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    pencilpeytie posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 9 months ago

    Legendary: Chapter Four
    Family Pride

    Leonora’s POV

    I threw a Neverboy to the side and parried a blow from a blue-eyed Everboy with messy blond hair before disarming him. He handed me his rose and winked. I blew him a kiss and disarmed another black-haired Neverboy. Eventually, with the help of a little magic, I’d disarmed every boy (and one girl) on my side.

    Clarissa’s POV

    Exactly what I had hoped wouldn’t happen happened. Nobody except me and that girl stood. I couldn’t let my perfect run go because of a childhood feud…she probably didn’t even remember who I was. I took a deep breath and advanced slowly.
    She struck, her blade clanging against mine. I managed to pull away and duck from the blow.
    “Girls, this is all in good fun, remember,” Professor Anemone bustled around nervously.
    Dean Sophie, however, stood and cried, “LEONORA! LEONORA!” Soon every Never and several Evers joined the chant, their love for Sophie transferred to her daughter for the moment. Everyone was rooting against me. My opponent blew a kiss into the crowd before turning back to me.
    “Who taught you to fight like that? I know it wasn’t your father,” she snickered. I could feel my ears burning. “My father is actually quite competent, but at least he uses his skills to help people instead of juice fasting and commissioning murals of himself all day,” I shot back.
    “The difference is, nobody WANTS to have to look at TEDROS’ face all day. What has he done for Camelot in the last sixteen years? Oh, right: redecorated the castle.” she sneered, parrying before sliding between my legs and popping up behind me.
    “He’s done a lot for the kingdom, actually, but you wouldn’t know because your mother only reads tabloids. I wonder why. Oh, maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to accept that someone out there actually does something with all the power they have.”
    Leonora widened her eyes in mock surprise.
    “You think your father’s that Good? I guess you got his huge ego, then. At least I can be proud of my family for a reason that’s actually legitimate!” she hissed. I pushed her up against a wall with my blade to her throat.
    “At least I can say that my father’s Good enough to not try to kill his wife! At least I’m not an illegitimate child whose father was a murderer of innocent people!”
    Leonora froze. Her eyes glinted.
    “That is one stone that you don’t turn,” she hissed.

    Leonora’s POV

    Magic follows emotion, my mother had told me. And I was mad. No one could talk about my father, insult my family. They knew nothing. And this prissy, pretentious, Ever was no different. So I pressed the point of my sword to her chest and charged it with so much magic that the sword almost glowed magenta. I pushed off of the wall. She crashed to the ground and I pulled her sword out of her hand.
    “I win,” I smirked. Anemone rushed to my incompetent cousin, who was sniveling on the floor.

    Clarissa’s POV

    I felt it as soon as the sword touched me. Magic. But it was impossible, we hadn’t had our fingerglows Unlocked. And yet…the way she looked at me, smirked as if she knew something I didn’t, and the feeling like I was restrained by invisible chains. No. It was just a strange feeling. Even a Never wouldn’t stoop so low as to cheat in a contest on the first day of school. Still, I tucked away the idea, saving it just in case.

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        pencilpeytie replied 9 months ago

        Oops sorry!!

        alaskaevergirl replied 9 months ago

        i thought it was pretty good it was well detailed good job!

        takan replied 9 months ago

        I love how it wasn’t too long or complicated, but still manages to be detailed and awesome at the same time! Please tag me, this was amazing 😀

          bookworm87654321 replied 9 months ago

          tag me!

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