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    HELLO HUNGER GAMES FANS! Here’s the next chapter of my HG fan fiction about what could’ve happened if the rebels had a Hunger Games with the Capitol children. If you missed the other chapters, click here: @penguin24
    WARNING: Some violence, spoilers from the books.
    Title: A Cry For Vengeance
    Chapter 12

    If you’ve missed the other chapters, click here: @penguin24
    (If you don’t know, this is about what could’ve happened if the rebels decided to have the Games with the Capitol children.)

    -Crimson’s POV-

    I run down the hallway of a large building, searching for Katniss. While we were preparing for the war, Katniss broke and ran out.
    Once I have finished looking on the bottom floor, I turn and run up a flight of stairs. I look down for just a second and see a head of dark hair. Sighing, I walk down the stairs and sit next to her.
    Her arms are wrapped around her knees, which she pulled up to her chest. Her head leans against the wall and she stares at the wall in front of us.
    “Those berries,” she whispers, “I should have swallowed them. I should have… I could have… I should…”
    Tears run down her face as she rests her head on her knees. She tries to stop crying, but that makes it worse.
    “Hey, it’s okay.” I say. “If you had died, Katniss, the Hunger Games would still be happening. Snow would be alive.”
    “But…” she says, breathing hard, “but even when he was killed, we still had the Games. Now we’re destroying the Capitol again. Will this just keep happening? Over and over? War after war after war-“
    “No Katniss.” I interrupt. “No. This is right. We know better. Once this is over, we can live in peace-“
    “I miss Prim.” Katniss says, still crying. “I miss Prim. I miss Gale. I miss my mother. I miss Finnick and Annie and Rue. Wiress and Beetee and Cinna. They’re all either dead or don’t care about me anymore.”
    “No, Katniss, they do care about you.” I assure her. “They have been broken by loss, and just need time. You’ll see everyone you just mentioned again someday. Could be tomorrow, could be eighty years from now. You just have to be patient.”
    She takes deep breaths as she assimilates this.
    “How have you not fallen apart yet, Crimson?” She whispers.
    I stand up and hold out my hand. She grabs it and pulls herself up.
    “I have.” I say. “But I’ve learned how to control it.”


    The hovercraft slowly descends and stops, hovering above the ground. Part of the hovercraft opens up and lowers, creating a ramp. Katniss, Ivanna, and I walk down the ramp, followed by nine others from District 14.
    We are in a swamp. Ivanna groans as she steps into the water. “Gross.”
    All of us hold guns, and we watch as a new hovercraft flies down. Twelve soldiers step out, holding nothing.
    “Why don’t they have weapons?” I whisper. “Are they just that stupid?”
    “No.” Ivanna whispers back. “It’s never that easy with the Capitol.”
    We prepare to attack, when the hovercrafts suddenly fly away. But it was different. It was almost like they were pulled into the sky.
    The weapons in our hands fly up too, disappearing into the sky.
    “What’s going on?”
    In the corner of my eye, I can see something shine. I turn my head to look, and see it. At the edge of the swamp I can see a small area that looks blurry. When I take a closer look I am shocked. What I see is something I’ve only seen once before, and had hoped to never see again.
    Platforms rise out of the ground under our feet, raising us about a foot off the ground. A huge column raises out of the ground in the middle of the swamp, with ladders to get to the top. Weapons, food, and other supplies sit on top of the column. An image of President Paylor appears in the sky.
    “Welcome, tributes!” Her voice booms. “I have found a better way to end this war. Twenty four tributes are here today, twelve from District 14, twelve from the Capitol. You will battle until only one of you remains. If the victor is from District 14, I will surrender and you will win. However, if the victor is from the Capitol, we will destroy District 14 and everyone in it, and the Games will continue. May the odds be ever in your favor.”
    The image disappears, and I stand in shock.
    I’m back in the arena.

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