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    pencilpeytie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    HI everybody! I’m starting (yet another) RP called Legendary! Just so you know, this RP will include some book 4 and maybe 5 spoilers, so don’t read it if you haven’t read all of the books! Here are bios for the two main characters:

    Name: Clarissa of Camelot
    Nickname(s): Clarie, Clare, Rissa
    Namesake: Dean Clarissa Dovey (deceased)
    Title: Her Royal Highness Princess Clarissa Callis of Camelot
    Sexuality: Straight
    Era: Sophie Era
    School: Good
    Fingerglow: Coral
    Talent: Reading minds
    Family: Agatha of Woods Beyond (mother), Tedros of Camelot (father) Sophie of Woods Beyond (aunt), Japeth of Foxwood (uncle–deceased), Leonora of the Woods (cousin)
    Appearance: Clare has her mother’s long black hair and brown eyes, but her father’s complexion. She’s comely, if not pretty.
    Wears: Clare usually wears a short white frock with white stockings and black clumps. She also wears the locket with Camelot’s ring inside it.
    Personality: Clare is always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone in need and is able to put herself in someone else’s shoes. She always tries her best in school. Unlike her mother, however, she isn’t 100% Good and sometimes goes to extremes to ensure she stays on top, though she never does anything that could physically endanger people.
    Flaws: Though she always stands up for and empathizes with others, when it comes to herself she can be a real pushover, hardly ever standing up for herself. She also has trouble seeing issues with herself and doesn’t take feedback well.
    Best subject: Good Deeds
    Worst subject: Swordplay
    Weapon: none

    Name: Leonora of the Woods
    Nickname: Lea, Leo
    Namesake: Dean Leonora Lesso
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Era: Sophie Era
    School: Evil
    Fingerglow: Magenta
    Talent: Influencing others’ thoughts and desires
    Family: Sophie of Woods Beyond (mother), Japeth of Foxwood (father–deceased), Agatha of Woods Beyond (aunt), Tedros of Camelot (uncle), Clarissa of Camelot (cou sin)
    Appearance: Lea has her father’s wavy copper hair and her mother’s big green eyes and complexion. She has Sophie’s figure. Her hair goes down to her waist.
    Wears: Lea usually wears a black leather dress that goes down to her upper thighs. It puffs out at the waist and the bottom is black lace ruffles. She also wears heeled white lace-up boots and a lace choker.
    Lea always speaks her mind. She’s loud and a little crazy, but in the best way. She’s also pretty shallow, but when it really matters, she’s a good friend, just like her mother. However, beneath her fun exterior, there’s a completely different person. When she doesn’t get her way, this Lea emerges. She is menacing and calculating, and will go to whatever means necessary to get what she wants. Think Hester, but triple the scariness.
    Flaws: She often uses her Talent to get her way, and doesn’t really care about how her actions affect others. She’s abrasive to the point where it can get scary and often can’t tell when she’s crossed a line.
    Best subject: Surviving Fairy Tales
    Worst subject: Uglification
    Weapon: ten throwing knives which slide into a cross-body belt.

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