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    pearly-waddles posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 12 months ago

    This is the bio for Fantasia’s nemesis
    Name: Acantha of Bloodbrook
    Gender: Girl
    School: SGE never
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Thorny white bloodstained long hair that hangs by her shoulders, blood red eyes and lips, pale skin as white as snow, covered with all kinds of burns, bruises, cuts, scars, scabs and scratches and long nails as sharp as diamonds painted pitch black
    Personality: mean to everyone including her family, best at curses and death traps, 90% evil nevergirl, best in her class, intimidating and doesn’t care about what others think
    Flaws: bossy, sassy, vain, prideful, lustful, envious, greedy, wrathful, rude and a big bully
    Finger glow: Blood red
    Special Talent: Harming touch ( can hurt anyone by touching them )

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