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    Shimmering Crystals: Chapter 2: ‘Special Talents’
    Fantasia’s POV
    “You’re a princess?!?!” I knew that most Evers came from fairy tale families, but a living, breathing princess? This was too much. Edie-Anna acted like this development meant nothing.
    “Yeah, my Mum’s an empress and my Dad’s an emperor, so that makes me a princess” her voice sounded very boastful and rude, with an emphasis on the word princess. “Where are you from, Agnes and Fantasia?” She eyed us smirked, like she didn’t expect much.
    “My grandmother was Snow White” Agnes replied. Well, that explained her obvious beauty and kind personality.
    “Well, what about you, Fantasia? I bet you’re from a super famous fairytale family” Edie-Anna really wanted to know our lineage. She acted like it really matters. Does it matter? Suddenly I felt too shy to talk. But I knew I had to say something.
    “Well, I’m a reader”
    Acantha’s POV
    Standing in the doorway were too girls. One had short red hair, green eyes and tanned skin. The other girl had pointy ears, silvery black bloodstained lips, roughly cut hair as black as the night and pale snow white skin.
    “Hi I’m Princess Hailey Tune” the redhead said.
    “I’m Zilla, and I assume you’re Acantha” the pale one was clearly intimidated by my appearance. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by her.
    “How do know my name?” If it was possible, I went whiter than I was before. I turned to Hailey. “How can a princess be accepted to the School for Evil?”
    “Talent” Zilla doesn’t say much? She is very mysterious.
    “My Dad’s an emperor, so that makes me a princess. Doesn’t mean I can’t be evil though. Do you want to hear all of my evil deeds? Well,”
    “Don’t need a backstory, Princess” She sure is chatty. Too chatty. I’ll have fun teasing her. I can torment her every night. How fun!
    “Don’t call me Princess” Or not.
    “Time for the Welcoming!” How does Zilla know this stuff?! She was right though. I could hear the Nevers thumping down the stairs. Suddenly, I started running, determined to beat my new classmates.
    Fantasia’s POV
    “So it really doesn’t matter that I’m a reader?” I asked Agnes as we waltzed down the pink glass staircase to the welcoming. Edie-Anna followed close behind.
    “Of course not,” Agnes answered, “Well, at least, not when it counts” Agnes made me feel confident about myself. I finally felt ready to start my new school. Then I tripped.
    Acantha’s POV
    I beat the rest of the Nevers to the Theatre of Tales. The Evers weren’t here yet though. I wondered where they were.
    “Either we’re early, they’re late, or a bit of both” What IS Zilla’s talent?
    “It’s a surprise” can Zilla read minds? The Evergirls were still not there. The doors slammed open. That must be them, I thought. I was wrong. It was the EverBOYs instead.
    “Hi, do you know where the Evergirls are?” a boy with green eyes and golden brown hair asked.
    “Well it’s obvious they ain’t here, bozo!” A random Neverboy shouted. Ashamed, the green-eyed boy walked out of the theatre, along with all the other Everboys. As much as I didn’t want to agree with boys, I knew he was right. The Evergirls ain’t here.
    Fantasia’s POV
    I was surrounded by the girls who had seen the fall. In the centre of my visions was a girl with long blond hair, glasses and blue eyes. To her left was Agnes, and to her right was a girl with golden brown hair, blue eyes and peachy skin.
    “Are you Ok?,” the girl with glasses asked.
    “Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied. My forehead was hurting. I could tell by the way the girls eyes kept glancing to a spot above my eyes, that I was bleeding. I rubbed the spot. My hand had no blood on it. My forehead stopped hurting. The other girls gasped. “The wound,” Agnes exclaimed, “It’s… gone!?!”
    Hope you liked it! Tell me if you want to be tagged, and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading!!

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