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    patronus16 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi everyone! I am starting a new RP called The Rainbow Squad. It’s about a gang of LGBTQ+ high school misfits and allies who are best friends and try to navigate their way through the year. You are welcome to submit multiple bios. I will be posting the first chapter as soon as I get enough characters.

    Here’s the bio format:
    Nickname (if so):
    Grade (9-12):
    Crush (if applicable):
    Room decor:

    Name: Aurelia Fernsby
    Nickname (if so): A
    Grade (9-12): 10th
    Orientation: Lesbian
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: she/her
    Appearance: Aurelia has long, curly brown hair and hazel eyes. She’s about 5’4, with long legs in comparison to her torso and long fingers. Her pale skin seems to glow a little, and she has a few light freckles sprinkled on her nose.
    Personality: She’s kind of shy, but silly and energetic once she warms up to you. Independent, brave, fun, and smart, she’s a loyal friend and will always have your back. Hesitant, but can be convinced to step out of her comfort zone. Aura would be a great leader if she wasn’t shy: she’s a peacemaker and has great ideas. She’s easily upset and friendly.
    Flaws: Low self-esteem, low self-confidence, afraid of a lot of things
    Outfit: A pastel sweater and jeans, hair down, sparkly earrings.
    Crush (if applicable): tbd
    Pets: A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Aldrich
    Room decor: Pale blue walls, a canopy bed, white desk, framed pictures.
    Other: Self-conscious about a lot of things, especially her orientation.

    Name: Calypso Arhard
    Nickname (if so): Caly
    Grade (9-12): 10
    Orientation: Aromatic
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: she/her
    Appearance: Caly has beautiful ebony skin and pixie-cut black hair. She’s tall, about 5’9, with athletic legs and a strong torso. Her eyes are a striking russet brown, and her eyelashes are thick and frame her eyes perfectly. Her lips are full and red, her cheekbones are high, and over all she has a very pretty face.
    Personality: She has a very “I don’t care” attitude, and a it of a rebellious streak. Caly doesn’t care about school, or what other people think. She does her own thing and honestly has no regrets. She’s sarcastic, sassy, and snarky, but she’s actually a really awesome friend when you get to know her. Even though she doesn’t care about school, she’s very smart.
    Flaws: Can’t hold her tongue, no respect for authority.
    Outfit: Jean jacket, Doc Martens, band t-shirt, black leggings
    Crush (if applicable): n/a
    Pets: A black cat named Selima
    Room decor: Posters on the white walls, beanbag chairs, glow in the dark stars, clothes on the floor.
    Other: Does her homework, but still sasses the teachers. Funny, great imitations.

    I will start writing soon! Have a great day and stay safe!

        silverswan145 replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago


          patronus16 replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

          okay! ty!

        davysmavy replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

        Name: David
        Nickname (if so): Davy
        Grade (9-12): 10
        Orientation: Gay
        Gender: Male
        Pronouns: he/him
        Appearance: Short black hair with brown tips. And light brown eyes and 5’4
        Personality: Doesn’t like to socialize and can be let off as rude or stuck up. And to him, money is basically all he needs
        Flaws: Too greedy and is not always a team player
        Outfit: Darker colored hoodie and jeans and vans
        Crush (if applicable): n/a
        Pets: Black German Sheperd
        Room decor: led Lights and anime posters and a lot of bookshelves.
        also, tag me pls I would like that a lot

          patronus16 replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

          ok! thanks for the bio!

        geek replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago

        This sounds so fun!!
        Name: Elijah
        Nickname (if so): E (sometimes)
        Grade (9-12): 11
        Orientation: Aro Ace
        Gender: Male
        Pronouns: He/him
        Appearance: Dark skin and long black hair shaved on the sides that he wears in a pony tail or a man bun, pretty tall and skinny, has glasses but always forgets to wear them
        Personality: Elijah is super chill, just kinda likes to go with the flow, he’s very likable and has a lot of friends, smart but will do stupid stuff if you ask him to
        Flaws: he’s not good at standing up for himself or others
        Outfit: Flannels or hawaiian shirts, jeans, converse
        Crush (if applicable): None
        Pets: He has a cat named speckles
        Room decor: Elijah has like a bazillion plants in his room as well as some art work he’s made or bought, small bookshelf by his bed
        Other: His favorite subject is english, he’s the therapy friend, likes to paint his nails black

        rainbowlion replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        Heyy sorry I’m suuuper late. Is it okay if my character is straight but is a big supporter? I’m a huge supporter irl because I only have like three straight friends and my moms are lesbian.
        Name: Lio Singh
        Nickname (if so): Any nickname you think of ig
        Grade (9-12): Freshman
        Orientation: Straight, but a huge ally
        Gender: Female
        Pronouns: She/her
        Appearance: 5’6”-5’7”. Medium-length dark golden blonde hair which is naturally straight. Light blue-grey eyes. Usually has her hands on her hips and a knee popped out. Usually caught with light makeup on. (Mascara, lipgloss/lipstick, light blush) Has a skinny waist, but her build isn’t necessarily athletic.
        Personality: Very competitive and outspoken. Sassy but sweet. Sarcastic at the worst moments. Is very, very shy and cautious when you first meet her but becomes very loud when you get to know her. Wants to be a leader and is a control freak. Worries a lot and gets nervous easily, and when she does, she feels like she’s going to throw up. Bossy. Really smart. Strives to be helpful and has good intentions, but is usually critical and can be interpreted as rude with her corrections. Very logical. Really protective over her friends. Would do anything for the right cause (Or… I guess the cause she believes in. If she was manipulated to support the wrong side, then she’d do anything for that cause), Very observative. Stutters and is awkward when flustered or around a crush. Misunderstood. Sometimes feels frustrated and unfulfilled when she thinks about the future. Generous, Thoughtful, Open-minded, Creative, Passionate, Overly Idealistic, Self-Critical, Impractical, Emotionally Driven, Difficult to Get to Know, and Conflict-Averse. A very social introvert. Determined, Brave, Honest, Ambitious, Jealous, Secretive, Resentful, Controlling, Stubborn, Passionate, Persistent, Strategic, and Curious. Cunning, Resourceful, Leadership, Ambition, and a bit Shrewd.
        Flaws: Can be obsessive over things like Glee, Hamilton, etc,, has too much pride, etc,
        Outfit: Sweaters (or aesthetic t-shirts in the summer) or hoodies with ripped jeggings. White Vans tennis shoes or checkered Vans. Scrunchie that matches her outfit.
        Crush (if applicable): THE AMAZING NOAH SCHNAPP!!! (or you can create one ig)
        Pets: A golden retriever puppy named Max and a hedgehog named Hope.
        Room decor: Hm… lots of gold LOL. A loft bed (which she complains about often {like when she hits her head on the ceiling or on the top of the loft bed when she’s under the bed). A desk, which she vows to keep clean but always has piles on it. A faux fur rug and chair at her desk. TONS OF PILLOWS which she embarrassingly snuggles with at night. Fairy lightsss. Things relating to acting/hollywood/broadway. Gold stars. Other knickknacks that have to do with her favorite things.
        – Born October 24th. (Is a Scorpio)
        – Is a geek and nerd
        – Obsessed with Glee and musicals
        – Dreams of being on the big screen (movies and tv shows) and on Broadway
        – Aspires to have the EGOT status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards)
        – Sings 24/7
        – Enjoys Acting, Singing, Dancing, Performing, Animals, Getting Good Grades, Food, Hanging with Friends, Reading, Writing, etc,.

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