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    palaladin-xx posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    I’m actually writing a *take three* revamp fanfiction/modern fantasy spin-off of the SGE stories with my own characters. I gave some of them special or cool traits and my story takes place in…2019? Hahaha. But, here’s the scoop of my main character and she’ll be the star of my profile. And yes, my characters have “famous-ish” last names.
    Name: Cassiopeia Pegasi “Peggy” Allen of Maidenvale
    Age: 14 (going fifteen as the story progresses), First-Year Evergirl
    Hair color: Light brown
    Hair type: Wavy but elegant
    Hairstyle: Often let-down
    Eye color: Dark green/emerald
    Personality: Kind, brilliant, and humorous
    Features: Has tiny freckles both on her cheeks
    I will be adding more stuff to her soon! i’m going to update my avatar into her so that you guys have more stuff to see about how she looks.

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