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    pandagirl31 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years ago

    New POV! Finally! 😀

    When I arrived in the School for Good, the first thing I did was take a shower. And just as I rinsed my waves of hair, it was like I rinsed away my pain, my hurt, my confusion. Basically everything I had felt in the past week or two. I wanted to stay wrapped in the water’s warm folds forever, but I didn’t want my skin to wrinkle, so I got out as soon as I started turning into a raisin. I stepped into my fresh uniform, and put on a special cucumber wrinkle-free mask. Just in case. I had been so stressed and worried lately, I think I gave myself wrinkles. I don’t know.

    I then brushed out my hair, and put on a fresh layer of shimmery lip gloss. I heaved a sigh, and then hurried out of the bathroom. Lexi came running up to me.

    “Oh, Lola! Are you okay? I knew there was something up with Peony! And btw, you better start keeping yourself up on the leaderboard! The Trial by Tale is coming up! And practice your talent!” she babbled, leading me towards Beautification class. I rolled my eyes but grabbed my EBK (Essential Beauty Kit) and my thick textbook, and followed Lexi to class.
    At lunch, I waved Sienna over to our table. She looked up in suprise, but grabbed her basket and tentatively sat down. I pinched a piece of caprease salad and ate. I then took a long sip of my sugar-free watermelon juice, and turned to Sienna. 14 eyes focused on her, looking expectantly.

    She abruptly looked up from her salad. “What!?” she asked, looking at us gawking at her.

    Ella took a bite of her low-fat BLT. “Well, are you gonna tell us what happened?” she asked, while everyone else nodded in unison.

    Sienna looked befuddled. “Didn’t Lola tell you?” she asked.

    Marie, nodded. “Yeah, but you saved everyone! Let’s here your point of view!”

    Lexi nodded, from far down the table. I noticed Phil’s hand clasping hers. I rolled my eyes. I had never liked Phil much.

    Sienna blushed profusely, and stared down at her salad. She started the story, although I noticed she toned down her role quite a bit. She was so Good and humble and kind and generous. I pinked in the cheeks just thinking of all the things I’ve done wrong. It’s like she’s never maken a mistake! Although, I know she has. She is only human.
    Today, Marie and I were walking down the hall and chit-chatting, when two handsome Everboys walked up to us. Marie smiled brightly, and continued down the hall, but they stopped us.

    “Hey, wanna get dinner?” one of them asked me. The other boy asked the same thing to Marie.

    I stuttered nervously. “Uh, sure. Where?”

    “I know a nice Italian place in Rainbow Gale.” he responded smoothly.

    I nodded, and glanced at Marie. She gave me a quick thumbs up to reassure me, and we were on our way.
    Marie and the other Everboy, Jason, rode with us. Jason was Aladdin’s grandson. The Everboy that asked me out to dinner’s name was George. He was Sleeping Beauty’s grandson. It turned out to actually be quite a pleasant dinner. We had a ton of fun, and when Marie and I arrived back at school, we couldn’t stop talking about it!

    Marie elbowed me playfully. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves Ball dates!” she joked.

    I laughed, and we bid each other good night and went to bed.

    I hope you enjoy this! 🙂

    Oh, btw, for the Circus of Talents Lola is probably going to do ballet, or something to do with her animals. Just telling you guys.

        nadea replied 2 years ago

        Good job!!!!!

        starsshinebright replied 2 years ago

        This is really good! 🙂

        starsshinebright replied 2 years ago

        Okay wait, did the circus of talents already happen???

          starsshinebright replied 2 years ago

          I am really confused

          nadea replied 2 years ago

          NO!!! The Circus of Talents happens after the Trial by Tale. The Trial by Tale is in around two weeks for our characters. NOTHING like that happened yet. We’re just PLANNING.

        starsshinebright replied 2 years ago

        Okay, tell that to @ivypool2005. They is confused

          pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 12 months ago

          Ok, sorry I didn’t want to make it seem confusing. 🙁

        impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        I love it!

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