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    penguin24 posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    To everyone who—for some reason— is going through my activity:

    “Ahh, it is a bit warm in here,” You hear a voice say, “I guess I’m just used to colder temperatures.”
    *You walk through a doorway into a small room with a small fire burning inside a brick fireplace. You notice the smoke from the fire has the tantalizing aroma of fresh bread. The room has crimson walls and an oak wood floor. A soft rug sits on the floor, not far from the fireplace. The only light in the room comes from the fire, so the room is dim. Two chairs stand near the fireplace, and a penguin sits in the chair on the left.*
    “Oh, hello there.” The penguin says. “Welcome to my activity. Please sit down, you must be tired from coming all this way.”

        cocostar replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        *I sit down tiredly* Indeed, I am rather drowsy. How art thou?

          penguin24 replied 2 months ago

          *The penguin takes a sip from a cup of hot cocoa* I am doing quite well. Though I must ask, what brings thee to my activity?

          cocostar replied 2 months ago

          I am glad that you are well. Ah, the art of spoeing, your interesting activity and our avatars being noticeably similar draws me to this place. And I must say, I am rather surprised yet glad to see that you are here. It is wonderful to unite with a soul of the past, if only for a delightful natter and cups of cocoa.
          *I take a sip of some hot chocolate that has mystically apparated from midair*

        penguin24 replied 2 months ago

        Ah, I must agree. It is nice to have some company from time to time. Not many humans choose to converse with penguins.
        *I take one last sip of my fourteenth cup of hot chocolate and grab another one from midair*
        Assuming you are human, of course. I can never really tell.


          cocostar replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago

          Indeed, humans rarely ever step back, slow down and take a look at the grand scheme of life. Instead, they immerse themselves in activities such as jobs, and earning money, a materialistic object that., when you think about it, really has very little worth. Humans’ lives seem rather fickle and somewhat pointless to me. Their ancestors paved the path for discoveries, yet look at them now. It could be said that, though they are more advanced, they are detached from the real world, thanks to phones and so on. This can be seen through what they have done to the planet. It’s quite saddening, really.
          Ah, I am not of that species. I am a vampire, though from my observations upon humans, many find it hard to tell. You seem a very distinguished penguin. Have you partaken in any glorious feats? Won deathly wars on behalf of your kind? Made scientific discoveries that shook society to its very core? What, do you think, is the greatest tale of your life? Perhaps it is something you learnt from, something that makes you you, an important victory of sorts. Do tell. *I take a sip from my hot chocolate, admitting the arm chair and the way you have decorated the place* I must say, you’ve a wonderful eye for design! This room’s themes and furniture are simply impeccable!

        penguin24 replied 2 weeks, 5 days ago

        Firstly I would like to thank you for complimenting my room. I put quite a bit of work into it. I would also like to comment on how the way you described this world completely changed my outlook on life. Most humans think of creatures as monsters, when really they are the reason so much fear exists. As for your question, I would greatly like to say I have achieved much in my life, accomplished every single one of the many goals I have created for myself, but I wouldn’t want to lie. I haven’t had any rememberable victories, but I would rather be unnoticed than be a human, infamously remembered for destroying such a beautiful world. I guess you could say my greatest accomplishment is just helping those around me. I enjoy brightening someone’s day. It barely helps this world improve, but it’s nice to know that I’m making a difference, even if it is not by much. But my question for you is why you have chosen to speak with me, a small penguin who has accomplished nothing of importance, when you surely have had many of your own victories that have changed our world? *I pull out a large silver plate holding a stack of freshly baked cookies and set it on a table in front of me, taking a cookie for myself before I sit back down*


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