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    HELLO HUNGER GAMES FANS! Here’s the next chapter of my HG fan fiction!
    WARNING: Some violence, spoilers from the books.
    Title: A Cry For Vengeance
    Chapter 11
    @gilandriel (Nesrin Rose)
    @lilbugs (Lorelei Peterson)
    @clarad575 (Annie Carter)
    @dellavacker (Della)
    @sandol (Sandol)

    If you’ve missed the other chapters, click here: @penguin24
    (If you don’t know, this is about what could’ve happened if the rebels decided to have the Games with the Capitol children.)

    -Crimson’s POV-

    Katniss and I stand in the middle of District 14, men and women preparing their cameras and clearing out the citizens. Tilsee stands next to us, explaining what’s going to happen.
    “-and that’s what you’re going to do.” She says. “Any questions?”
    I shake my head. I’m ready.
    “Oh, and one more thing.” She says. She pulls out a long, skinny object. A knife. The knife has a long, sharp, silver blade connected to a black handle. On the handle is a small picture of a blazingjay.
    “It took years to make. Be careful with it.” She says. “It is the only weapon ever made that can break through the forcefield.”
    “How did you get us in here, then?” I ask.
    “We have spies in District 6, and they brought you here. You can get in, but not out.” She replies. “They designed it this way so animals could get in, and we could hunt them.”
    She turns around. “Okay everyone, let’s begin!”
    Cameras surround us. I take in a deep breath, and Tilsee smiles at us. It’s time.
    “Panem!” Katniss says. “We have joined District 14. This new Capitol is no better than the last. They murder children, children that could have had a wonderful life. We should have welcomed the Capitol, should have forgiven them, not wanted revenge.”
    “We plan to fight with District 14 and destroy the Capitol.” I say. “When the war is over, we will all join together, and there will be no more Hunger Games. No more war. No more suffering. Join us, and fight for freedom!”
    I drive my knife upward with one powerful ******, and Katniss shoots an explosive arrow into the sky. My knife hits in the middle of the forcefield, and half of the blade breaks through. Just as cracks begin to appear, the arrow hits my knife and explodes, destroying the entire forcefield.
    The citizens of District 14 erupt in a chorus of cheers, and everyone raises a weapon.
    “We’re coming.” I say.


    “Katniss! Katniss! Crimson!” “Crimson!” “Katniss! Crimson!” “Crimson! Crimson!”
    Katniss and I stand on a wooden stage outside, a large crowd forming below us. Everyone wanted to have a chance to talk to us, so Cadmus agreed to have an interview. I wish he didn’t.
    “What do we do?” I ask Katniss.
    “Just pick one, I guess.” She replies.
    “Uhhh… you, yes you, in the corner.” I say.
    “Hi, my name is Nesrin Rose.” She says. “Crimson, how did you feel making your first kill?”
    “Well,” I start, “I was shocked I was even able to do it. I had to kill Arrow, though, because I needed to protect Ace.” I pause. “I guess that doesn’t matter now, does it.”
    Katniss looks at me with empathy. She understands what it’s like to lose a friend.
    Everyone in the audience is silent.
    Katniss clears her throat. “Anyway, who’s next?”
    “Crimson!” Someone from the back of the crowd shouts. “My name is Lorelei Peterson. What was the scariest part of the games for you?
    “Oh, umm… probably the reaping. Does that count? I don’t know. Anyway, the games were awful, but in the arena I think I felt more horrified than scared. The way those children died,” I shudder, “it’s just horrible. That’s why we need to destroy the Games. So we can live our lives peacefully.”
    The audience nodded their heads like they new this was a good leader.
    “Katniss! Crimson!” A woman’s voice says from the crowd. “I’m Annie Carter, and I have a question. Why are you starting another rebellion? Katniss, your mom is in the Capitol, and Crimson, you lived in the Capitol! So why? Why another uprising? Why another rebellion, more bloodshed? Why?”
    “Annie-“ a voice next to her warns.
    “No, it’s fine.” Katniss says. “This has to stop. Yes, there will be more bloodshed. More death. But there will be even more lives taken if we let these Games continue. And not just any lives, but the lives of children. It was wrong of me to want revenge. I’m sorry. But now I know what’s right, and I will fight for it, even if it kills me.”
    “I agree. I say. “Our life isn’t what matters anymore.”
    I see Peeta standing in the crowd. He meets my eyes and smiles.
    “Katniss, Crimson! I’m Sandol. How do you know District 14 is any better than District 13?” A voice from the crowd says. “Why do you trust us? If the rebellion is successful, what kind of leader and government system do you plan on setting up?”
    “To answer your first question,” Katniss starts, “we trust you because you agree with us. You want freedom and peace, not power. District 13 not only wanted to destroy the Capitol, but also to claim it, to have the power for themselves. We thought they could do better than the last one, but we were wrong.”
    She glances at me, and I know it’s my turn.
    “For your second question,” I begin, “we don’t know who will be the leader. What we do know is the leader must be someone who knows the difference between right and wrong. Someone who will join the city of Panem together, not tear it apart. Then, we plan to join all the districts together and remove the fences.”
    “Crimson!” A woman from the front of the crowd says. “I’m Della, and I was wondering, what do you think District 14 would do better than the actual Capitol?”
    “Well,” I say, “I believe that the reason you want to start an uprising is for good, not evil. Just seeing how well you have made this town, I think you can do the same to Panem. Everyone here is treated equally, no one is better than others. Even your leader. Panem could have been great, but instead they divided us, said some were better than others. Look where that got us.” I point up to images of the districts, all bombed and burned, on the sky above us. Tilsee joins us on the stage and whispers something in my ear. “I’m sorry, but we can’t answer anymore questions.” I say. “The war has begun.”


    If you don’t know what the Hunger Games are, here is a short summary of the books:

    The Hunger Games: In the city of Panem, there are thirteen districts and the Capitol. 75 years ago, the Capitol treated all the districts so badly that the districts started an uprising. The Capitol defeated them, destroying district thirteen. To make the districts fear the Capitol (so they wouldn’t start another uprising), the Capitol started something called the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12-18 are chosen from each of the twelve districts, where they fight to the death in an arena until only one child remains. The one child that lives is rewarded with many riches. After Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark survive the 74th and 75th Hunger Games, the districts start an uprising and defeat the Capitol.

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        *****= th.rust

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        This was so good! Thank you for using my question!

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