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    Chapter 2
    Reba stood at the edge of the village. As she’d expected, the diner had old bread and other odds and ends for her to eat. After she finished eating, she’d gone the same way she had for the past year and a half: down the road to the outskirts of the village. She’d followed the trail around the edge of the village every night ever since her brother had been banished from the village, looking for some sign that he was alive, or that he cared about her. But she’d never seen any sign of him. Not once in over a year and a half. Reba sighed, defeated. She turned and started to trudge back to the village, when a blur of motion caught her eye. She turned, and briefly saw what looked like a figure in black robes with an intricate silver mask. Who the devil wears clothes like that? She wondered. The answer struck her like a stone. In all the fairy tales, only one person dressed like that. The school master! Reba’s heart jumped to her throat. If the School Master was at her village, it meant he had come to take this year’s Good and Evil students. What if Elanna’s one of the students he takes? Reba panicked. I have to warn her! She turned and sprinted down the road, as if the world would end if she didn’t get there in time. Because she couldn’t afford not to get there in time. She had to get to Elanna’s house before the School Master.


    Reba anxiously jammed the doorbell, her heart cold with dread. What if I’m too late? She wondered. She pressed the doorbell again and again, until a harassed-looking Elanna opened the door.
    “What do you want?” She asked irritably “Oh, Reba, It’s you.”
    “Oh thank goodness your here!” Reba exclaimed, nearly fainting with relief. “IsawtheSchoolMasterandIthoughthemightbehereforyouandIthoughtwhatifhetookyouandIdidntgettosaygoodbyeand” Reba drew a breath
    “Whoah, there.” Elanna said, looking at Reba strangely. “You look like you ran a mile through a dirt storm, you’ve got this crazy look in your eyes that I don’t like, and your babbling about something in which the only thing I understood was ‘School Master.’ I think you need to calm down. Now why don’t you take a shower and I can make you a real dinner and you can tell me what happened.” Elanna said, ushering Reba inside and upstairs and towards the bathroom. Reba found it strangely hard to resist, as if her initial adrenaline rush had left her, leaving her exhausted and drained. Elanna showed her were everything was and left her to shower. Some part of her wanted to stay by Elanna, but it had been so long since she’d had a nice shower. Sighing at her terrible will power, she got in the shower.


    Reba looked considerably better after a shower, and she felt somewhat calmer. She managed to tell Elanna what happened, and why she had panicked. As she was finishing up, Elanna began clearing plates as she listed.
    “And so I came to you at once.” Reba finished. Elanna nodded.
    “I understand.” She said, taking a stack of plates into the kitchen. “I mean, thinking the School Master was going to take me without getting to say goodbye is pretty scary.
    “Oh, shut up.” Reba laughed. Suddenly she heard a loud crash, as though Elanna had dropped the stack of plates.
    “Reba” Elanna’s voice was the terrified type of quiet you get when you see a dangerous animal nearby. “School Master.” Didn’t have time to understand before a scuffling sound came from the kitchen, as though one person was trying to subdue another. Alarmed, Reba shot to her feet and headed towards the kitchen. Suddenly, something knocked into her, knocking her to the ground. Reba frantically looked around for her attacker. The last thing she saw was a dark sack, coming down over her head. Then everything went black.

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