping my hands around her wrists like handcuffs and bringing her towards the door.
    “Yeah I am her prisoner and I came here cause I fought her to ring the doorbell or you cause you’re my friend” Celia said starting to cry.
    “Ha! As if.” she said to the Water. Then she turned to the Fire. “Get her away then.”
    My nose wrinkled at the thought of this girl, who was definitely NOT Fire, being my friend, but I went along with it. “Sure thing,” I said, even though I could tell Celia didn’t want to. “If she’s your friend or girlfriend, kiss her or something,” I muttered in her ear as I thought of kissing Nora, which was still a fantasy.
    Celia wrapped Cyan in a hug and kissed her. “I love you and even if you don’t remember I will remind you I will be there for you tomorrow and forever”
    Cyan gasped. “What am I doing here?” then her eyes widened and she turned to the girls in front of her. “M.J. is related to The Red Suit. The one from the legend. I don’t think he or she’s a legend. I think they’re real. It’s coming soon. I can tell.” Then she kissed Celia.
    My stomach exploded in butterflies. “You guys are so cute!” I said before I could stop myself. “Wait, the Red Suit? The legend?” I shivered, fear of the legendary villain forming. I thought of the girl in the alley, Lavena, and laughed when I imagined her immediately saying, “All genders should have equality and a chance to be a villain.” I shook off the thought and turned back to the girls, who were kissing again.
    “Ugh, gross!” I said impulsively as I released Celia’s hands.
    Cyan looked away. “You are?”
    “Oh yeah me and Evol were joking about how the about the red suit sounded like a haunted vacation place”
    “Oh, my name’s Caeli. I’m a Fire-Air hybrid,” I said, trusting the girls. “And who’s this ‘Evol’?”
    “I just met her. She is a princess of the Nature colony but that doesn’t matter. She said I blacked out and chanted something about the red suit coming?” Celia responded. “Anyways I am just going to go now if you guys want to come to England with me and Anahita you’re welcome”
    “Yes please! I really want to go to that movie thatree thingy,” I replied.
    “I think I’ll go home, but I’ll send Blanche.” she said, creating a portal and pulling the silver/white haired girl out of it. Cyan waved and stepped through, closing the portal behind her.
    Blanche looked around to see Celia, and a girl she didn’t yet know. “Hi.”
    “Bye!” Celia waved.
    “Hello…” Caeli said, assuming this was Blanche.
    “Who are you?” Blanche asked uncertainty, seeing as this was a Fire simulian. Fire simulans had destroyed her home, but she supposed their offspring didn’t destroy her home.
    All of a sudden, I realized she was an Ice Demon immediately. It was like a sixth sense the FIre and Ice had against each other.
    “I’m going to go get Cyan instead of me, so bye.” she said, and switched herself with Cyan.
    “Can we just go to England already?” Celia asked.
    “That was strange,” I mumbled, then realized Cyan was an Ice Demon too and started to panic.
    “Cyan, you can’t be here! You are trespassing and the Queen or King will get you!,” I said quickly.
    Cyan looked around and groaned. She was back in the Fire colony. “Don’t worry they wo-” she started to say, but a hand clamped over her mouth.
    Celia heard that and started to panic. “Go everyone follow me.” and ran to where anahita was.
    Blaze could feel the Ice Demon’s presence and had quickly gone to save the poor Simulan before her husband slaughtered the creature. Panic was rising in her throat from defying her husband and her race, but she couldn’t have the memories of the war revive.
    She slipped her hand around the Ice Demon’s mouth, quickly using the other hand to try to grab her friend as Water was equally threatened here.
    Cyan struggled against the woman’s grip. Then she realized who it was, and her eyes widened. Queen Blaze of Fire. God, she was dead.
    “Quiet,” She hissed carefully. “And don’t struggle. Otherwise something horrible could happen to both of you.”
    Celia turned and noticed cyan and the Queen. “Get away from her!!!!!” Celia screamed.
    “Idiot!” Blaze snapped. “I told you to be QUIET.”
    “Whatdoyouwantletmygirlfriendgoandtakemeinstead.” she managed through the hand.
    “Trust me, you want her to be with me.” Blaze said, having thrown on common Fire folk clothing to blend in. “I’m not here to hurt either of you.”
    “Whynotyourroyalmajestyqueenblaze.” she managed again.
    I bit my lip. My Queen was there, but then these were my friends. I decided to stay still and step in if anything bad happened.
    “Just call me Blaze,” Blaze said politely. “And I want you both safe. So just trust me, please.”
    “Please just call me Blaze,” Blaze said. “And please create a portal to the Air colony.”
    “Nothankyouaboutthenameyourroyalmajestyqueenblaze.” she said as she used her hands (which were thankfully free) to create a portal to Air.
    “You will call me Blaze,” Blaze snapped, then recovered herself and lost the Queen part of her. “Sorry. It just makes me uncomfortable to be called anything other than Blaze.” Blaze thought of her sexuality and flushed bright red, immediately feeling uncomfortable again.
    “Fine.” she said as she uncovered Blaze’s hand from her mouth and stepped through.
    Blaze followed the Ice girl into the portal and came into the Air colony. “Thank you, for both things…” Blaze trailed off, waiting for a name.
    “I’m Cyan, by the way. And what were the things you’re thanking me for? I didn’t do anything.” she said, confused.
    “I-Well, you made the portal that saved your life from my husband.” Blaze said, immediately regretting it. “Anyways, I need to ask you what you were doing in the Fire realm. I was hoping there were survivors, but it was just hope.” Blaze’s voice was thick with emotion.
    “Um, you said both things, which suggested two things. And my mom, my dad, my adopted brother, my friend, and I are the only Ice Demons left. And I accept your apology.” she said, then covered her mouth, realizing that she had read yet another person’s mind.
    “Okay well it was weird to meet you but i am going to go to where I was headed and yeah Cyan just tell me if you need help or something and you can join me and anahita caeli” Celia said before leaving.
    “Cyan, there are more survivors?” Blaze said, tears at her eyes. Then her jaw dropped as she quickly blocked her mind. “Please, don’t read my mind.” She said, thinking about her secret.
    “Sorry about reading your mind. It gets out of my control sometimes. And yes, there are more survivors.”
    “Thank the Gods,” Blaze mumbled.
    Cyan grinned. “Oh, and just so you know, I won’t tell.”
    “Won’t tell what?!” Blaze demanded, panic rising in her chest, bile in her throat.
    “Sorry again, but I caught a thought while I was exiting your mind. Again, sorry. And I understand. I wouldn’t either, for what he’s doing now. Going around erasing People’s memories. Sheish.
    “Do you know the reason why I don’t love him?” Blaze asked softly, horrified someone knew she didn’t love her own husband. Getting married was supposed to mean you loved someone.
    Cyan hesitated and nodded slowly.
    Blaze put her hand to her mouth, her eyes widening. Her heart beat in her chest as she slumped to the ground. “I promised no one would know,” She murmured.
    Cyan slowly picked her up. “I’m so sorry, but I don’t know if I can erase my memory of that. I’m not that powerful.”
    “It’s fine.” Blaze said. “I am just worried for my kingdom, is all. And for the well-being of my people. I can’t let that truth out. You can’t tell anyone.”
    “Yes, of course. I promise, and I don’t break promises. I’m going to go back to the Ice colony, if you want to come see some survivors.” she said, creating a portal back.
    “Not y-yet,” Blaze stuttered. “I need to process what happened.
    “Okay, but I just have one question before I go. You don’t have to answer it though.” Cyan said as she began to step through the portal.
    “Ask away.”
    “Who do you love?” Cyan answered, and closed the portal behind her, her voice echoing in the wind.
    Blaze looked at where the portal vanished, her eyes empty. “I have no one.”

    After Nora and Karina went to rest, she worried about what was happening back in England. Maybe Caeli was there? Oh god, Caeli. She missed her best friend so much… hopefully she was fine. But they had to first focus on recruiting more people. Hmm, maybe I can summon a portal to see how Caeli was doing. But only Karina knew how to do it. I might as well try… Nora squeezed her eyes shut and imagined a portal to where Caeli was.
    I bit my lip, immediately thinking of Nora again. Where was the love of my lif—my best friend?
    All of a sudden, a portal appeared! It actually worked! She squeezed her eyes and went through.
    I saw Nora and gasped. I felt like grinning, passing out, kissing her—-I mean, hugging her— and several other emotions, but I just stayed still.
    “CAELI! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” squealed Nora. She was so happy to see her best friend…
    I immediately broke out in a grin, racing and wrapping my arms around her in a gigantic hug. “Ya? Well, I missed you waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more.”
    “Noooooo! I did! But anyway, what’s going on?” she asked. She was confused why she was in the town square. .
    ‘Well, I just realized I am in love with you,’ I wanted to say, but refrained from doing so. “Not much. Just missing my l-best friend.” I cleared my throat, hoping Nora didn’t realize anything strange.
    Nora cocked her head. Something seemed fishy, but she didn’t press on it. “Have you heard of The Red Suit and the thing me and Celia are going to do?” she asked. She hoped Caeli would join.
    “The legend, of course. But apparently he-” I thought of Lavena and her gender equality stuff. “-She—-whoever is real.”
    “A lot of stuff has happened since then…but basically Celia chanted some words concerning The Red Suit, and it kinda controlled me..to do something bad,” she said, while staring at the ground. “That’s why we believe it’s real, and that it’s going to try to do something horrible to Simul,” she concluded.
    “Really? Well, nothing involving the Red Suit has happened to me or anything like that.” I studied Nora’s face, missing Nora’s signature smile.
    “I’ve been thinking about that..but I think only some kids are chosen, but I don’t know. The plan’s super risky and dangerous, so it’s alright if you don’t want to join,” she said, while giving a small smile.
    “Join what?” I asked, biting my lip. Suddenly, I blurted, “Are you still in a relationship with Marco?”
    “I-well, yeah we are…but I feel like we’ve gotten more distant and he may like someone else,” she confessed, while biting her lip.
    “Oh,” I said, half feeling for my friend, half mentally thanking Marco in my head for being distant, maybe giving me a shot if Nora wasn’t straight. Or at least, completely straight.
    “It’s alright..we’ve been together for like 2 years I think we should try new things…but anyway, me and Celia are trying to gather children from all around Simul to make this kind of army, or to at least find out what The Red Suit is doing,” said Nora, while feeling insecure of confessing her relationship with Marco.
    “Weird, Celia never mentioned that. But I will gladly join,” I replied. I took a step back, not trusting myself with the temptation of the girl I loved right there.
    “Thanks,” she smiled, and without thinking, she pressed her lips against Caeli’s.
    A jolt of electricity ran through me as Nora kissed me. I wanted this moment to last forever, and I prayed to the Gods that I wasn’t dreaming. I stayed still, nervous yet excited.
    I was shocked. Did I just do that? A bunch of thoughts jumbled in my head. Marco-Kissing caeli-karina. I quickly broke apart and ran. I was confused. A part of me liked it, but another part hated me cheating on Marco.
    My hand closed over my mouth as tears came to my eyes. I wiped them away, hating myself for crying since I never cried.
    “Oh my Gods, did she just do that?” I asked. Then I asked myself another question. “Did she like it?” I slapped myself, literally, and ran out of the alley, desperate to know what just happened and why.
    I ran to the forest. It was the only part that I could transform without being noticed. I quickly transformed into a bird, and anxiously sat on a tree branch.
    I saw Nora run into the forest so I ran after her, weaving through the people milling about. I reached the forest and ran in, the trees obscuring part of my view. I searched for a second, finding no one and slumping to the ground.
    “Oh Nora,” I whispered.
    Nora looked down at Caeli. She didn’t know if she should go down and comfort her as a different animal, or go down there as herself.

    After finishing a day of stomping through the streets of Simul, glaring at people, I set off towards my palace-like house in the center of Simul. On my way there, I heard whispers of terror. I smiled, thinking they were about me, only to be sorely deceived when I heard a woman tell her child about this “Red Suit”. I glared. Who even is this Red Suit?! What do they have or do that terrifies everyone so much?! In no time, I was in front of my domain’s massive iron gate. “Please state your name and the reason for your visit.” a voice from a small microphone stated. “I don’t have to tell you anything.” I growled towards the voice. It sighed warily. “Welcome, miss Everlok.” When I got inside, I was greeted by my oldest brother, who was reading a copy of the recent ‘Fire weekly’ newspaper. “You still read that trash?” I asked. “Nice to see you too, Fynch-Bex.” my brother sighed dramatically. “Don’t call me that! What! Would you like it if I called you Jakey?” Jacob cringed away from the name. “Very good point. I presume you haven’t seen who -or what- is making the headlines?” I rolled my eyes at him. “As I told you before; I am totally unconcerned.” He shook his head; “Maybe not. It says that one child from each colony, that includes hybrids,” -I growled at the mention of hybrids- “are getting possessed by this Red Suit and are speaking for it during a short amount of time. Fire still hasn’t gotten anyone. Also, for your sake, you should probably be more acceptant of hybrids. They’re not bad.” Jacob frowned. “You’re just saying that because your girlfriend is a fire-water hybrid.” I snapped back at him. “That’s it. I’m done talking to you. It’s too much work for me. I’m leaving.” And he marched up the stairs, leaving me with a smug expression on my face. I decided to go outside and see if I could go ask anyone about the Red Suit. They might know more than Jacob. In my rush, I bumped into a girl who was probably heading in the opposite direction. “Hello! Watch where you’re going!” I said.
    “I’m sorry in a rush to help a friend of mine,” Celia responded.
    “Okay, maybe I can help with something too. I’m Fynch, daughter of the Fire general.” I smiled smugly. Helping this girl might come in handy when it comes to favors.
    “Nice to meet you Fynch I am Celia,” Celia responded.
    “Nice to meet you. So, who is this friend?” I asked. I wanted to know who she was helping.
    “Okay so don’t like tell anyone but her name is Lucy and she is a human and they are erasing humans minds because of the whole mj thing and I don’t want that to happen to Lucy”
    I scrunched my nose. Human. That might be even worse than a hybrid. But Lucy might actually be nice, so I decided to help anyway. “Okay! So, let’s go then!” I said with exaggerated enthusiasm.
    “How will we travel?”
    How far was Lucy anyways? Was she really that far away? “Horses? I have some.” I suggested. “Well, they’re less horses and more pegasus.”
    “Really? That sounds amazing!” Celia responded smiling.
    “Great! Follow me. Just dont come inside the gate to my house. My older brothers have set some pranks that attack any other Simulian except Fires. They’re annoying. My brothers, not the other Simulinas.” I quickly added. I didn’t want to offend my first friend.
    “Oh it’s fine”
    I sighed in relief. “Good. Come.” I led Celia through the crowded streets until we came face-to-face with my mansion. Jacob, who was in the front yard reading and playing with his pitbull Everett spotted me and Celia. He got up to greet us. “It seems like Fynch learned how to make friends.” He grinned and I rolled my eyes. “So, what’s your name?” He asked Celia. “I’m going to get the horses!” I called to Celia and ran in the direction of the stables.
    “Ok, I am Celia and you are?” Celia responded.
    I was still able to hear their conversation. “Jacob.” My brother answered. I grabbed my personal horse and another one for Celia and sprinted back towards them. “Here, Celia. Even though they’re Fire horses, the one I got you is also okay with Water Simulians.” Then, I hopped on my horse Ember’s back.
    “Thanks!” Celia said getting on her horse.
    “Time to go find Lucy!” And the horses took off into the sky.
    “Whoa this is awesome” Celia said looking down below them.
    I grinned. “Yep! It really is! This is my favorite way to travel, even though it’s not always the fastest.
    “That’s fine, This is way better than swimming to get to the mainland” Celia responded.

    Marco was sat at the dining table eating
    when Celia came in (his sister). She sat down in the seat opposite him. “What do you want?” Marco asked, rubbing his eyes. “Can we trust that girl?” She asked, talking about Karina. Marco nodded, “she’s cool.” Celia sighed and sat down next to him. “What’s up?” She asked him, realising something was wrong. “Was Nora acting… strange today? I noticed she’s been getting distant lately but I don’t know why.” He said, his voice cracking. Celia looked at him with sympathy, she didn’t want to confirm his suspicions even though they were right.

    Karina decided to go. Her sister was probably worried, and might as well send a search party. She quietly made a portal, focusing ******* her bedroom.

    (Flashback to when Nora was younger and first met Caeli)
    8 year old Nora was happily frolicking in the daisy fields by the town square. Her mother was helping her gather flowers for the town festival.
    “Mommy, who’s that girl?” asked Nora. She saw a pretty girl with brown hair by the forest.
    “I don’t know, Nora, why don’t you say hi to her?” her mother asked. Nora happily bounded over to the girl. The girl looked a bit frightened at first, at the thought of meeting someone, but smiled when she saw it was just a girl her age.
    “Hi! I’m Nora,” she said, while smiling a toothy smile.
    “I’m Caeli! The Air Colony is so beautiful!” smiled Caeli.
    “I know! Where are you from? Oh wait, I should give you some chocolate! I managed to sneak some from my papa,” laughed Nora. Caeli’s eyes sparkled.
    “I LOVE chocolate!” smirked Caeli, and she snatched it out of Nora’s hands.
    “Hey!” giggled Nora. They laughed and played around.
    “I’m a hybrid…my parents were murdered in the Air Colony,” said Caeli, while sadly hanging her head. They were trying to learn more about each other.
    “Oh, I’m so sorry! You can stay with my family for a bit, we know a few other hybrid Simulians that can help you,” smiled Nora. And that was how their friendship began. It turned closer and closer throughout the years. Caeli was always for her when her mother “disappeared” or “supposedly died”. And Nora was always there for Caeli.
    Nora went back to reality. She truly loved Caeli, even though she wasn’t even sure if she should go to her. She took a deep breath, and prepared herself to transform down. Hopefully Marco wasn’t too mad…
    I heard movement and looked up to see a white-silver owl in the tree with Nora’s beautiful eyes and I startled, jumping up.

    Cyan looked around the Nature colony. She slipped under a fallen tree and jumped up onto a tree. She stopped swinging from vine to vine only a few times to pet a snake or a bird. She saw an abandoned cottage and went inside, sinking into one of the chairs there.
    I was still making the journey to the castle when Alden started yelling. I sighed. We had to stop somewhere. I turned and right on cue, there was an abandoned shed-thingy. Meeka trotted up to it and dumped Alden off.
    “Shall we settle this inside?” I asked, strutting up to the door.
    Cyan heard a voice and turned herself into a bunny, hoping that they wouldn’t know she was a person, or an Ice Demon.
    I walked inside and Alden followed. He was still woozy and would be very easy to defeat. I was too focused on my battle plans and nearly tripped over a rabbit. It looked different.
    “Oh!” I exclaimed, picking it up. “You don’t want to see this!!”
    The bunny squirmed but relaxed eventually. Inside her head, Cyan rolled her eyes. The bunny hopped out of the girl’s grip and went behind a chair. Cyan turned back to human and stretched, though careful to stay hidden. She yawned quietly as she pressed her back against the chair.
    Alden smirked. I rolled my eyes, he thought he had a plan! Ha! I knew him too well. “You start!” I said. He summoned roots that split the floor. I jumped on a chair, and was going to jump kick him, but I lost my balance and fell backwards. And landed on something……. hard?
    Cyan jumped up. The girl had landed on her. She brushed herself off, nodded at the boy politely, then faced the girl.
    “Where did you come from?” I yelled, rubbing my bruised arm.
    “I was here before you came in,” she said, then searched for a name and a name only, “Evol.” Cyan finished.
    I rolled my eyes. “Show off. I knew there was something off about that rabbit.”
    “Actually, I’m not a show off. I’m an Ice Demon, Princess.” she smirked.
    “Don’t call me Princess!” I hissed. Alden was sitting in a chair, clearly enjoying this.
    “Oh, I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about me, but thanks for the knowledge.”
    “Do you like being a Princess? You seem to.”
    “No way. Too… proper. And lonely.” Cyan sighed.
    I smiled. The most I have in years. “Hey,” I whispered. “Will you help me tie up my brother? He…. Needs it.”
    “Of course. I’m Cyan, by the way.” she said, then tied him up with no problems at all, and created a portal to the Ice colony. “After you.”
    “DON’T YOU DARE GO THROUGH THAT PORTAL!!!” Alden screamed and I took a step closer, smiling smugly. “DISGRACE!” Another step. “EVIL MONSTER!” I was halfway in the portal when he hissed one final insult at me. “Crybaby.” I whipped around and my eyes widened. Oh. No. He. Did. Not! I punched him again and again until his face was raw and red. Then I turned and walked through the portal.
    Cyan smiled. The Ungrateful Prince got what he deserved from a powerful woman. “How lovely.” Cyan said and she turned after Evol.
    “Cyan? Where are we?” I asked. Cyan and I were standing in front of a magnificent castle made of ice. I realized it was probably Cyan’s castle.
    Welcome, to my home.” Cyan replied. “Come on, let’s go.” She trudged off towards the snow covered ice castle.
    Now that I was there, I remembered the reasons why I never visited the Ice Colony. 1. I hate the cold. 2. The Ice Colony is a cluster of islands, which is difficult to get to.
    “Cyan! Wait!” I called. “I can’t get through this nasty snow! It’s cold, too!” She turned back and put her hands on her hips.
    “Okay, here.” she said, then created a portal for Evol for wherever she wanted to go. “See ya!” she called and walked inside her castle.

    I opened my eyes to find a black-walled room with a cheap white ceiling lamp hanging above me creepily.
    “Caeli? Aqua? Ronan?” I asked softly.
    All of a sudden the wall swung open— no, a door, painted to look like the wall— and a bulky figure emerged.
    “Excuse me, sir? Um, could you please tell me where I am?” I asked, eyeing one of his arms which was hidden behind his back.
    The man just smiled under his mop of slick black hair.
    “Sir? Sir, please!” I begged.
    The man revealed his hand clamped around a sharp needle with a black liquid in the container.
    “No, no, please! Please don’t!” I cried, tears starting to flow down my face in panic, fear and sadness.
    Goodbye Ronan. Goodbye Aqua. I love you both so much. I thought as the man laughed cruelly.
    The needle pierced my skin and I let out a scream. I had had needles before, but this one felt like a blade dragging through my skin. I started sobbing as the black liquid was emptied from the needle.
    “Sir, we’ve got another elementalist under the syringe,” The man said with a crisp accent into his ********* electronic thing clipped into his shoulder.
    I watched as the black liquid went into my veins, blackening my skin. I screamed again as the liquid traveled fast — a syringe, the man had called it—- through my veins, freezing my body until it disappeared down my dress and up my neck.
    I stared into the light above me as it fuzzed up, then started to grayen, then blacken until all I saw was nothingness.
    “Help,” I whispered before the darkness swallowed me up, taking my words with it.

    Nora sighed, and headed down to where Caeli was. She hung her head, and sat by her on the same log.
    “Nora?” I looked up.
    “I-I’m so sorry Caeli, it’s just that everything was so confusing-and I just didn’t know what to do-about marco-you-” her voice cracked. She wished she hadn’t kissed Caeli. It made everything so much more complicated.
    I hugged Nora. Everything must be so hard for her. “I’m so sorry,” I murmured. All of a sudden, we heard a twig snap. I bolted up, my heart beating either from Nora or the noise, I couldn’t tell.
    “Don’t worry..I’ll check it out,” she said. Nora quickly went to the noise. It was Queen Cascade.
    “You sc*m! How about we make a deal. I can erase your friend-lover ugh whatever, if you do something for me. You will let me erase everyone’s memories of me “betraying them” scowled Queen Cascade. She was so sick of these children santuaring around and ruining all of her plans. She raised an eyebrow.
    “I-fine. I can’t hurt Caeli and Marco..so I’ll do it,” she said, while looking at the grass in ashamement. She thought she was being so selfish, but she couldn’t hurt anymore people.
    “Good. I love making deals,” Cascade sneered, while giving Nora a cryptic smile. She placed her hands on a tree trunk and uttered a spell. Blue light emitted from her fingers, and she aimed it at Caeli. She then placed her hand on Nora’s forehead and silently said a spell to erase everyone’s memories of her.
    I rubbed my head. Why was my memory starting to get fuzzy? I saw Nora and everything kinda went wonky, and I wanted to smile, but somehow I couldn’t. I felt like I was missing something, and my heart still fluttered lightly whenever I saw her. “What happened?” I said.
    “Oh, I’m so sorry, I think we were playing in the woods but we bumped our head on that tree trunk,” lied Nora. She didn’t want to harm Caeli.
    I thought something was off, so I decided to go to Celia later to ask her if she could replace my memories, if that was her power. I couldn’t remember, strangely. “We should go to Marco and the others,” I decided, frowning as I remembered they were still together.
    “Okay…let’s go,” smiled Nora. She hugged Caeli, and walked out of the forest. Nobody noticed a silent queen in the shadows. With a smirk on her face. It was only then that Nora realized what a terrible mistake she had made. She had to get Caeli’s memories back. And if things weren’t even worst, she had to break up with marco.

    Cyan smiled as she saw her dad sitting in the throne room.
    “Cyan!” smiled King Cypress.
    “You look lovely today. How are you?” he asked.
    “Good. I made a lot of friends, I guess. Also, I traveled to the mainland and got kidnapped because I was a Simulan. I got my memory erased. I thought I was a non-existent person. I tied a random guy up. I saw someone’s ring finger that wasn’t attached to its body. I watched a few people kiss. I got myself a girlfriend. I got kidnapped in the Air colony. I stalked a few people. I got bored through it all-oh wait, that’s more things than all my fingers.” she said laughing as she counted the thing off on her fingers.
    Cypress blinked.
    “Remind me to catch up with you more often so there isn’t as much.” he said, laughing.
    “Sounds like you had quite an adventure.”
    “But, there are consequences. You must have a troupe of guards with you at all times if you leave the palace, or you don’t leave at all.” He definitely didn’t like punishing his daughter, but she had to learn.
    It was Cyan’s turn to blink. “What?” she said, not processing her punishment.
    Cypress pinched the bridge of his nose.
    “I know you heard me. You can not leave the castle without a troupe of guards. You need to be protected.” he said, trying not to raise his voice.
    “Ha ha, very funny Dad.” she said, and started to create a portal.
    Cypress waved his hand and the portal shut.
    “I’m always serious when it comes to punishments, although I don’t enjoy giving them.” he said.
    Cyan glared and growled at her dad. She stomped off to her room, not looking back, but calling out one thing. “Verde!”
    I appeared out of a portal, right next to Cyan. “Portals are not at all what they’re supposed to be like! I ended up in a creepy cave!” I said, panting.
    Cyan looked at Evol. “You must have wanted to go there then, because that was a portal to wherever you wanted to go. And I’m sorry, but I can’t take you home.” she said as she flopped onto her comfy bed.
    “I don’t want to go home. And that cave had no familiarity at all! None!” I replied.
    “My dad took away my powers. Now to get out of this stupid palace without guards trailing me everywhere, I have to get my brother to make me portals. But he’s off doing something that involves bringing humans here to fight The Red Suit.”
    “Humans!” I screamed. “NO! NO! NO! This can’t be happening.”
    “Sorry, but I can’t do anything to stop him, because as much as I would like to, I can’t freeze him in a giant block of Ice.”
    “Now, THAT would be hilarious! You know what I could do? I could make all the bugs in the Nature Forest come and swarm him until he surrenders.”
    “Nah, I mean, he’s still my brother, and I respect him. He could survive a block of Ice, but I’m not so sure he could survive bugs.” She made a face.
    “Well, it’s not like I need your permission or anything! I’ll just do it on my own accord.”
    “I know, but my dad would take away your powers if you did that, and then he would return you back to Alden, and then he would banish you from Ice, and then he would most likely literally kill you.”
    “Okay, first of all, IF he killed me, my parents would then kill him, and he would be exiled for murder. And the murder of a Princess at that! Second of all, there is no second of all.” I retorted.
    “That is hilarious.” Cyan said through gritted teeth and forced a laugh.
    “You apparently don’t think so.” I said with an eye roll. Cyan was my type of person! For the most part.
    “I’m tired, and I’m grounded. What do you expect!”
    “How does your dad take away powers, anyway?” I asked. Was she bluffing about him doing so?
    “It’s part of his elemental power.” she explained, sitting up, then flopping back down.
    “Maybe I can manipulate him into giving them back?” I wondered aloud. Could I?
    “No, because his power is an adult power. And adult powers come with protections.”
    “Ugh. Well, since you are being useless, I’m going to ask to leave!” I announced
    “Fine, but you know the way back when you want to, princess who doesn’t like being a princess buddy.” she said with fake cheer. “Way too long and perky though.”
    “I was just about to say that!” I exclaimed. Then I turned and walked out of Cyan’s bedroom door. How did I get to the throne room?
    Cypress looked at the girl walking into the throne room. She was obviously Nature, so he pulled a portal back to her colony over her and watched as she disappeared. He sighed.
    Cyan looked around the hall and slipped into the next room. She lifted a couch cushion to reveal a secret passageway. But these were no normal secret passageways. These were portals that she had created to never close. She wanted this one to go to the restorer she knew. She could restore her powers with the help of this little girl.

    “You’re welcome,” I said bitterly, and stormed away. I passed by the Fire Palace and I tripped on something long and wooden. It sent me to my knees and I picked it up, ready to burn it to ash.
    It was…
    Dex’s guitar.
    They must have thrown it out.
    Would anyone notice if I took it? I swiveled my head from side to side. No one was here. No one would know. I picked it up and ran away. I ran to my makeshift house and entered. Only I could enter. I had rigged it to only enter with my DNA.
    I sat in my room, filled with blankets and pillows. I had a gift with music, maybe I could play it..?
    I held it the way I had seen Dex do, and gently moved my thumb across the strings. It made a nice noise and I did it again, playing a small melody. I generally didn’t enjoy singing but here we are.
    I played the small melody again and tried playing a song. Soon, I could, and I sang along. I picked up at the end of a song. My voice was rusty from screaming earlier.
    “And I hold my favorite thing
    I hold the happiness you bring
    But it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again
    And the colors are golden and bright again
    And the sun paints the skies and the wind sings our song
    It’s a better place since you came along
    It’s a better place since you came along
    Now I’m alright
    Now I’m alright
    Everything’s alright
    ‘Cause it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again
    And the colors are golden and bright again
    There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong
    It’s a better place since you came along
    It’s a better place since you came along.” I sighed sadly and my eyes watered. I gingerly laid down and winced, my bruises painful against the floor. I would have more if not for Dex.
    The tears spilled down my cheeks and I stifled them with the heels of my hands. A sob shook my chest and I snapped at myself. No. No. And with that, I fell asleep.
    I wish it was dreamless.
    It wasn’t.

    I opened my eyes, gasping. Pain shot through my limbs and I remembered my black veins and examined my skin.
    My skin was clear and pale as it had always been, the black gone like it never happened. My fingers moved to see if it was really true and pain zapped around my wrists. I tried to look at my wrists, which were twisted behind me with silver electronic cuffs.
    I groaned quietly, muffled by a cloth wrapped around my mouth. I blew into the rag, having my hot air getting blown right back into my face from the surface of the cloth.
    A woman with black hair ******* into a bun and cold, hard brown eyes walked in, her skin smooth and dark, her teeth perfectly straight and a sharp-edged, pristine white lab coat around her shoulders.
    “Hello,” She said, smiling like a dentist to a patient. I felt chills on my arms.
    “Who are you?” I tried to say, except it came out as “Wha ro yagh?”
    The dentist woman just smiled creepier. “Do you feel okay? Dizzy? Like your memory’s fuzzy?”
    I just stared, breathing in and out. My head hurt slightly, but otherwise I felt fine.
    I wasn’t going to tell the strange, creepy dentist woman that, though.
    The dentist person gave me a grin accompanied by hard, cold eyes and the room began to spin. White fog began to enter the room, pooling at our feet. I started to struggle against my endless bonds, but to no avail.
    The dentist person reached for a white gas mask and applied it around her mouth. She began to ask questions.
    “Hello. My name is Dr. Helen.” The woman said in a clear voice, despite wearing the gas mask. “I was wondering if you remember where you’re from? Where you grew up?”
    I just glared, trying to shorten my breath as a faint sweet aroma filled the air.
    “Honey, I can’t help you if you tell me anything.”
    I raised an eyebrow.
    Like I believe you.
    “I’m on your side. Just trust me.”
    “Alrigh,” I said, muffled by my rag. The woman pulled the rag from my mouth, letting the sweet air fill my lungs, which I did not like.
    “Alright,” I repeated. “Then where am I?”
    “You’re in England, in the King’s dungeons.” The woman replied smoothly. I heard a slight whirring in my right ear and twisted to see a small glinting thing in the corner of the ceiling.
    “With humans?!” I gasped, inhaling a mouthful of the sweet gas.
    The woman gave me a smirk and wrote something down on a clipboard I didn’t realize she had.
    “So, I guess we’ll wait until someone tries to rescue her and then we’ll have several Simulians to experiment on.” The woman muttered, thinking I couldn’t hear. My eyes widened and I gasped again, weakly, the air started to choke me slightly.
    “Have a good sleep, child,” The woman said, walking out the door as the air rose quickly. The sweet aroma overpowered me and everything fuzzed until all I could see was the light swinging creepily above me…

    I walked in the Ice King’s portal without saying a word to him. It was too late to turn back, the portal had already closed. I should never have asked the Ice King for help! So now I was back right where I started. Well, not exactly. Instead, I was standing in front of my parents. Who looked very, very angry.
    “Where have you been?!” Queen Terra asked her daughter. “And where’s Alden?”
    “I’ve been everywhere! The Fire Colony, The Water Colony, England, The Woods, The Air Colony, and The Ice Colony.” I said, looking my mother straight in the eye. She stared back and I didn’t break eye contact once. “Alden is probably upside down, tied to a chair, in an abandoned shack in the woods.”
    “Bongo and I are very disappointed in you, Evol.” King Damian scolded. He wasn’t even looking at Evol. He was stroking his pet Kiwi, Bongo. He continued, in full father lecture mode. “We raised you to be a very respectable and kind Princess, made for Queendom.”
    My eyes narrowed as I yelled, “No, you raised me to be who I am right now. You trained me to be a perfect princess when I wanted to fight! So now I’m exactly what you don’t want me to be, a runaway Princess, who says what she wants. Even if it is mean, snarky, or sassy.” I crossed my arms defiantly, beat that!
    Terra sighed. She thought that Evol had a point. She wouldn’t admit it. “Yell all you want, it won’t change the fact that the decision has already been made. You’re grounded.”
    “We are taking this very seriously. Your windows are sealed. And I am sad that we had to do this… but we have to take away your powers.” He turned to his wife. Damian DID NOT want to do this.
    “We’re sorry Evollenne. We have to do this…” the Queen waved her hand, and Evol felt an odd sensation. It felt like losing a part of your soul!

    Celia landed and continued walking on foot while Fynch still went by Fire horses. Celia walked through the lower part of nature heading to water to get to the mainland of that coast instead of trying to go through Fire colony. Celia decided to go to the ice colony quickly to say hi to Cyan.

    I fell into the dream world. I was facing a black mirror. In it, I saw myself. Then another figure approached. She was in a vivid red cloak and held a wicker basket filled with dead flowers. Poppies. My favorite flower…
    I couldn’t see her face.
    “Ah. Yes. Myra Jean.” The Red Suit bluntly stated.
    “It’s MJ,” I snapped.
    “Well, I guess it is now. Naturally. MJ, I’m about to show you a few images that you should be prepared for.”
    Before I could protest, whoever this woman was sent a flurry of images into my head.
    Many stood out. But one rose to the top of my head.
    My mom and dad. Holding me. But my mom was frowning. So was my dad. Suddenly, it was like someone had pressed play on a video.
    “Who left her?” my dad asked.
    “We need to… find her parents,” my mom said. “But you were my parents,” I whimpered, tears welling in my dream-self eyes. “You were my mom,” I whispered, and tried to touch the image. When my hand went through my mom, I knew they couldn’t hear me. The image vanished and another took its place. The woman in the Red Hood grabbing me as a baby and putting me in a wicker basket filled with blooming, full poppies. They curled around me and I giggled. She stole her way across the Nature Colony, flew away up into the air, shot down into the Roaring Volcano, and left me on my parent’s doorstep.
    Then another image shoved itself to the top of my head.
    A girl with long, straight, dark hair was strapped to a chair.
    I didn’t know her, but the memory must have triggered something. Maybe I’d seen her somewhere.
    Where was she?
    A guard was stationed at the door, showing incredible restraint.
    She was in the king’s castle.
    They must have learned their lesson.
    I had to save her.
    “There’s my girl. Always thinking of others. Myra Jean Hood. How you’ve grown up since last I’ve seen you. Then again, it has been since you were born.” The Red Suit said smoothly.
    Her voice was pleasing for such an intimidating attire.
    “What are you talking about?” I snapped.
    “What, you don’t remember me?” she asked.
    “Okay, Mommie Dearest. My real mother died because a sea monster ate her. Clearly you’ve got the wrong person,” I explained, but inside, there was a tirade of emotions.
    “Aw. I’m sorry you feel that way. Because… I’m your mother.”
    “Oh yeah? Who’s my pops, then?”
    “It was just me. I have much stronger magic, to help me take over Simul,” she said powerfully.
    “You’re my mom?”
    “Yes. But you must go to England and get Lavena back. She’s crucial to the balance of this world,” The Red Suit said.
    “Thought you wanted to take over Simul,” I said, faking boredom. I examined my dream-self’s fingernails, uneven and *****.
    “Who wants a kingdom with no subjects? Chop-chop.”
    I sat bolt upright in my bed.
    Was I really gonna listen to this strange woman?
    I began packing my things for the mainland.
    Lavena was a Simulian. And I would not let her be a test subject. Ever.

    Nora quickly went to the mansion, but not before making a stop. She had heard stories of a tree that could restore people’s memories, but it needed a teardrop for it to work. Nora silently thought of Caeli leaving her and Marco never forgiving her, and dropped her tear into the soil. The tree shimmered. She quickly whispered an incantation, and said everyone’s names. What she didn’t know was the price.
    The tree needed something from the person who used it. It quickly took away Nora’s special necklace from Caeli. Without her noticing. Well since that went well, I won’t have to worry about telling Caeli anything. Nora realized she needed to vent her feelings. Since Cyan and Celia were together and knew how it felt, she needed to tell one of them.
    Cyan saw a girl in the distance. She thought it was Coraline, and she got her hopes up. But it was just Nora. She smiled, but then realized that Nora had been crying
    “Cyan! I need your help,” I pleaded. She seemed to be the only person that could understand, beside Celia and Caeli.
    “What’s wrong? Cyan sympathized. Nora seemed shaken up, and Cyan had a feeling that this had something to do with Caeli.
    “I-I kissed Caeli…and then removed her memories and…” admitted Nora. She told Cyan the whole story, but left out the part about her meeting the Queen. The Queen would punish them all if she heard about the situation.
    “Hey… it’s alright if you kissed Caeli, you guys are perfect for each other. But now I’m going to hold a grudge because you erased my memories and my Dad took away my powers and…” Cyan said, while comforting Nora. Cyan was just worried about Marco. It seemed like a love triangle.
    “I just have no idea on how to solve all this-I mean I was the one who created this big mess,” said Nora. “And if Caeli finds out..I’m dead,” she murmured.
    “If I find out about what?” I asked, my eyebrows raised. If I was gonna kill the girl I loved—-oh whatever, you probably already guessed it— it had better be good. I mean, bad.
    Cyan slowly backed away and went to find Coraline. Since the portal brought her here, she was obviously near here. But as she turned around, she bumped right into someone. She jumped and started running.
    “Hey! Wait up” Celia called after Cyan, then started running after her.
    Cyan stopped. It was just Celia. She smiled and turned around. “I’m grounded and my Dad took away my powers. So I’m going to the Power Restorer, Coraline. Have you heard of or seen her?”
    “Nope But can I help?” Celia asked.
    “I don’t think so.”
    “Oh, Okay”
    “I’m gonna go find her now. See ya.” She said, then walked around until she came to a wagon. She stepped inside and entered a rather spacious room. A girl was waiting behind a desk.
    Coraline smiled. “Ah, Cyan! Need a favor?” She asked
    “Yes, my Dad took away my powers. Thank you Coraline. Also, I’m sorry you had to be the one to restore all those powers. My Dad got angry back then. 365 years ago.” she sighed, then sat down in a chair.
    “Well,” Coraline said sweetly. “I’m always happy to help! We can get you an appointment in ten minutes.”
    “Except for your mood swing times. But, thank you. Can you give me the sleeping pill first?”
    She smiled again. So much, it was almost unnatural.”Yes, I’ll admit my mood swings can be a bit… intense.” Coraline paused before handing Cyan the pill.
    Cyan took the pill and immediately fell asleep. Cyan woke up to find herself back at the palace. She closed her eyes and the note Coraline had left was frozen to Ice. The note was blank, of course, until Cyan froze it. Coraline was a mix of all Simulans, and had lived on the mainland as well. She read the note. Powers are back, you’re good as new. It’s always a favor, but not for you. Bring me a soul, as pure as can be. Your services from then on out will be free. Cyan rolled her eyes. She brought out an owl and sent it through a portal to Coraline. She always gave her that, and Coraline always accepted them. It was a favor to Coraline to pay her. After all, Coraline had been a guardian since Simul was founded. A long, long time ago. She sighed and sank into a chair.

    Luminosa looked around at the castle. She expected a visitor to come today due to doing a peace treaty with the other simulian kings and queens to stop the humans from harming any simulians in the future. It looks like they are not going to discuss this today.

    I stayed where I was. I stared at them. My father wasn’t looking, he was petting Bongo again. My mother, on the other hand, was staring back at me just as hard. Maybe harder. Then guards came out of nowhere and grabbed me. I wasn’t going to cry this time. I felt no pain. No emotion except rage. Rage. Pure Rage! I smiled sinisterly as the guards dragged me away. I would never crack again. I was locked in my room, staring at the flipped down photograph of my family. I picked it up and hurled it at the door. It shattered with a CRACK! and I laughed. Then I picked up the picture out of the glass and tore it. The least torn were the twins. They had done nothing to me. Except being extremely annoying. Then I had a remembrance. I had an axe in my wardrobe! I had no nagging voice telling me not to, so I got up and dug through my wardrobe. I felt a sharp pain in my wrist. Though I didn’t feel it. I grabbed the axe and threw it at my wall. My bed. My mirror. My door. My boarded up window. I still felt nothing but Rage. And Hate. I looked at my wrist. I took the axe and did the same on my other wrist. I was breathing heavily by then. But I felt great…

    I packed my things and ran. I ran and ran to the edge of Simul.
    The words pained me, but I forced them out.
    “If you’re hearing me… Mom… please take me to England.”
    Immediately, I was catapulted to the mainland. It was early, but people were milling around.
    I went to find Lavena.
    I opened my eyes slowly to see a green haze—no, purple—oh, there’s blue!—red—-then yellow—pretty much all the colors—of fog drifting around. I tried to speak but it was like my body was still asleep. Panic blurred through my lazy, sleepy brain.

    I pushed my way through the crowd, pretending to be in no hurry, when in reality, my legs wanted to harness all of my Simulian power and blast through this crowd.
    I bumped into a large woman holding a roll of cloth and fell over while she hurried away. “These silks are for the King!” she snapped. I laid there, stunned for a second.
    “Are you alright?” someone asked. I didn’t register their voice. “I’m fine,” I murmured as I gratefully accepted their hand that they offered. I pulled myself up to see…
    Go figure.
    “You’re okay, right?”
    My eyes began to water. I had missed him so much, and I remembered him strumming his guitar. He would’ve been so happy to know I’d learned to play. I wiped my tears with the back of my hand.
    “You’re okay? Miss? Not hurt?”
    “Yes, I’m fine,” I said. But maybe…
    “I’ll tell you a story from many years ago
    Before we had taken this town for our own
    A fearsome monster of the ocean was lurking
    Upon the shores of our home…”
    Dex’s face suddenly changed.
    “You have a great voice. But… You look really familiar.”
    “Yeah, well, I wanted to do that at least once.” They were the same words I had said to him when we had kissed.
    “Do I know you? Maybe we go to the same school? And you sang for the school?”
    “I… It… yeah. I get that a lot. I… sing a lot of places.”
    Then I walked away as the tears overflowed. They came even faster when I remembered that he had a girlfriend now. He would never remember me and be happy with Nya.
    Not with me.
    Never with me.

    Dex stared at the spot the girl had fallen. She looked so familiar, like a memory he couldn’t quite grasp. Or a blurry dream. He thought about going after her, but he had school work. He let out an exasperated sigh and started to walk in the direction of the castle. He had fallen behind in schoolwork due to being a Guard-in-training, and now Nya had to help him. Dex was Nya’s lifelong crush and supposed dates to the King’s ***** because the King wanted Nya to have a respectable boy. He groaned at the thought of studying with Nya, she was an annoying brat, but he didn’t know anyone else since he never made an effort to reach out. He made it to the castle and went in the direction of his room. He passed by Nya who was on the ground having tripped over a pile of silks.
    “Stupid silk weaver!” she cried. With her big blue eyes, wavy blond hair, and a thin princess figure, she should’ve been every boy’s dream. But not mine, thought Dex. He walked past her pretending not to see her when she cried out, “Aren’t you gonna help me up!”
    He groaned, “Nope, you seem capable enough,”
    “You can be really rude, you know!”
    “Thank you, it’s what I aspire to be,” Dex said dryly. What did x equal? His math homework was waiting and Nya was sprawled on the silk like some wannabe Cleopatra.
    “You’re lucky you’re cute,”she snapped.
    Before he could respond, an alarm blared. “Code red! Code red! This is not a drill! All guards and guards-in-training come down to the Simulian holding cells.” He ran to the Simulian holding room and there was the girl from the town square.

    How was I going to get inside the castle?
    I remembered the woman telling me, “These silks are for the King!” I walked to the silks shop, passing Dex as I went. No one was manning the stand, so I took the silks that the lady had been carrying and ran to the castle. The woman wasn’t there, thankfully.
    I marched up to a guard. “Sir, I have the silks for the King! I am the silk weaver’s apprentice!”
    “If you say so, kid.”
    He let me in, and I dropped the silks silently and spat on them. One was a gaudy gold with leopard print. Ew….
    I dashed down the hall and to the dungeons. Just the dungeons.
    I cursed and bolted to another area with a heavy-looking metal door.
    The label read, ‘Simulian Zone.’
    Safe bet that Lavena was in there.
    I pried open the door. Stupid humans, never keeping their stuff locked.
    There, I saw Lavena.
    I snuck towards her, when a voice came from behind me.
    “Just what do you think you’re doing?”
    I whirled to see a lady with a tight bun menacingly make her way towards me.
    “Uhhh, I was sent by the King!” I chattered nervously.
    “Nice try.”
    I dodged her and kicked her in the ribs. I lit a sphere of fire and burned through Lavena’s bonds. I got her arms and legs, but the process had taken a while, and the woman had started to rise.
    The door opened and in walked Dex.
    “F-” I started, but was cut off by the woman rasping into a black device.
    “Code red, security breach. Another Simulian.”
    I opened my mind and pictured a girl with dark hair and pale skin.
    Cyan!!!! Help me!!!
    “She’s calling another Simulian,” Dex said. He then looked confused.
    “Wait. How did I know that?”
    The woman lunged and stuck a needle in my arm.
    As the world faded to black, I heard a voice.
    MJ! MJ! DO NOT DIE ON ME, MJ! WAKE UP! Cyan screamed.
    I woke up. Help, cyan!
    Cyan heard M.J. then created a portal, grabbed M.J., Dex, and the other girl whose name was Lavena. She threw them into the portal and smiled and waved at the scientists who were trying to get the portal to stay open. Cyan closed it and collapsed onto a chair in her home.
    I fell on the floor, in exhaustion. Lavena’s limp body a second away from crashing onto me. I gasped and just before her full weight fell on me, Lavena was grabbed by an invisible force. Or… not so invisible.
    “Where am I?” he asked in bewilderment.
    Lavena opened her eyes slightly and reached out blurrily, everything rushed and dazed. Her fingers curled around a hand.
    “Where am I?” Lavena mumbled groggily, struggling to keep my hazy eyes open.
    Cyan looked at Lavena. “The Ice palace in the Ice Colony. You’re safe now, Lavena.”

    The Red Suit watched this raging girl and smiled. Evol would be glad to help her cause. She sent the girl to sleep and approached her in her dreams. The Red Suit was tearing apart Nature crown after Nature crown. She watched as Evol walked up. Evol glared at her and started to speak. “The Red Suit. I’ve heard of you. I’ll help under a few conditions.” The Red Suit smiled. “But of course, Evol.”
    “I need you to have Alden executed. And Myra Jean, pathetic, hybrid Myra Jean. She doesn’t deserve to be executed, so I need her banished. To America.” I said. The Red Suit really was a person. A perfectly sinister one at that. “One more thing. I need to blend in as a Princess…”
    “I can grant two of those. My daughter plays a crucial role in my plan, so I can not banish her.”
    “Fine. But she always stays away from me. And if she gets close, I punch her with all my balled up rage and hate!” I said. My mind went to a scene of me punching MJ. Hard.
    “No. I will only follow your conditions if you follow mine. You will not lay a finger on my daughter, do you understand, Evollenne Everglen?” She said in a stern voice, like a parent scolding their child.
    “Whatever. You didn’t have to full-name me.” I snapped. Only my mom called me ‘Evollenne.’
    “Now, as my partner, you will be given a touch of Hood powers. Being fast and strong. I can’t give you mind-control powers, those are genetic. Try to recruit anyone you think would be good for the group. Try to recruit someone like you. Overly sensitive, rude, and ready to attack.” Before she could respond to the insult, Evol woke up.
    I woke up. My dream was real. I knew it. I looked at myself. I was disgusted at my gold and rose red flowy dress, which was even shaped like a rose, and hair put up in small double buns. I sat up out of my bed. It was nearly breakfast time. I elegantly walked to the door in my high heeled boots and gave it a small knock. “Yes, Princess?” a Maid replied.
    “Is it almost breakfast time?” I asked sweetly.
    “Oh my!” was all I got. Then I heard a familiar voice. Cyan.
    Cyan looked at Lavena, Dex, and M.J. “Kiss him and his memories will come back, M.J. I’ve got to go find someone.” she said, then created a portal to Evol. She emerged, knocking into a maid. “Hey, Evol.”
    “Cyan!” I hissed. “You can’t be here.”
    “Why not?”
    “Because. There are guards coming RIGHT NOW!” I grabbed Cyan’s arm and slammed her on my bed.
    Cyan’s eyes widened as Evol shoved the sleeping pill down her throat. But then, in her dreams, Evol was there, along with a red hooded cloak.
    “Cyan Pince.” The Red Suit nodded respectfully.
    “The Red Suit.” Cyan nodded as well.
    The Red Suit suddenly froze. “Coraline. The one who imprisoned me in exchange for a daughter.” She sprinkled some poppies over Cyan and breathed in the now scentless air.
    “Who in Simul is Coraline? She sounds like a spoiled brat.” I smirked. I didn’t really say ‘Brat’
    “The Power Restorer. And I know what you want. So let’s talk business. Conditions in exchange for help.”
    “Smart girl, considering you might possibly be the most powerful girl I’ve met. Smart, too. The legends say they’re evil, evil as can be. But if you strike a bargain with her, they’ll let you wander free. The Red Suit is they’re name, but careful, don’t say it aloud. The Red Suit will come after you and have you join her crowd.” The Red Suit recited.
    I opened my eyes again, the soothing words gone. I mumbled something and stumbled into a room where there was a girl who was… passed out, it seemed and the other was just standing there, her eyes rolled back.
    “Hey, wake up!” I said slowly as I tripped over to the sleeping girl and tried to shake her awake.
    “Number one, you can’t hurt anyone that I pay attention to. Basically all the Simulans that I care about or were focussed on in the past week. Number two, I get to wander free, as the rhyme says.”
    “Hang on. Someone’s in my room.” I snapped out of my trance. “I’m baack!” I said to the person in a creepy singsong voice.
    “Number three, if I make a command, everyone but you will have to obey it.” Cyan finished after Evol had left.
    I turned around, my eyesight sharpening, but just barely. I held in a scream as I fell back, hitting my head, but not fatally, on the headboard. “Who-who are you?” I asked wobbly. I’d had my fair share of villains, and I hoped this girl wasn’t one.
    “Oh. I thought you were a villain trying to kidnap me! I’m Evol. Princess Evol.” I held out my hand after a slight curtsy.
    I fell onto my knees, bowin like I should to a princess. “Oh-my-goodness-I’m-so-sorry-I-didn’t-know-you-were-here-please-forgive-me,” I said in one breath.
    I smiled with my perfect teeth. “Oh, there’s no need to bow! I’m just a normal girl underneath all this makeup and dresses.”
    The Red Suit’s gaze sharpened. This girl was going to be very useful to her, indeed. Cyan was already giving her more and more power. “Done.” EVOL, COME BACK NOW AND BRING THIS GIRL WITH YOU I WANT TO SEE WHAT USE SHE COULD BE OF She called out into Evol’s mind, the voice she used like nails on a chalkboard.
    “AHHHHH! Owowowowowowowowow!!!” I clutched my head and fell., my dress cushioning me.
    I dove down and caught Princess Evol before she fell, my head slightly dizzy. “Are you okay? Should I get a medic? What can I do to help you?” I asked quickly.
    “No. I’m fine.” I stuttered, using the unstable girl to help me up. “But I need you to trust me. Do you?” I held out my hand.
    I stared at Princess Evol for a second. I reached out my hand slowly. “…I’m Lavena,” I said, deciding that if I trusted this princess, it should go both ways.
    “Okay, so can you swallow this pill for me?” I said carefully.
    My eyes widened. It was the first thing Ronan and Aqua taught me: don’t take anything from strangers. But this was a princess that told me to trust her, so my head started to nod. My fingers curled around the pill and I held it in front of my face. “This is me trusting you,” I said quietly, and swallowed the pill in one breath.
    “That’s right…” I soothingly said, even though Lavena was already in The Red Suit’s world. I followed, after closing the door and locking it.
    My eyes opened and I screamed. I took a sleeping pill, which I had realized as I passed out. But I shouldn’t be awake in this space that seemingly was nothing yet something at the same time.
    Cyan nodded at The Red Suit, and created a portal to the highest point in Simul. The Roaring Volcano. She quickly froze the top, but not before she dumped the poppies into the lava. She came back to The Red Suit and started soothing Lavena, who was screaming.
    I saw Princess Evol emerge from nothing and screamed again. Another girl was there, with blueish purple hair and blue eyes. “What the—what’s-what’s going on?” I stammered, tears threatening to show.
    “Ice Demon Princess Cyan, before you ask, Lavena. And calm down.” she said, using her new power and watching the tears literally go back into Lavena’s eyes.
    “I-I’m sorry.” I said fakely. “Did I scare you?”
    “That was one of the scariest things in my life, eating a pill from a stranger and emerging into a strange dreamland where there is a new stranger!” I ranted, running a hand through my dark hair.
    “You need to lie down, my dear Lavena.” The Red Suit said, a bed materializing. “I’m The Red Suit, and I’m here to help you, All you have to do for that, is help me.”
    “Would you rather me shove it down your throat?”
    I tripped over my feet as I slumped onto the bed. “Help you with what?” I asked the ‘Red Suit’ after I sent Princess Evol a look that said, ‘Thanks for not shoving it down my throat, I appreciate it.’
    “Why, I want to make all rulers and Simulans equals, and if you help me, I’ll help you with whatever you want. And, you’ll be one of the people who help it become all equal.”
    “Evol, rip up your crown. It will summon your brother for his execution.” she said, then made a mental call to Alden telling him to come here when Evol ripped up her crown, which, of course, he had to obey.
    “Wait, what? You can’t kill someone you’re related to! That’s just pure evil and it will leave a mark on you forever,” I exclaimed, thinking of how my birth parents just left me in an alley and how it made me feel unwanted.
    “HE LEFT MARKS ON ME!!!! ONES THAT CAN’T BE REVERSED!!!!” I screamed, rage bubbling out of me again. I laughed.
    My eyes widened and I scrambled back from the princess. She didn’t seem in her right mind, and I really wanted to leave whatever this place was. “L-let me go!” I yelled to the ‘Red Suit.’
    “Celia! Come Here! Verde! Come here! Caeli! Come here! Lavena, calm down right this instant and do not speak until someone asks you to. You will give The Red Suit your respect and help her, now list your conditions.”
    “Conditions?” I mumbled, silent tears slipping down my cheeks. I missed Aqua and Ronan. “I don’t want to help her! I just want to get home!”
    “Dear, it’s only if you want. It’s a favor from me to you. You may also just go home.”
    I looked at the red cloak, distrust at the edges of my mind. I didn’t like this at all, but maybe I could save my family and friend.
    “Before I go, I want to list my conditions,” I said.
    Celia looked around not knowing what just happened. “Um, where am I?”
    I looked at Celia. Where had she come from? “…” I opened my mouth, nothing came out.
    Verde went from standing next to Lynn feeling awkward, to standing in front of Cyan, a girl who he supposed was Celia, a girl, another girl, another girl, and… The Red Suit! “Cyan, please don’t tell me…”
    I spun around to see Celia, Lavena, a red cloak, Cyan, and a random, strange boy with silver hair, being teleported into this strange land just before I stopped hunting for food. A dagger was in my hand, dripping deer blood.
    “You must be Verde. The human loving freak.” I backed away from him.
    “Tell you what, Verde? That I have new powers? Now sit, all three of you newcomers.” she snapped.
    “Can I go? Also where the fork am I” Celia said, except she didn’t say fork. Then she sat. “wait-”
    “Don’t talk unless someone permits you. And give your full attention to The Red Suit.”
    That was when Lavena started screaming again. “Holy geez—****….” Lavena started listing off all the curse words she knew, especially the bad ones. “Who the H*ll are you? All of you?!”
    “Human loving freak?” Verde asked. Then he sat and couldn’t speak anymore. He looked at Cyan and his eyes showed fear.
    “Yes. Human loving freak.” I spat. “Humans don’t blend with us, neither do their lovers. He needs to go. Or be put under control.”
    Celia raised her hand wildly feeling like a little kid.
    “Oh, what a happy environment!” I said sarcastically and slightly snappy. I turned to Celia. “Why’s your girlfriend all… you know, strange?” I said, then started to speak again and gagged.
    Celia shrugged.
    “Yes, Celia?” Her voice sounding like spun sugar.
    “If you are The Red Suit why am I here and why is cyan controlling everyone?” Celia asked, smiling.
    I rolled my eyes. No one heard what I said. Typical.
    Cyan looked with a pitiful look at Celia, then turned to Verde. “Join us, or we dispose of you.” she said, hissing and glaring.
    I started gasping like I couldn’t breathe, sinking to the floor. Violent images started flashing in my head from the war and I started clawing at the floor.
    Celia frowned, wondering, what gotten into cyan. She didn’t want anyone controlling her and she didn’t want death.
    Verde was shocked. His sister had never been this hostile. Had he not done a good job protecting her? “No, I’m going back to Lynn and Leah and Dad and Mom and you’re coming with me.”
    `I leaned down to Lavena, who was having a panic attack, frowning. I put a hand on her shoulder but she kept on gasping and crying and clawing at the floor like a rabid animal. I wiped my dagger on my tunic and hid it under the bed which Lavena was leaning on.
    Cyan sighed, and snapped her fingers. Verde was sent back home and now that was one less person to worry about. “Lavena, stop with that.”
    Celia wiped tears from her eyes noticing Lavena having a panic attack. Celia bit her tongue and pretended not to care about any of it but Celia centrally didn’t like Cyan this way she didn’t even know anymore why she cared about Cyan if Cyan left people hurting and threatened to kill people…
    I stared at Cyan, using my mesmerization powers to get back home. All of a sudden I was home, sobbing and being allowed to talk.
    ‘Welp! I’m out! This is boooring!” I said, running over to the portal. Then I turned.
    Celia raised her hand again.
    My eyes widened when Lavena disappeared, but I could dwell on this. I ran into the portal after the strange brown-haired girl who didn’t even go in, and tumbled back into the hunting forest, my ear bleeding out onto the grass.
    Celia covered her ears and cried and ran out the portal behind the girl.
    Evol grabbed me. I screamed, but she shoved a pill down my throat. “You… female… dog…” I choked out before I fell asleep.
    My mom appeared in my dreams yet again.
    “So many people are willing to help our cause!”
    “You are despicable. I shouldn’t…. I can’t…”
    “Oh, don’t talk mean like that! I know what you want!”
    “There is nothing I would ever take from you.”
    “Your father? Sister? New daggers?”
    “No, no, and no.”
    “What about…” her words lingered. “Your boyfriend’s memory…?”
    I hesitated.
    “He… he will remember me. I know.” Tears bubbled out of my eyes, the kind only Dex could draw from me.
    “Interesting, Usually dreams don’t cry. But if you insist on not helping… someday there will be something you want from me..”
    I woke up.

    Dex sulked in the shadows when another girl came. He watched as she shoved a pill down the town-square girl. Dex stared at where the girl was collapsed, unsure what to do. He thought about helping her, or running away. But… he couldn’t bring himself to. Town-square girl was just too familiar, like he had met her before. He bent on the ground and tried to shake her out of her trance. “Wake up!” He yelled. He tried it a few more times before slumping on the ground in defeat. His thoughts drifted to a few days ago. All he could remember was sleep, and, strangely enough, two letters. M and j. He didn’t know what they meant, they were just two random letters that were in his thoughts. M and J. MJ. He looked over at the girl again, feeling this strange urge to help her. How do you wake a person in a deep sleep? He questioned himself. He almost scoffed that he hadn’t tried this idea earlier. He took out a sharp knife and tried breaking some of the ice. He broke off a small chuck and tried to warm it up until it melted. Weirdly, it didn’t. He let out an exasperated sigh. Of course it is, this is a crazy town, science doesn’t exist here. The ice in his hand was so cold he dropped it. He blinked, he was being dumb. He took the ice and put it on the girls head. Silently, he begged this would work. The girl groaned and opened her eyes, they were stormy grey. Suddenly, someone appeared out of nowhere.

    Nora took a deep breath and entered the mansion. She had to tell Marco. She quickly ran up the stairs and searched every room. Oh cr*p, there’s so many rooms.. She quickly burst into the last room and saw Marco in there.
    “Hey Marco..” she said, with a smile plastered on her face.
    I spun around and saw Nora there. I sighed in relief. “Hey Nora, what’s up?” I said. I felt a bit guilty, because in my head she seemed more like my little sister than my girlfriend…
    “We need to… talk,” she said, while anxiously biting her fingernails. Oh god, how am I going to explain this?
    I tilted my head. Hopefully nothing bad happened.
    “Marco-I you know how much I love you… but I feel like we should try new things… ” I started, while still not looking at him. I felt his gaze burning into mine.
    “I-Nora, I agree..but I’m going to miss you a lot,” I said, torned between being happy that I could be with Karina but also sad because Nora had been a great girlfriend.
    “I’m so sorry, I kissed Caeli and then there was this big whole mess, and-” she broke down, in tears. Marco hugged Nora, in a brotherly way.
    “We’re all good. Just explain everything to Caeli. You’ve always been more of a sister than girlfriend to me,” I chuckled.
    “But there’s something else. I had this vision about this girl. She seemed to be talking to someone in a red suit, I think her name was MJ? We have to tell Caeli, Cyan, and Celia about this. I’m sure a bunch of events happened since…” she trailed off, looking in the distance.
    End of Chapter

    Here’s the doc so you can see and understand better. 🙂

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