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    pencilpeytie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Legendary: Chapter Three
    The Welcoming

    Clarissa’s POV

    Kei dropped me off at school without a word between us. I wanted to know more about what the Sons were up to, but Kei was a grown man and I was just a fourteen year old girl. When I walked inside Good castle, students were already filing out into Evil Hall for the Welcoming, training swords in hand. Thanks to Nicola of Woods Beyond, the traditional Everboy duel had been changed to an Everboy-Neverboy duel and a separate Evergirl-Nevergirl duel. I’d been practicing for weeks because the winners of the respective duels got top ranks. I practiced a few lunges and parries before heading to the Welcoming. I was going to win.

    Leonora’s POV

    I sat in Evil Hall, in between two girls I’d identified as not totally pathetic, Ola and Eskey. Black onyx carvings of my mother’s greatest moments sprang to life on Evils side, while Goods side was decorated with moronic crystal princes and princesses making out. Ugh. I couldn’t wait for the duel to begin. I’d been practicing for at least two weeks, and I was going to win, not just because my mother had Unlocked my fingerglow early and had taught me attack spells. Okay, mostly because of that.

    Clarissa’s POV

    I sat down on the crystal pews facing the stage on my school’s side. I’d thought that people were going to be pointing and whispering about me because of my parents, but instead everyone seemed to be staring at a girl across the Hall. She had coppery brown hair with blonde highlights, and her eyes were bright green.
    “Who is that?” I whispered to the girl next to me. She turned to me, black ponytail accidentally whipping my face. “That’s Dean Sophie’s daughter!” she said incredulously. “Stuck-up brat.” She rolled her eyes. Sophie’s daughter. I thought I’d met her once or twice, when our mothers got together, but when it became clear that we didn’t click (she hid itching powder in my underwear) I just stayed home with my father when my mother went to see Sophie. Leah? Or…Leona, maybe. It’d been a while.
    “Who are you?” I asked ponytail girl.
    “Nya of the Woods Beyond,” she introduced herself, “daughter of Nicola of Woods Beyond.” I loved Nicola of Woods Beyond. We’d visited her often, but I’d never met Nya.
    “I’m Clarissa of Camelot,” I said. “You can call me Clare, if you want.”
    Nya smiled and opened her mouth to speak, but then the curtain on the stage rose, revealing a cloud of pink glitter.

    Leonora’s POV

    I took in the whispers and the stares and let my finger sparkle magenta for a moment. If they’re going to talk, might as well give them something to talk about. I saw everyone’s eyes widen, but then they fell silent. The curtain rose and my mother and Professor Anemone appeared in a cloud of glitter. She waved and smiled.
    “Welcome, my poopsies!” A huge roar filled the room. Anemone took over, smiling.
    “As per tradition, there will be two duels. First we have the boys duel,” she waved the boys down off the pews, “but as part of our school’s initiative to treat the genders equally, girls are allowed to join. Please come down if you’d like to.” I immediately leaped off the pews to join the Everboys and Neverboys. I wasn’t the only girl there, though. Two others stood there two, and wasn’t that my cousin Claire? Or…Marissa. I grinned, remembering the time I’d put itching powder in her underwear.
    This would be fun.

    As always, tell me how you liked it below!

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