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    Legendary: Chapter Two

    Leonora’s POV

    I landed on a stymph, of course. It flew me to Evil’s landing pad, where I dismounted with a backflip and gave a hair flip that would have shamed my mother.

    Clarissa’s POV

    My carriage rattled on every bump it hit. We were driving through a forest in Cail Igraf, a kingdom made entirely of paper. Paper trees, paper leaves, and the occasional rivulet of coal black ink.
    A sudden gust of wind blew papery leaves on trees, resulting in a sound that resembled whispers.
    Say what you will, but I really was an Evergirl at heart, and driving through an eerie forest that wasn’t on the planned route to school with a driver I hadn’t said a word to at all scared me. Just a little bit. So I mustered up all my courage and spoke.
    “E-Excuse me?”
    The driver turned, revealing a strikingly handsome face with hazel eyes and tanned skin. But for all his good looks, he seemed cold and distant. He was familiar somehow. Where had I seen him before?
    “Yes, Princess?”
    “I—er—I didn’t see Cail Igraf on the route,” I managed to stammer.
    “Altazarra was overrun with riots against Ted—your father, started by the Sons of the Snake, so I thought it wiser to take this route,” he replied smoothly, not missing a beat.
    I’d heard of the Sons of the Snake, and their other branch, the Sisters of the Snake, before. They were supporters of the now-dead Snake, and started riots every so often. It hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be rioting against my father, but now that I thought about it, it definitely made sense. I was content with this answer for a while, but then I had a revelation. I knew exactly who the driver was. It was my parents’ fairy tale that I recognized him from.
    And he wasn’t one of the heroes.
    Kei of Foxwood.
    The carriage gave a sudden lurch and in a moment, the man I thought was Kei had whipped around to face me and was pressing the blade of a dagger to my throat.
    “How do you know who I am?” he demanded.
    Oops. I must’ve said it out loud.
    “The—The Tale of Sophie and Agatha—“
    I wheezed.
    Kei pulled the blade away.
    “I see.”
    We rode on in silence until I had an idea. My Talent, though not trained, was powerful, and I thought maybe I’d be able to read his mind and figure out what he was doing.
    I was able to pry into the first layer of Kei’s mind.
    “You’re with the Sons,” I realized, “but you don’t support them.” I remembered that from the story; Kei had always hated Japeth, the Snake.
    “This was your first mission, to take me into the Woods and—and—and kill me. You liar! Don’t you dare kill a princess! My father will have your—“
    I didn’t get to finish, because Kei had pressed the blade to my neck again.
    “Tell me everything you know, and maybe I won’t kill you after all,” he growled menacingly.
    “You—you just want to get close to Aric and then kill him. But isn’t he dead?” I choked out, the last part to myself.
    “It was that witch,” he spat, involuntarily pushing the sharp edge farther in so it drew blood.
    Then he pulled the dagger away once more.
    “If you stay quiet, I’ll take you to your school,” he said, voice laced with disgust. I didn’t understand until I looked into his mind again. He was scared. Interesting. It was a strange feeling, having a grown man scared of me, and I didn’t like it. But I kept my mouth shut. I knew how lucky I was to be alive.

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